Monday, October 31, 2011

When Class Wealth Increases 275%, So Does Political Power

Recent studies have found that over the past three decade’s wealth and political power of the rich-those with earnings in the highest one percent of income in U.S.A. increased 275% over three decades.

Political affluence increases collaterally with monetary affluence through the ability to buy political influence and toy with economically reliant sub-structures.

The wealthy control the broadcast media left and right. Talk radio millionaires program their sycophants on how to vote. Herman Cain, Bill Clinton and Tiger Woods sex allegations are given the optimal politically correct spin so they become warm and fuzzy creatures or threatening, abusive exploiters of the innocent. The media preponderantly determines the direction national political debate goes.

Costs for the middle class and poor have risen markedly for housing and health provisioning the last three decades. Employers have eliminated innumerable health insurance benefits transferring the cost to government and individuals. Now they want to cut government social spending and provide tax cuts for the wealthy and tax increases on the poor-even a national sales tax trivial to the rich and devastating for the poor.

The federal government has not stepped up to the plate to fight for a public health service for the poor and Veterans able the serve as a national emergency hospital infrastructure in event of unforeseeable global designer biological attack made by rogue corporate bio researchers.
The wealthy have supersized on easy global pickins since 1990 including the U.S.A. outsourcing business and factories as if they were the Red Army in Germany after World War II relocating German industry to Russia.

The first year of the New World Order in 1990 accelerated U.S. industrial invention arterial sclerosis. Corporate owners and workers grew apart as cheap global labor made investing in China, India and elsewhere a better profit prospect. The Clinton year taught Americans to flip burgers and take on debt while the wealthy were experiencing the problem of financial obesity.

The rich are in danger of fat-headedness and fiduciary cholesterol cutting off money supply to extreme, distal poor members of society.
Wealth concentrates in big shareholder and CEO heads without regard for the masses of unemployed and underemployed American workers. Like addicts in opium dens the wealthy experience a dreamliner financial reality without regard for conditions of deterioration of the position of the United States in the World as an independent, social leading nation.

In Anchorage Alaska Mayor Sullivan has asked the state government for a gift of 350 million dollars to complete a port construction expansion project over-budget and overdue that is supervised by a former state governor and millionaire former owner of hotels sold to Westours/Westmark and the Carnival cruise line I believe. The present Governor of Alaska also led an effort to cut taxes on cruise ships including the Carnival subsidiary Holland line. Meanwhile Mayor Sullivan has forced the eviction of Anchorage's homeless from city parks with just a few days notice even in winter.

Anchorage has become a city buy and for the corporate world that extracts Alaska resources. It also has military spending. With fewer churches per capita than any other major American city it also has moved more toward godlessness.

The Brother Francis homeless shelter and the nearby Bean's Cafe is the basic alternative for camping in Anchorage in the winter for the very poor. It is quite overcrowded and the Mayor has not asked the state for a gift of a million or two for construction of a video supervised safe outdoor camping facility for the broke.

On an average cold winter night when the temperature is zero degrees Fahrenheit the homeless sleep elbow to elbow on mats on the entire floor of the facility-a good way to share pneumonia, SARs, TB and whatever other respiratory virus is going around, brought perhaps from distant Arctic villages, visiting Bloods from L.A., hit men from corporations searching for political dissidents rounded up at the homeless shelter to beat up or East Coast sex tourists looking for wild game.

The shelter is very overcrowded and excess bodies yearning to breathe free spills over into Bean's Cafe nearby with the floor there too sometimes becoming full. If a dead body with smallpox from the early 20th century epidemic ever emerges because of global warming melting of Arctic village snowfields and is discovered by a poor rural Alaskan on his way to stay in Anchorage like as not the crowded Brother Francis shelter is the first place it virus would turn up. All homeless people should have complete free medical care if for no other reason than to combat potential respiratory epidemics.

Mayor Sullivan might have requested an emergency state grant to have a monolithic concrete dome shelter built on one of numerous city properties, and a library for the south side too for those homeless readers of books and cut back the scale of the free money request from the too obliging state Governor Parnell and the Alaska Legislature that seems to want to build facilities most useful to cruise ships and importers of cheap Chinese goods off-loaded from Chinese built ships-they have more than 200 shipyards these days.

The American middle class was said to have increased its wealth by an average 40% the past three decades while the poor, I believe became poorer. The middle class figure is actually misleading; for white men the income declined the past three decades adjusted for the value of the dollar then and now.

More women and minorities entered the workforce and the middle class and that made the number reported overall seem to increase. As long as there is a continuing new cheaper labor supply to subvert wage raise demands of the middle class the rich can continue to concentrate wealth.
Concentrating wealth is something like increasing the grade of a slope of a pit into which water from the surrounding area flows.

The U.S. top one-percent have seemed to encourage and industrial existentialism worldview without regard for the health of the environment. For example, a lumber mill at Wrangell Alaska processed about a half a trillion board feet of old growth lumber between the 1950s and 1994 with fewer than 300 employees including longshoremen loading the vanishing rainforest old growth onto foreign ships.

Corporate profit seeking encouraged industrial bio-existentialism over global environmentalism in order to avoid creating a class consciousness of conservation of finite, valuable environmental networks. Degrading environmental effects of concentrating wealth require and existential shallowness in global warming denial and over-use of finite resources, pollution in extraction industry, over-fishing and collateral extermination of species in building development.

If water is regarded as money and the rich are those accumulating it at the bottom of the pit it is easy to comprehend that the money and power accumulates faster as the size of the excavation or establishment of financial networks increases. The deep and broad pit overcomes and drowns out the poor, expendable miners first and later the middle class as the ocean of wealth and power of the dominant one percent globally overcomes world political systems morphing into being the perfect corporate Leviathan.

Saturday, October 29, 2011

Life Form Energy Packets ©2011GaryCGibson (a science fiction short story)

Sometime in September Hyron Forty-Seven noticed a faster-than-light neutrino stream of consciousness video input on the cold dark matter telescope input screen stimulating a scramble to be the first to announce to the world a discovery of life on another world. At least it was assumed a world-rock was the foundation of the equilibrium of intelligent beings capable of reasoning like us.

Quantum computing simulations of the digital input made video meaning paradigms of the neutrino-input stream within a variety of logical linguistic structures converting those to meaningful video assuming that only a finite number of visual structures and structural relations exist within any given finite band of wavelength selected for observation.

Soon Hyron Forty-Seven's team management superiors determined that the alien communication form was just one-hundred seventy-nine light years away and awaiting earth visitation. They boldly choose to go where no Earthers had gone before-the aliens provided instructions for construction of a neutrino drive-ram adaptable to any sub-light speed space craft to put it over the edge of light speed.

At the Chicago Pizza Spaceflight headquarters systems managers spent several weeks collecting the best samples of Earth energy trade materials to induce alien life forms to sign trade contracts. Tyrannosaur One, a liquid fueled rocket carrying seventeen universonauts and five tons of cargo looked bloated around the middle with a neutrino ex post facto field simulator made to catch faster than light neutrinos and convert them into mass carrying particles submerging the Tyrannosaur One in the non-local faster than light field in the exchange of massless to massful particles.

Within minutes of switching on the neutrino exchange engine Tyrannosaur One arrived at a cold, dark moon orbiting a neutron star. The ship rested on a platform bathed in cold blue-grey light. Several crystal-like transparent figures stood around the ship as sentinels awaiting the new crew. Jacque Queblot, the nominal trader-first among equals of the top one percent clan in charge of most Earthly things walked outside the ship’s open door and ordered forklifts to bring the energy nuggets out front immediately.

The gifts for the aliens were the best energy units for food consumption available. Thousands of insects, reptiles and even rare sea spiders in special containment cages were driven from the ship cargo and piled higher and deeper before the alien life forms observing in electronic silence. The wildlife, much of it made of carbohydrates made a cacophony of twittering noises in the last moments as time for them resumed normal speed.

The aliens crystal life forms advanced closer to the complete crew and spoke in a transcending language resounding through all wavelengths to the life forms assembled before them.

Thanks you Earth creatures for the gift of live energy bearing humanoids. These humans are large energy packets indeed, and probably better with spice on them."

Transforming themselves into an alternative form of seven foot tall insects, they advanced upon the crew of Tyrannosaur One greedily.

Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Rick Perry's Bold Regressive Tax Plan to Raise Taxes on the Poor 100%

A bold new regressive tax at a flat 20% proposed by the Perry campaign would increase the taxes of the poor 100% and reduce the taxes for billionaires by 45% making this the strongest effort to restore aristocracy since the confiscation of lands of Lord Fairfax and the end of the hopes of King George the Third to concentrate U.S. wealth.

Presidential candidate Rick Perry has taken the lead from Presidential candidate Herman Cain and opened a second front of the tax war on America's poor. Texas Governor Perry wants to charge the rich the same tax rate as the poor at 20%. The middle class is tossed under the bus too in the bargain that would let the rich accumulate billions and trillions and purchase everything in the free world fundamentally letting their subjects rent from them.

The United States recovered from the depression with a 70 to 90% tax rate on the rich and that policy kept Americans in an egalitarian prosperity until the Reagan era tax cuts followed up by Bush II-Obama tax cuts-extensions. Now the global networking of the wealthy owning everything as they concentrate wealth erodes the basic political and civil freedoms the founders fought for long ago. Billionaires may earn more in a minute or an hour through investments that a working American can earn in a lifetime. The broadcast media is a sycophantic tool for the corporate rich propagandizing Americans to economic servility. Orangutan culture develops like human culture

American culture has dumbed down, yet the NFL has not smarted up and installed head-impact concussive measuring chips in its helmets to quantify the seasonal total amount of head impacts each player sustains. The players with the most total quality quantitative head impacts should probably receive higher compensation for their progressive brain injuries. Texas Governor Rick Perry has developed comparable dumbing down oversights in failing to comprehend the pervasive effects of carbon dioxide emissions from human sources to the global atmosphere.

A quarter of a million years ago one of the greatest mass extinction on this planet occurred in an area of global warming. Scientists believe the oceans became acidic then as they are becoming now from the excessive carbonic acid runoff into the ocean from the excess carbon dioxide in the atmosphere precipitating to the ground. A full 90% of the life in the ocean was exterminated by global warming. That is a real, present danger to the world's fisheries and other marine life that the Texas Governor just wouldn't be convinced about.

Plainly the U.S. Presidential primaries should offer brain scans to all presidential candidates and also a two hour -90 question multiple choice GRE comparable exam taken in public, on-stage to find out who is an idiot and who isn't- The public should know who has substantial brain damage from football playing in America and who is not if they want to become President of the United States.

Quantum Creation and Embedded Evolution

Evolution theory need not be held to be inconsistent with belief in God. So much has been learned in the fields of Biblical scholarship and of ancient history and pre-history since 1900 that the transcendence of traditional boundaries of knowledge has advanced routinely. Neils Bohr and quantum mechanics advances, Einstein and relativity, Albright, Rosenberg and the biography of Abraham as a work of reasoned historic speculation have their places along with cosmology, multiverse theory and analysis of the books of the Gospel of Jesus Christ.

One must suspend skepticism and learn of interdisciplinary fields for-oneself if one wishes to achieve a deeper awareness of the marvelous power and capacity of God to emanate beingness.

The Universe and the mechanics of its structured change as temporal evolution are a subset of God’s creative nature. The proximal cause is not the first apse, and the first cause is not the necessary Author of a temporal causal sequence.

Even Stephen Hawking was able to imagine a universe that begins without a dimension of time; instead time is a dimension of space that flips into juxtaposition with additional spatial dimension later conferring upon a hypothetical cosmology the condition of a Universe becoming without a beginning in time.

Dr. Hawking’s reduction of time in cosmology to a spatial dimension aside, the Creator of all things may not have a causal separation at all from all-possible-universes. All possible universes may exist as a reduction from within the nature of God. The contents of each temporal manifestation may be said to have a beginning in time whenever that beginning phenomenally occurs.

Fortunately we have Einstein’s theory of relativity to help form concepts about the theological causal relativism of a phenomenal temporal Universe or multiverse set within God’s mind-plans. A multiverse without a beginning in time ala Hawking’s that flipped into temporality from dimensional unpacking in accord with the will of God is interesting to consider.

All matter is known to be made of waveforms of subatomic particles. Electrons exist in all possible locations until measured when they are regarded as a point at a particular location. Perhaps an electron exists as an energy potential of crinkled space-time area that discharges to a particular location when measured.

Reading of Boze-Einstein condensates wherein the waves of atoms super-cooled to within a degree of absolute zero resonate at one frequency one can only wonder of the possibilities for quantum entanglement experimentation on teleportation of electrons and photons.

One must wonder what effect such wave Boze-Einstein condensate field resonation synchronicity would have upon the deeper associated field of all possible locations in quantum uncertainty. If the universe began at absolute zero temperature instead of very hot with the entirety of all crinkled space-time waveforms as a super-cooled enigma in the void we might wonder what that would comprise as an in-itself. An infinite quantity of synchronized potential mass-energy might be concentrated in an arbitrary, scalable waveform frozen in time with dimensions of infinite number folded, super-positioned and associated in waveform synchronicity.

Well, it is fun to speculate about cosmological physics. One might accept the premises of evolution within the 13.7 billion year old Universe and yet place the entire Universe and possible multiverse as phenomena of temporality-a motion of waveforms-within a project area of an omnipotent, eternal God who surpasses the temporal not by outlasting it, but by being wholly other as an Eternal Being transcending temporality. Time of 14 billion years may be as a second or less to the Eternal God, or vice versa.

It is simple to use the neo-Platonist philosopher Plotinus’ Enneads as an example of a non-temporal God issuing a temporal universe or multiverse, though one may also postulate the entire Universe as a phenomenal waveform sequence created by God that mankind might experience it phenomenally, existentially. The nature of time and being of those waveforms are contingent upon the will of God to sustain the Universe as it is. The ultimate explanation of waveforms as strings, membranes or issued contingent denouement of energy lay outside material explanation and within the spirit of God. Leibniz had the right sentiment on that topic with his one-dimensional spiritual monads even if not exactly the right structural explanation.

Within Rosenberg’s criteria of Genesis as written by the J and E writers the problems that so many have found in the creation story are prevalently negated. J is said to have unknown of Sumerian history and their flood stories and simply added that on to her material recounting Abraham’s migration from Sumer to Jerusalem and the Jordan Valley. History lost the origin of the undoubtedly true Sumerian stories-though stories that were also changed over the thousands of years of telling before being written in cuneiform in the late 4th millennium B.C. As Abraham naturally was evolved into developing a good relationship with God the foundation for the later interactions of God with men and women of faith was set. The prophets and Jesus Christ would bring the living Word of God to mankind though the origin was humble and surprisingly logical.

The New Testament has very little about creation cosmology within it. More is said by Jesus about the end times than the beginning. The sayings of Matthew 24 could be consistent with numerous cosmological end of days scenarios including a possible Big Rip from Lambda space expansion in just 2 billion years. At some point in the future space-time relativity may become artificially exploited for some reason-perhaps as a science project or even as common technology. Space-time segments may be repackaged in disconformal arrays moving the distant future to the past. The stars may fall from the sky moving ‘south’.

Election 2012; Left/Right Concentrated Wealth & Power vs. Democracy

Left & Right Sides of the Coin of Concentrated Control

Wall Street’s strong profits last quarter while the unemployment rate is greater than 9% is indicative of the disconnect between the top 5% concentrating the nation’s wealth and the people of the United States. Quantitative easing of money supply at the print shop bailed the rich out from their 2008 bad debt. Quantitative easing of an improving wage for labor market and economic egalitarianism put millions of Americans out of work and converted them into scrambling unemployed searching for crumbs.

The present economy is nearly ideal for wealthy owners of the corporate world with a docile domestic population struggling for work, dead labor unions, networked financial and corporate investments, instant global communication, global inventory management shuffling avoidance of taxpaying, and a cheap global labor force to invest in. Exporting cheaply made foreign goods to the U.S.A allows a calculus for the concentration of American wealth in global corporate elites soaking up U.S. consumer cash to redistribute abroad in foreign factory construction. Presidential candidate Rick Perry wants a 45% tax cut for the richest and a 100% tax increase on the poor.

Left and right are largely obsolete terms in relation to the vanishing democracy of the U.S.A. once at the center of the politics. Both left and right work against the middle to create concentrated wealth and/or power. Left and right are examples of the traditional political power of a ruling class over the masses without meaningful democratic power, free enterprise or egalitarian distribution of capitalization.

The American and corporate ruling class has exploited military spending to prop up a deficient military-industrial economic sector the past decade with support fro Chinese loans. If the Chinese loans to fund U.S. military boondoggles abroad halt the right will seek to squeeze more lemon juice from the turnip of social spending domestically with sweating of blood as a result in some sectors.

The solution for recovery of the U.S. economy from the new aristocracy of concentrated wealth and puppeteers of political power would be as revolutionary as the redistribution of wealth and power by the founders from British aristocrats to Americans free thenceforward to take the land and settle if for-themselves. Democracy without free enterprise for all seems to collapse into tyranny and concentrated wealth.

The United States should defend free enterprise against the concentration of wealth-F.D.R. realized it as the correct way to restore a natural liberty to the people of the United States. Taxes on the rich should be set at 90%. No one should be free to invest in more than 3 corporations in order to prevent networked market manipulation and skimming. No corporation should have more than 10,000 employees. If the owners want to increase revenues they should increase quality instead of quantity.

Today’s corporations have a marked trait of increasing quantity over quality. Business expansion means encouraging sales of disposable goods and consuming as much of scarce remaining planetary natural resources as quickly as possible. The large multinational corporate approach actual encourages scarcity of natural resources in order to drive up cost. On a planet of finite resources that practice approaches a culturally suicidal level of introspective greed.

The U.S.A. should seek to rectify capitalism to a limited scale that encourages thousands of new smaller quality businesses. It should secure its Mexican border and get all the people on an above the table work basis that will not corrupt labor wage value and public accountability.

The U.S.A. should have good social safety nets in food, income and medicine; yet seek to privative more of public education. Excess government income can be invested in restorative environmental work and the scientific battle to keep the ecosphere intact and health. A new era of free enterprise with a far more egalitarian distribution of capital will wrest the wealthy’s calculus of keeping 30 million Americans unemployed as unit tactics to create political compliance.

Redistribution as a buzz word of the rich is itself a straw man argument. America’s rich and their toady broadcast sycophants seem to be so worried about survival and comfort that they think they need billions of year’s worth of savings with concentrated wealth in order to assure their silky survival.

One can imagine a better, free society with unlimited amateur athletics, good basic access to food and smaller, ecologically well designed affordable shelters with excellent, cheap public education. Ordinary radio should have thousands of free education channels with high quality knowledge broadcasts perennially so the human race might actually get smarter and really settle the solar system and move to the stars.

Redistribution of political and economic opportunity is what every revolution is about. Yet that doesn’t mean that the savings accounts of the rich need to be taken-that sort of redistribution is just a one-time thing anyway that soon disappears like the morning dew in summer. What is wanted instead is a new, reformed free enterprise environment and strong government ecospheric protection and recovery guidance until society learns for-itself the rational paths of sustainable ecospheric economics methods.

The United States today culturally has learned to be something of a dysfunctional infrasocial striving agent for the concentration of wealth. Even the Chinese communists have passed a law letting no foreign corporation own more than 49% of a Chinese business-though via networking of business the Chinese economy will still become Gullivered up by the global elites of wealth. American should defend their economic interests from the hostile takeover by the right and left.

Americans can leave the murderous striving to concentrate wealth that deletes rationality and moral decency replacing it with planetary perversion and perennial wars, ecosphere decay and the usurpation of private property and business by corporate acquisitions and control of about everything. Unfortunately neither major political party is running a candidate with a clue about what is what on the side of the people of the United States for the Presidency in 2012. The best available candidate seems to be Mitt Romney. The other candidates appear to be followers of Babylon the Great.

I wrote in 1992 of the Reagan-Bush Agenda’s legacy of 5.3 trillion dollars of public debt and suggested that any democratic candidate besides Clinton or Harkins would be good enough. I wrote in 1996 that Bob Dole was the man of the hour. In each case Americans could have spared themselves a lot of trouble historically by voting for the better candidate. Ralph Nader during many of those years would have resolved America’s leadership issues. Now with the day so late and 15 trillion dollars of public debt I haven’t confidence in the political judgment of the electorate to restore full employment, minimal use of necessary emergency programs and conservation of the ecosphere.

Saturday, October 22, 2011

On the Relationship of God to A Multiverse

As a Christian I believe there is a lot more to the Universe, Multiverse and God's support for their contingent existence than one could possibly learn in a lifetime.

God may have created an infinite multiverse, yet even so He is eternal and the entire multiverse may occupy not even 1% of God's potential or actuality. All temporality may recur eternally for God relativistically as He understands these sub-routine multiverse loops as they spin on forever. That I think is why he wants humanity to achieve a spiritual dimensions besides the obvious material dimension as embedded thinking fields of molecules within the greated multiversal field phenomena.

On Rebsamen's Translation of Beowulf

Beowulf is the first great poem of Old English written between the 6th and the first third of the 9th century. Rebsamen created a new translation of the classic heroic saga of the Geat (pronounced Gate?) hero Beowulf (pronounced Baywolf) and his battles with three monsters-Grendel, Grendel’s mother and The Dragon). This version published in 2004 restores a better poetic sense to the ancient literature.

Beowulf the epic story brings a sense of history with it. We read of his mano y mano swimming in the ocean contest with a peer through seven days of wintry waves wearing nothing besides a sword with which Beowulf final battles seven sea sprites before being tossed onto the beach. One learns something of the sociology and culture of the day, and of the job of the coast guard.

Beowulf deliver’s the Danish King Hrothgar’s fine beer hall from the power of Grendel-a predatory monster eating the Danish thane/warriors partying there nightly.

The introduction to this translation of Beowulf presents an excellent summary of the history of Anglo-Saxon England from the 5th century until the Viking invasions after about 930 C.E. The district of Kent was converted to Christianity in 597, and the poem has numerous references to God. The first Church in Sweden at Uppsala wasn’t constructed until 1000 a.d. Maybe the invasion of England returned something of the word of Christ to those previously pagan people regarded in antipathetically by Dane, North Germans and Angles of the era.

One finds an example of the relationship of the illiterate warrior class to God as the omnipotent power controlling the allotment of reality. I would think that the Moslem development of a warrior relationship to God was somewhat similar in Muhammad’s 6th century Arabia though tempered by more Judaic scriptural references. In Old English there were more than sixty different name-references to God.

Rebsamen mentions that more than 30,000 lines of Old English poetry remains. The era of Angles, Jutes and Saxons migrating to England brought the North Germanic form of poetry along. The hymn of Caedmon was one of the first to bring Christian ideas to North Germanic verse structure in Anglo-Saxon England at this time. Another early poem- The Poem of Holy Rood was carved in runic on a large, elegant stone cross at Dumfriesshire Scotland in the 8th century. Beowulf was composes sometime in this era as well by an unknown court poet before the Viking invasions.

Reading this poem aloud in this translation brings it to a story normal expression without the stumbling along verbal cadences of inexpertly trying to read Old English. Beowulf is a no-brag just fact destroyer of monsters-even those descended from Cain such as Grendel-who journeys over the whale-paths through the wave-rolls of the sea and time to meet destiny from the wyrd. This book is worth shelving for its intrinsic value as well as the fact that it was the first epic poem of this scale written since the fall of Rome.

Friday, October 21, 2011

The U.S. Military as an Agent of Ecological Adversity Ecological Adversity

The Pentagon has reports on everything, yet it has been one of the larger factors of ecospheric detriment over the decades from radiation dispersion, nuclear weapons, chemical weapons, defoliation, agent orange, egregious gasoline and flight fuel use, deisel gas pollution etc.

The disruptive effect on the Iraqi ecospheric portion for instance, has been devastatingly polluting. Good post 2003 war planning could have defeated the protracted chaos, conflict and civil war that followed with U.S. troops leaving only later this year. Vietnam also experienced ecospheric devastation. In some regards the U.S. military approach toward the ecosphere has been comparable to that of the communist party of the Soviet Union and that of Vietnam on its Mekong River drainage downgrade.

U.S. diplomacy fails to direct commerical interests and synergetic defense and economic planning domestically and internationally toward coordinated and ecospherically beneficient outcomes. The 1990 Gulf War stimulated Saddam Hussein to set his oil wells taken from kuwait on fire polluting the air. U.S. policy that will deploy the military must be competent to comprehend the green axial dimensions and not just the coaxial box of bullets.

The United States occassionally talks tall on environmentalism yet most of its commercial leadership seems to be plain stupid or indifferent. I think chimpanzees could drive SUVs if taught-that can't be the final state of human progress and the human way of life needs to become ecospherically benign or even friendly. The military pace of ecosphere recovery would make all of America prisoners of war doomed for unfair execution by some ecomaniac in charge of the forces for global warming.

A Brit with the name of Lord Rees wrote a book anmed 'Our Final Century'. I guess he is less optomistic thatn the late Jacque Cousteau who gave humankind 200 years to live before the dummies paving things everywhere fry the plant life into desert condition. Lord Rees' Talk on 'Our Final Century'

As a politically correct federal entity the U.S. military must try to appeare to support rational policy, yet the socialization the military gives to its recruits and even officers does not create an ecospheric ethic at all.

The military may 'call' for action on ecospheric recovery yet it's inertia does little to support an ecospheric recovery in practice. the military industrial complex is led by CEOs and generals, Admirals and bureaucrats that are perhaps the driving force in a non-rational human relationship to ecospheric recovery integrated with business in the United States.

One might believe that a chimpanzee can drive an SUV to a simple job and back, pave the world with asphalt and find the meaning of life at Wal-mart, yet the ecosphere is in decay and very few employees of the military industrial complex seem to have a clue from the lack of public advocacy, of how to transition to an ecospherically recovering, sustainable eco-business synthesis.

Thursday, October 20, 2011

Moamar Khaddafi Terminated in Libya-Foreign Policy Challenges for Next President

With the death of Moamar Khaddafi the United States will have a few new foreign policy challenges in the future years. president Obama's policy to remove the former dictator in Libya and the President of Egypt, along with his advocacy for the removal of Syrian President Assad has brought an element of uncertainty regarding the redistribution of weapons, explosives and political loyalties in the middle east and North Africa. The next President of the United States should adopt a policy less of spend and dump weapons to new strong men and not over-anticipate development of new social reality in those nations.

Certainly the dynamics for support of new terrorist organizations exists in the neo-democratic chaotic interregnum of secret police force in Libya and the development of new power centers in Egypt also presents the prospect for alliances perhaps seeking to advance an agenda against western secularis in its morally decadent phase.

The arguements about the reality of moral norms in a western civilization experiencing population decline and rise of non-theistic amoral secularism might readily be transcended by fundamental Moslems agitating for population power expansion over their own and foreign nations. I suppose neither globalists of the jihaddist or corporatist ethos have concern about the ecospheric decay of the Earth.

President Obama cannot substitute foreign corpses of dictators for a good domestic ecospheric and economic policy; his new jobs program is mostly a way to fund local governments and government projects with borrowed money from China that will cost twice the price to repay-a tax on the next generation to pay for government today.

Wednesday, October 19, 2011

The Industrial Gnostic Excuse for Global Warming

A new excuse for global warming has been broadcast by some contemporary radio political-religious evangelists that finds a theological premise that acquits mankind from causing or increasing global warming; only God can create the sun and warm or change the atmosphere. That false alternative argument dangerously chops logic short. I believe God created things within His will yet uncertainty and contingent freedom of motion and choice exist such that industrial gnosticism cannot aquit excuse mankind from being a willfull sinner or agent causing global warming.

That erroneous notion is a product of an hierarchical priesthood that has too close of a political and economic relationship with a certain military-industrial oil complex. If a more egalitarian priesthood of believers derived from the venerable friends efforts of the 19th century were popular and upgraded to modern networking liturgucal and Christian welfare status replaced the put ourselves first above the laity approach these sorts of conflicts of interest would be less likely to develop.

As a Christian it is useful to take a stand for clarification of a contemporary maladroit excuse used by some hierarchical ministries in opposition to global warming. Global warming is opposed by some on a vaguely gnostic basis such that mankind can not effect the environment or the atmosphere but only God can. The same reasoning might be equally well applied to inebriation as an excuse for drunk driving; God created mankind therefore drunkeness is natural and man can not be at fault for getting tanked. The Bible of course relates that drunkards will not inherit the kingdom of heaven.

premise one; God created the Universe

premise two; God created mankind and all is predetermined

Conclusion; Mankind can do no wrong

Plainly the reasoning is faulty. global warming is not a crank scientific hypotheis but a measurement of temperature, temperature history of course, yet also a measurement of the amount of carbon dioxide in the world created by mankind, the ability of the ecosphere to process carbon dioxide and the effect of carbon dioxide on increasing atmosoheric temperature.

Exploitation of a gnostic heresy formerly applied to excuse sin to excuse corrupting the atmosphere and world ecosystems with excess carbon dioxide that will make the oceans more acidic and increase atmospheric temperature is a disingenuous attempt by those in oil producing and polluting industrial relationships to curry favor from there wealthy patrons.

Mankind is responsible for his/her ecosphere of the Earth. mankind can change the environment from logging forests, using cobalt bombs to annihilate the atmosphere or just nuclear bombs to create global winter or simply melt the Antarctic ice cap along with Greenland's to raise the level of the ocean. Fossil fuel burning automobiles and lots of heat absorbing asphalt can accomplish about the same things-though not instantly end the existence of the atmosphere.

God has created the universe and universe of universes and given mankind the ability to alter elements of its composition substantially. Denial of the responsibility of mankind to regulate the world's atmospheric temperature so far as possible and not to destroy what God has abundantly provided for human existence and health is the most rank sort of misguidance industrial gnosticism can dump on the people of the U.S.A. and even the world.

Tuesday, October 18, 2011

The Jobless Job Stimulus Plan of President Obama

President Obama has developed a plan to create jobs for government workers without explaining how that creates sustainable jobs in the private sector. The plan for a job bill of about half a trillion dollars borrowed from China seems designed just to pay for local government salaries along with some special contractors. There is nothing sustainable in that sort of borrow money from China to pay for local government.
A right thinking jobs stimulus would provide grant money to small business start ups evaluated as probably viable by qualified people. New private sector jobs need to be created outside government that would hire additional people and have a chance of lasting for years with new economic production.

Producing new material goods in the United States is one way to create sustainable new hires. An example might be...

A guy in Wasilla or Wrangell Alaska wants to make trimaran sailboats in a new wood chip and glue process to make a vessel faster, lighter and cheaper than with fiberglass-the cost of that material is high today. The innovator even imagines building ultra-light aircraft from the new lightweight woodchip and glue material. He can get the wood chips, the glue and can make the molds yet he needs 200,000 dollars to jump start the process. -This particular example is a fiction that I invented for illustrative purposes.

Borrowing money from China to add to the national debt to pay for local government projects is not an intelligent way to stimulate job creation. In fact it may be necessary to develop posse' to replace lost police funding, and to outsource public education to private schools. Plainly modern technology should be used to enhance education and self-education/independent study projects from students to compensate for inadequate human teachers when needed. There might be a better way to use wireless internet opportunity for education that would reinforce public education delivery that would surpass localization that developed in the days of the Little School House on the Prairie that then grew into the Big Urban Prison School in the Ghetto.

There might be a role for funding local government new business projects though if developed creatively. An example would be the West Texas draught and dry farming phenomenology that suggests creating a solar powered desalinization and steam power generation infrastructure perhaps from Sergeant Texas water intake-processing facility to Lubbock. Fresnel lenses and fields of mirrors used to heat up Gulf of Mexico saltwater to create vapor for condensation capture then steam for pumping the water uphill 2500 feet to Lubbock from whence it might flow downhill to San Angelo irrigating cotton fields on the way could create more employment in the farming, solar and wind power sectors as well as others. Realistic economic stimulus needs to create sustainable development.

West Texas farmers should be required to allow green wild spaces between farms instead of ploughing the entire countryside so it’s nothing besides cultivated dirt awaiting wind and rain. Wildlife needs some boundary margins to exist within after all.

Monday, October 17, 2011

Anthropic Synthetic Chancres Drive Whales Over the Edge

Government propagandists seldom come out of the closet to disclose themselves as Satan’s evil minions. Politicians of doom dump a number of organizational incursions into private realms, make the public realm their own resource nugget and advocate interests corrupting a citizen’s quiet enjoyment of life and pursuit of happiness. Liberal use of force is the road more travelled by a surfeit of advancing agencies of evil.

So three Orca whales perished recently swimming in the fresh water of the Nushagak River and why one might ask, did they venture beyond the salt water safety of Bristol Bay. In the dangers of shallow water, seasonal river freezing and skin disease not to mention bear attack two adult whales-one pregnant late term and a juvenile whale swam to their deaths from unknown cause-perhaps stress or some unknown virus.

Orcas have been forced by human action out of their traditional homes all along the west coast of the U.S.A. In Alaska the issue of developing a vast copper mine in the salmon stream headwaters of Bristol Bay is a contemporary political issue-one might like to think the whales were a Buddhist monk-like suicide protest of the mine development.

Orca whales have experienced population decline and habitat changes as new chancres of industrial development trashing their habitat. Orcas’ main food sources-larger whales, fish and pinnipeds have all declined in numbers from human over-predation. The Orcas have scraped the bottom of the barrel for food amidst a century of engine noise assaulting their sensitive sonar acoustic hearing, oil spills, toxic waste dumping, mining affluence and human direct assault for sadistic pleasure. Swimming upriver to protest Bristol Bay becoming another Puget Sound practically dead to whales was perhaps a worthwhile gesture considering the futility the Orca species has in hoping to exist as healthy free beings into future generations.

The people of the Untied States also experience the savage logical, progressive annihilation of their own ecospheric habitat as a consequence of unreformed capitalism’s domination of politics and ecosphere destruction. Herman Cain’s relationships with the AFP; a billionaire founded agitation group for tax cuts for the rich and deregulation of ecospheric defense-is exemplary of the war on the ecosphere today littering political thought.

Federalism precludes any state border control or limitation to population control by state officials. An acceptable policy when unity promoted economic strength instead of economic and political weakness.

If S.E. Alaska became an independent state rid of the oppression of Anchorage, the Alaska Public Radio syndicate and habitat destroying road builders it could sustain a small population in a healthy ecosystem like a small nation-yet federalism would make immigration control impossible so the effort to become the 51st state would be worthless. Population would flood in as it became prosperous, ruin the ecosphere and then move away when it became a wreck.

All of the 50 states ecospheres are doomed by federal power preventing state border and immigration control. Liberal interstate commerce and migration deregulations were fine in a frontier era when everyone had their head up their ass on environmental science. Today such policies are promoted by rich agents of retardation and of ecospheric destruction and their entourages.

The policy of force overcomes that of defense of human ecospheric security.

The Beastly Mark of Herman Cain’s Tax Plan

Republican Presidential candidate Herman Cain has an inverted 6’s tax plan-the 999 plan. That makes me wonder if the Biblical mark of Cain is a forerunner of the Biblical mark of the beast-999.

In this third millennium C.E. the U.S.A. has had a rich selection of presidential leadership that a citizen might consider Satanic.

President Obama has probably considered making Elton Johns’ ‘Crocodile Rock’ the new Army fight song to go with his homosexual military policy seemingly designed to corrupt youth.

That policy is probably a special economic swamp requiring off base housing for homos that would need to be equal to that of hetero married couples to prevent discrimination suits

. Probably President Obama and Admiral Mullins will want to have military schools get new textbooks that teach why its o.k. to buy ruby red lipstick for presents to male non-commissioned officers.

The new U.S. gay is o.k. policy for the military’ must make Satan happy. A new President should work to overturn the corruption of youth policy as a priority along with deleting abortion.

Herman Cain’s tax plan to war upon the poor is heinous class warfare that must also bring a warm glow to the evil transcendent macro-Devil of the pit who is boss of many of the rich-if not all.

With anything less than a 70% income tax on the rich wealth becomes too concentrated and a de facto royalty forms. Americans move toward becoming a golomite evil empire much like the Mexico of the Hapsburg era. The rich own everything going away and the majority becomes servo-unit happy faces with no insides politically.

Intellectuals not in the top five percent families become unable to own or invent things for profit of themselves. The cost of entry level production chips becomes far too high for new inventions and the rich own all the materials for production. Production components are located in China and if one needs to use 20 or 30 different materials to fabricate a new product the import costs are too high for the formerly independent nation-except for the rich that are investors in China. Warren Buffet for example is a billionaire investor in a Chinese electric car manufacture. Paradoxically Buffet has supported realistically higher taxes on the rich as an exception to the war on the poor policy of Herman Cain.

Herman Cain has been influenced by two billionaire brothers-the Koch Brothers (David and Charles) who founded a tax cut agitation organization inappropriately named the AFP-Americans for Prosperity. It should have been named BFAP-Billionaires for Absolute Power. Mr. Cain’s campaign manager worked for AFP.

While the repressive upper class makes owning a hut an impossibility, and as illegal immigrant workers stream in to take jobs for decades, Wal-Mart becomes full of cloned class shoppers buying things made in China because nothing is made in the U.S. except for Hollywood porn, sports videos, Toyotas and oil drilling rigs.

The 9% income tax on the rich would be an effective way to let Satan rule America more directly, and so it isn’t surprising that Herman Cain’s plan is popular with the extreme right, homosexuals and dominitrices seeking to cozy up the corporate world. President Obama has already extended tax cuts for the rich for the remainder of his term as servant to the rich and homosexual.

Herman Cain having already taken the job maybe no white person would do (polemical Hispanics say that of all the jobs the poor would have if there were no illegal aliens in the U.S.A. and supply and demand was allowed to work for the labor side too—and that is not the reason the Iranian effort to blow up the Saudi Ambassador in Washington D.C. was offered to a Mexican Zeta perhaps) as CEO of Godfather’s Pizza because of its obvious nod to organized crime has advanced an absurd tax plan that would dump huge sales tax increases on the poor and cut taxes on the rich instead of raising them to 70%. That sort of class war is bold and perhaps dirty enough that no white person would take the job of making such cruel and unfair policy proposition besides when Steve Forbes made a 10% flat tax plan.

Maybe the inverted 6’s tax plan is Herman Cain’s idea of making a bold offer the public can’t refuse-yet they should just shoot first and pull the ballot punch trigger on any other candidate besides Herman Cain in the primaries ahead in order to fight for the side of truth, the poor and Mitt Romney. To just say no to corrupt tax decreases on the rich is still a good idea to keep the Republic viable-a 70% tax rate on the rich was good enough for Ike.

President Obama as the first black clansman-in-chief hasn’t suggested that Mexico become a Swedish style socialist nation in order to integrate its corruptible-by-narco-traffickers police force into an equitable national income distribution egalitarian culture, yet perhaps he would if not a servo-unit for the new imperialism swollen into sun-king status after the end of the cold war and increasing tax cuts.

Rich politicians that prefer a Mugabe style democracy for Mexico and the United States with wealth and power extremely concentrated have their new man in Herman Cain to carry their bullhorn. Only Rick Perry offers a more pathetic potential for concentrating wealth, foreign wars and a decaying nationalism and local ecosphere than the Obama-Cain team pulling the tax cut sled of goodies for wealthy global supremacists.

Thursday, October 13, 2011

About Virtually Minting Money into 2008 Wall Street Flop

I occasionally review reading classical and symbolic logic. So I tend to now and then. An account in a bank may be several things. To count anything is of course arithmetic in action. So an 'a count' refers to the content of the account. When banks got into the broader trading business virtually becoming trading houses they were able to leverage the effective creation of 'virtual money' to far higher ratios than traditional limits on loans to assets (on account deposits in the bank). Banks got into trouble when they did so and of course the public had to bail them out when their bad investments flopped.

As may be said, the 'current mess' of the 2008 Wall Street and Banking flop developed while paper dollars existed. Yet paper dollars are little used in financial transactions on Wall Street as you must know. Those billions being tossed about are done with electronic, virtual money. C.D.O.'s or collateralized debt obligations, short selling and arbitrage may be done, so far as I am aware, without any actual cash transfer.

One of the problems is that much theoretical dollar debt and dollar assets were created without any corresponding actual cash to back that up. there may even be some kind of odd inflationary effect actualized by the disparity between the virtual creation of 'electronic money' without correspondence to paper money if there is a demand for real cash as if it were a run o0n the bank.

I would guess that some people could mint their own money electronically as debt so long as any credible institutions were willing to accept the electronic representation of dollars as valuable approximately in ratio to the claim of value even if it is not so,. With the technical skill of the 11 dimensional quants it may be possible to do electronic money laundering turning fictious dollars into real ones albeit with the generation of a little inflation that in turn might be hidden or passed on.

Without some correspondence between some real and finite commodity such as difficult to counterfeit dollars there is a practical chance that electronic minting of dollars can be accomplished through the ordinary Wall Street and Banking instruments such as over-priced housing; one might want to intentionally restrict demand to drive up prices temporarily and cash out the virtual money at that point allowing the deflation of the corresponding object of money value to be passed on to those holding the debt obligations.

Things of that sort probably occurred in the run up to the 2008 banking crash-fortunately the people that fixed the problem were also part of the problem prevalently, so they will be untroubled that the entire structure will fail or too small to put over again. Gresham's Law of bad money following good also draws many people into the pyramid schemes that beset society over the centuries of civilization. As it is in the energy market so it is in politics and television programming-the leading edge players tend to profit most.

I am not terribly optimistic that either American major political party will be up to the challenge of revising capitalism such that it would reflect real world modern conditions. Anything can occur in theory however improbable so one may always hope for a miracle of common sense political reform.

It seems to me that both major U.S. parties support globalization from differnet angles as a way to concentrate wealth in elites and draw in the largest global market for consumers while also drawing in cheaper global labor. The founders of the U.S.A. were an elite with good intelligence able to design a new system of government without being crushed by the establishment of the day. Today that sort of needed radical reform is virtually impossible and the best political theories common in politics are fairly dumb and anachronistic.

U.S. conservativism is exceedingly liberal economically so far as to make capitalism a tool for the creation of a new de facto global royalty of wealth. The interests of the majority of American citizens just don't mean anything to either party. Instead the homosexual crowd and some traditional internal proletariats have been recruited into becoming economic shock workers along with the external proletariats to make u.S. workers politically loyal and entirely amoral drone consumer-followers of corporatism.

The two 2012 party presidential candidates may each be black Americans providing an example of the Toynbean transition of the former internal proletariat to a power majority status as the previously dominant class falls into decay. The Toynbean transition of western capitalism into a global or universal state seems to be taking a moral syncretism shored up with ample amoral medical research supports from wealthy biological developers. A global wealth class lording it over a planetary proletariat of idiot-workers within a declining planetary ecosphere seems to be the way things are developing.

One might speculate that at some point the proletariat would revolt against the elites as their stagnant class represses individual capitalism and invention by independent yet poor and intelligent souls, however with maybe 9 billion people and an overused world resource base probably the collapse of the existing political order will create global anarchy and chaos, while the continuity of the concentrated wealth governing will produce a similar variety of decay.

There are of course alternate courses of development that could perhaps have better prospects for simultaneous social justicity, individual prosperity of the greatest number, a recovery of ecospheric health and so forth through limiting capitalism and corproations to smaller levels of concentrated wealth and power and so forth yet politically reform is as I wrote above, improbable.

Wednesday, October 12, 2011

On Abraham and Ancient Sumer

Recently I read 'Abraham; The First Biography' by Rosenberg. Rosenberg is the author of the J book. That book is on the idea that the book of Genesis was put together largely by the J writer at the court of Rehoboam or Solomon.

Briefly, Rosenberg relates that Abraham was a scribe at Sumer and his father was a maker of mud statues for the court theater of the universe atop Ziggurats. The J author is believed to have taken much of the stories from ancient Sumer that were still extant such as the tale of Gilgamesh and added them to the beginning of the account of the times of Abraham. The E writer brought in Elohim as a concept of redacting Genesis at a court of Samaria.

Literal interpretation of the Bible is an easy way to misunderstand yet recapitulate things saving on much learning. The same method is used in economics and politics especially during Presidential campaign season.

Sumer as an ancient civilization beginning about 5000 B.C.E. is fascinating to read about even as Rosenberg attempts to reconstruct the ancient city structure and the philosophical role of various religious beliefs. It was all an excellent precursor for the appearance of Jesus Christ as God yet man on Earth. Yes, I still think He is the Messiah even though the ancient Biblical history is possibly not just as one naively might believe it to be.

Wall Street’s Design of Mortgage/Banking Bust of 2008 As a Campaign Issue

Talking about government and business economic management is a little like talking about a coach and his basketball team. If the coach and team are good then winning record just happens apparently effortlessly-the new normal-without much coaching. If the team is bad they need much coaching just to break even. If the coach and team both stink they just blame one another as drama queens even losing in an inverse dialectical spiral down to the benthos.

The N.B.A. is on strike, the economy of the U.S.A. with about 10% or more standing around with their hands in their pockets looking on at the employed working for global trading corporations getting new trade agreements to expedite shipments of cocaine from Columbia easier from congress and public debt getting deeper. The Republican presidential primary/debate season produces much dreadful verbiage-as analysis incomplete and inaccurate-on the causality of the economic collapse of 2008.

Broadcast talking heads have more to add transferring blame like collateralized debt obligations unto the federal government. The government is at fault for not keeping tighter controls on market trading, yet it is an obliging servant of the rich and of corporatism such that since President Carter Wall Street banking and trading have received more liberal deregulation while the economic infrastructure of the U.S. began its turn toward emasculation of workmen’s real income and job benefits that have been in decline for about 40 years.

Obviously home mortgages ought never to have been commoditized by the Clinton administration allowing a variety of obscure financial devices to be developed stimulating over production of over-priced, too large, ecologically inappropriate homes. The Larry Summers era policy opened the floodgates to corruption of home finance with people as remote as Australians owning shares of shares of homes in the U.S.A. with C.D.O.s insured by odd insurance schemes against loss of repayment.

I read two books on the Wall Street history of developing corrupt trading and financial practices this year-‘The Age of Greed’ and ‘The Quants’ that provided a fair education on the historical rise of corrupt Wall Street and banking methods. The motivations were of course simply to easily make money without producing real goods.

Even efficiency innovators like Jack Welch and G.E.’s downsizing, efficient cost cutting of select divisions helped to process existing stock for profit without enough concern for new growth. Government needs to reinforce work, environment and employment efforts in the U.S.A. and let those with a center of effort abroad fend more for-themselves as trans-nationalists.

From leveraged buy outs and hostile take over’s through the development of quantitative marginal trading techniques the advantage of slick profit taking of the work of others has become the general drift of banks and Wall Street instead of creating real production and reform with innovation of production itself. The well being of employees was also no longer a concern of corporations in the quantitative world of statistical profits. Neither was the ecosphere of the world meaningful as polluting or destroying its life would come to be regarded as an ‘externality’ to the insider profit taking.

Home mortgage made into tradable commodities for sale globally to investor allowed the traditional debasing of currency corruption to follow. If a glass of pure apple juice costs one dollar one could make a hundred dollars of profit from that one glass by diluting it and selling 1% pure apple juice and 99% water with artificial flavoring and coloring along with high fructose corn syrup in ninety-nine additional glasses. Home mortgages may also be diluted in effect and oversold to investors. Yet tranching also allows an informal pyramid scheme to let investors at the lowest level have the highest risk of not getting repaid. They are incentivized to do so lured by the highest rate of return interest, if repaid.

The higher tranches of the pyramid have the most priority in repayment and the lowest interest for return-they also have higher credit worthiness ratings from ratings agencies like Moody and Standard and Poors.

Like cheap, common swindles where large packages in stores are only partly full, or where a bag of triple A cashew nuts has only a few cashew fragments and maybe filler of ordinary worst batch peanuts, the value of lower level tranches might be given a false higher credit rating by packaging one A home mortgage along with several F mortgages. The ratings agencies may give the entire bundle of mortgages the rating of its best unit such as the one A amidst five other Fs.

Banks became computer driven trading corporations to just like the most specialized trading houses on The Street. Because the federal government bails out ‘too big to fail’ trading or insurance/banking firms the traders move into higher risk positions leveraging their risk to assets ratios by as much as 200 to 1. That is a culture of corruption-a national culture of corruption supported by the government, broadcast media, Wall Street, colleges and culture as non-communist. It is simply non-intelligent.

Democracy allows intelligence to be free to innovate the best case empirical scenario that authoritarianism represses. Unfortunately given global demographic and geographic facts along with telecommunications technology networking has created its own free market ad hoc authoritarianism that snares the entire world within its evil demesne. The free market is moving toward the communist Chinese social structure because of its over-networking, quantified trading infrastructure developing an inherited class f concentrated wealth and power that will structurally oppose all meaningful change to ecospheric sustainability, national political independence and egalitarian distribution of wealth.

The reforms required to restore competition would require a decommodification of home mortgages, a cap on the number of employees any corporation could have at 10,000, a limit to the number of corporations anyone could own shares of at 3, and a limit to the income that any citizen could have indexed to the average income of the most poor 10% of society at perhaps 25 times greater. The goal of reform should be to break the stagnated hold of ossified business and government power that reduces completion and invention, the destruction of ecospheric health and exploits non-sustainable resource use. American civilizations simply needs and upgrade through reform that it is too gutless and spoilt, unwilling and incapable of getting done because of the nature of its established social, business and government inertia. The reform would require secure borders, no illegal entry, full employment, real equal legal protection, a balanced budget and no public debt, a colorblind social environment and the transformation of the broadcast media to individual citizen podcast freq use and more. The material tools the U.S.A. has to work with to reform and become the New America for the Third Millennium part 1 are ample to bring a robust economic and high quality lifestyle to all citizens and legal residents of the united States that would serve as an example for the rest of the world. The politicians need to become people with a better grasp of the possibilities for the reform of a civilization given the present human tool kit and get things done without doing harm to the public in the ongoing transition work process.
Classical civilizations were not so spoilt that they were incapable of reform or of social justice. Classical civilizations did not become such pursuers of luxury and moral decay that other people felt they needed to war upon the corrupting power in order to survive. As a global leader in a business culture destroying the world environment the world’s poor may come to feel the United States is an obstacle to ecospheric survival of human-life friendly conditions. Even the U.S. military’s homosexual policy as well as that of Massachusetts, New York, Oregon and a few other states may stimulate moral resistance amongst billions of people abroad. Such myopic policies were not necessary for the reinforcement of civil rights of individuals at all.

The talking heads want to blame Freddie Mac and Fannie Mae for the Wall Street development of tranching and of collateralized debt obligations and that is not so. Those corporations went along with the herd of corruption trend that grew like those of defectors in the prisoner’s dilemma to the dark side of the force in order not to be left behind. Those profits were the new in thing and the winners (temporarily) were all moving that way. Very few of the large profit takers were doing so on the formerly honest, conservative side of the line.

The Wall Street-Washington D.C. axis of evil won’t be reformed by any candidate or congress that seems to be ethical and intellectual Lilliputians in comparison to those of times past. Tip O’Neil, Everett Dirksen, L.B.J., Richard Nixon, F.D.R.-those were effective politicians able to get things done. Ralph Nadir should be awarded the Congressional Medal of Freedom.

Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Iran Accused of Plotting to Blow Up Saudi Ambassador in Washington D.C.

The Attorney General and F.B.I. chief released news of an arrest of an Iranian trying to pay 1.5 million dollars to a Mexican drug cartel to blast the Saudi Ambassador at a Washington D.C. restaurant. That's a remarkable plot that does resemble a few I have read of in novels recently. Good work if its so.

Mitt Romney said that the average median American income dropped by 10% during the Obama administration so far-I believe it. One wonders what sort of government lunatic Iran has who would pay to detonate a Suadi Ambassador. The U.S.A. has sufficient bad politicians as it is without help from Iran.,0,3578090.story

State terrorism is a bad thing to encounter. Government employees have vast technical resources for victimizing their subjects from radio used as a terror intercom for harrassment or explosives and bullets for terminal harrassment. The notion that Iranian leadership seeks to start a shooting war with Saudi Arabia by detonating a suicide bomber near the ambassador might be a Twelver's idea of how to kick start Armageddon and the reappearance of the 12th Imam from the well at Qom. It might work for those other apocalyptists seeking salvation through the induction of total war.

Fundamentally it seems like much of the usual political craziness. Then again using wars for diversions from corrupt economics that victimize the poor is always the option of the rich and government lackeys allegiant to whomever.

Monday, October 10, 2011

Photons and Photosynthesis

Photons are a basic particle of the Universe bringing energy from the sun to the Earth heating up land, sea and sky molecules putting them into more energetic states. Human life on Earth prevalently politically fails to correctly interpret the relationship of photons to living processes, additional molecules impacted and photosynthesis. Photons also enable photography by illuminating objects and surfaces bouncing off at wavelengths reset by the object interactions they bounced off from to eventually reach a camera lens.

The December 2012 'Discover' magazine has an informative story on the fate of the Biosphere 2 terrarium project in Arizona. It sought to recreate a self-contained Earth-like ecosphere inside a glass dome. A worker or two died on the construction that was originally funded by a wild billionaire investor in humankind's future. Several meaningful facts on the function of an ecosphere were mentioned.

Half of the photosynthesis in the world is done by microbes in the ocean-half! Carbon dioxide is sequestered on land and in the sea's plant/animal life. Fully one third of human issued carbon dioxide gases go to the ocean's carbon sequestration zooplankton in shell making from carbonate etc.

The world's oceans are becoming more acidic as a result of increasing carbonic acid reaching it. The extra acid is bad for the tiny carbon removal team players ruining their shells to say the least.

Photosynthesis removes carbon and stores it in plants or seashells while oxygen is released. There is only a 1 or 2% surplus of oxygen over carbon in the process so obviously human production of excess carbon releases to the atmosphere can defeat the removal of carbon from the atmosphere and let global heating occur with an increasing percentage of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere. Historically mass extinctions have occurred in times of higher carbon dioxide-oxygen ratios.

The world's oceans have a capability of removing carbon dioxide from the environment yet that is a slow half-million year process of feedback, and besides, human alteration of the balance of the forests and oceanic, tundra and desert photosynthetic cycles are radical. Global heating can create a large increase in releases of Co2 from usually frozen northern areas of the world (such as flaming tundra fires adding mercury poisoning as an added detriment) and simultaneously decrease the amount of photosynthesis in oceans while also advancing desertification of formerly green wild temperature and sub-tropical regions Human carbon dioxide emmissions are a simple, stupid and effective way of painting human civilization into a corner. Needless to say, smart painters don't do that.

Obviously no Republican Presidential will talk competently about the economic assault upon human survival prospects on Earth and take a different, innovative intelligent tack before the Co2 levels increase enough to make future candidates even more dumb than today.

Both political parties appear to be corrupt versions of a concentrate corrupt wealth and perversion for global, wealthy elites platform. That is an efficient networked tool for ecocide preceded by the impoverishment of U.S. citizens.

I believe that years ago someone published an operating manual for the planet Earth. There must have been a second edition with global warming, photosynthesis, food production, biodiversity, sustainable economic development and other important updates. Reading in the book of Revelation we can see the importance of keeping the ecospheric engineering systems working smoothly and even increasing upon other worlds. Perhaps a modest Biosphere 3 could be built deep within a crater on the moon, and an Ecosphere 4 on Mars.

Eventually mankind may achieve a well deserved ecospheric doom preceeded by myriad forms of social depravity and even unemployment of college graduates. In the meantime Godly people should strive to get the ecospheric engine of health working efficiently again and quit the drunk driving of oil spills, fossil fuel engines, over-heated asphalt paved cities and get some major desalinization of seawater projects going to irrigate the southwest desert. Here is what will happen to the last, flunking, ungodly people of Earth. (from the Revelation chapter 19)

"And the remnant were slain with the sword of him that sat upon the horse, which sword proceeded out of his mouth: and all the fowls were filled with their flesh."

Saturday, October 08, 2011

Christians Can Vote for Non-Sectarian Presidential Candidates

Texas mega-church pastor Robert Jeffers has taken a stand against voting for non-Christians political candidates. His position has the implicit conflict of interest in that he enjoys a good living from the way things are, is of the same state as Texas Gov. Rick Perry as well as countless oil corporations and defense contractors. If one visits Johnson City Texas there is a fine cemetery with many American casualties of the Vietnam conflict. 'Halliburton's Army' is good book describing the history of Brown, Root, Halliburton, Rumsfeld, Cheney and others from L.B.J.'s early days through Afghanistan and Iraq.

Separation of church and state is a principal distinguishing theocratic government from secular. Christians are informed that the kingdom of God is not of this world. Yet that does not mean that the ungodly and lost must reign without reproof. Believers in God may support the constitution of the United States and civil liberties for citizens without becoming mired down in the city of mankind.

Christians may exert a positive impact on the world in a variety of ways through the leadership of right character. Excluding Americans from government and a support for those that claim to be Christian yet might not, or that might be misguided Christians instead of competent moral candidates is a way to fulfill some of the bad prophecies of the Bible. We don't want to elect an Adolph Hitler II claiming to be Christians and deserving of election because the other choices are of some other, yet non-violent faith.

For it is written that in the latter days Christians would be put out of the churches or synagogues-and I suppose mega churches might be filled with hierarchical priests (that word is only used twice in the New Testament) that hope to have their own take high political office. It was also written that Christians would be blamed by some of the people for secular problems, and of course that is common today on the left in the U.S.A.

One must wonder how voters must view Presidents that have waged wars upon foreign poor people (in pursuit of terrorists and nation rebuilding) while spending trillions of taxpayer dollars that have enriched particular contractors, taken oil fields for Exxon-Mobil and others in Iraq (common enough perceptions) and are said to be believing Christians can be a good role model for Christians today?

A contemporary Christian Church ought rightly to be led an egalitarian priesthood of believers with all sharing in the ministration of the word of God. Beginner, Intermediate, Elder roles and easy to implement liturgies, Christian welfare and job network banking, nationwide attendance records and transfer; a myriad of improvements for the church today are possible and should be practically implemented-especially since according to the Bible tithing to 'priests that do not produce for themselves' was to be just 1/3rd of 1/10th every third year from the producers.

The Christian Church ought not to be manipulated into default voting for oily war candidates that claim to be Christian. Murder, mayhem, destruction of foreign infrastructure and anti-environmental maladroit energy and economic development policies are not things that are divine at all. Christians should select competent political candidates with good policy that can obey the law-it is only Christians that can live by faith and we know that the secular law hasn't been abandoned.

Mankind has a wicked, dumb nature that requires competent political governance that respects the right all of citizens to run for office regardless of race, color or creed. Christians too should require political competence from their candidates rather than a commitment to wage war given the chance instead of creatively leading through intelligent redesign of the given empirical political relations.

It may be that Christianity hasn't got the same right to war policy that the Moslem religion claims. Christians are not instructed to conquer the world through jihad. One knows that Christianity took the Roman Empire through good example rather than through force of arms. Looking to Jesus Christ as a political role model for the U.S. military contracting business and the foreign oil support business is seemingly a stupid design.

Thursday, October 06, 2011

Limited Access Printing Press and Karl Marx: The Effect of Restricted Publishing on the Marketplace of Ideas

Limited Access Printing Press and Karl Marx: The Effect of Restricted Publishing on the Marketplace of Ideas

Limited public access to publishing opportunity in the past retarded the evolution of political intelligence. The 19th century political philosopher Karl Marx was an unquestionably brilliant sociological analyst, historian and philosopher as well as writer. The author of Das Kapital is challenging to classify as an intellectual. If he were writing and publishing today where would one place his work categorically, and would it be much noticed?

Selecting a publishing classification for Karl Marx or for any author for books-in-print in this era of liberal studies surpassing liberal arts can be regarded as the new normal of difficulty. In the mid 19th century publishing opportunities were far more limited. In fact comparatively few publishing houses existed in England-it wasn’t the print-on-demand Internet publishing era when a thousand new philosophy books might be printed each day for no-author cost except the energy used to produce it.

A freedom to publish new philosophical ideas about society from an interdisciplinary foundation has taken hold; those books needn’t pass the political review and approval of social elites before publication. The public reading environment has grown into a tangled bank sheltering spirit and substance.

Karl Mark was a friend of F. Engles who was the son of a rich industrialist and able to afford to pay for Marx’s publishing efforts if necessary. Very few aspiring authors in Marx’s day could afford a self-publishing project if they could even find a publisher willing to accept the book and the public risk of publishing.

With much social illiteracy and fewer philosophers than today Marx’s 19th century break-through book was a much larger fish in a much smaller intellectual pond. The people yearning to breathe free and escape the shackles of poverty had their Karl Marx and the Bible and if American maybe Ben Franklin’s Almanac for inspiration. Books were far costlier and a smaller percent of the public spent money to buy them-especially philosophy books.

What was absent from the social political experience was the thousand other philosophical books of political and social analysis that might have been written by bright individuals commonly literate and able to publish at very low or no cost. Karl Marx’s historical influence was in part a result of the lack of intellectual competition.

Das Kapital was a ground breaking work of social analysis for its combination of history, economics, politics and sociology as well as of course, political philosophy. Thomas Hobbes book of political philosophy ‘The Leviathan’ had set the fundamental British paradigm for writing political philosophy-of course in support of the absolute power of monarchy-by social elites.

In Germany the tradition of idealism may have been a product of a political environment of juxtaposition of Hapsburg imperialism, dynamic tension between Catholicism and protestant reformer affiliated themselves with various German polities under aristocratic authority flexing independence and a view toward the intellect and independent evolution as expressions of reality-for-itself. G.W.F. Hegel’s ‘Phenomenology of Mind’ is an example of the existential evolution of a world view philosophical loosely reflecting the historical circumstances of the time abstracted. Hegel’s dialectical evolution of matter as an expression of the spirit seeking to realize itself is obviously also readily adaptable as a paradigm for political self-expression.

Immanuel Kant’s ‘Critique of Pure Reason’ seems to abstract thought and ideas themselves a step beyond Hegel’s phenomenology that was tied to history. One may readily appreciate Kant’s epistemological descriptions of categories of thought and yet wonder what the effects might have been if contemporary Internet publishing opportunities had existed in the 17th, 18th and 19th centuries for philosophers.

David Hume, the author of an essay on human understanding-simultaneously an epistemological, metaphysical and political tract moving toward democracy rather than monarchy influenced the economic philosopher Adam Smith substantially. Smith was a pupil and friend of Hume as each were part of the British liberal enlightenment that was a sort of post-monarchical development of social thought for the masses philosophically and politically.

Adam Smith’s belief that economics could be advanced through free enterprise was taking a step away from the power of monarchy and aristocracy. Smith did not intend that free enterprise would become dominated by any concentration of wealth that could usurp the accumulated wealth and power of the aristocracy. He was pro free enterprise more so than pro-capitalism.

Capital itself is virtually anything of value. The government may own all of the capital, and individual can own all of the capital or several large corporations-capital itself is only incidental to the vitality of free enterprise and of the well being of a democracy. Adam Smith was most concerned with the well being of democracy and of free enterprise-not so much was he concerned about the abstract accumulation or distribution of capital except as it would improve the well being of the people.

Capital may be made into about anything as an abstract concept politically speaking. It is possible to make capital as capitalism a kind of ultimate good or highest religion justifying any means. If Satan returns to take over a rebuilt Temple he might well be able to claim to be the Capitalist numero uno advocating mass murder, holocaust and death of all human beings that are not his slaves. That seems a fair enough paradigm for those that believe capitalism is the ultimate good expression of self interest, yet of course such believers are very dumb.

Free enterprise as the means through which a people in a democracy may pursue their vital economic interests may be reinforced with laws preventing the over-networking of economic power and the over-concentration of wealth. As intellectual power when concentrated and restricted as in the mid-19th century may abort competing philosophical thought, free enterprise inventions and ecospherically valuable business actualization including transport and energy may be aborted by the over-capitalization of a tiny minority of society or of government.

Free enterprise within a democratic paradigm should advance the ecopheric health and economic prosperity of all the people. Government should provide basic social insurance for medical, food, housing and education that should be phased out as the improvement of low cost free enterprise products can instead provide those necessary services. If all the people rise with the advance of free enterprise, and if the difference of income between the most rich and most poor is far smaller than today-perhaps 1500%, then the most brilliant have an interest in enriching society as well as themselves in order to enrich themselves. It would be very easy to put excess individual profit into ecospheric recovery and space exploration the next 500 years as each are sorely underfinanced. Space free enterprise working off a government space dock infrastructure can thrive to farther ventures.

Twentieth century political revolutionaries seemed to have few philosophical alternatives to Marx’s communism. The idea of existentialist revolutionaries may be a little ponderous-‘Being and Nothingness’ in the hands of Vladimr Lenin or Mao Tse Tung would have produced different revolutionary results and perhaps ineffective war psychology support against opposition forces.

Communism became a kind of atheist religion initially because of the failure of publishing to distribute hundreds or thousands of alternative social structure analyses that could be broadly distributed for reading by the grupenfurhers of the peasants. The first mass distribution of a social political philosophy had a much greater impact upon readers back in the day. If ‘Das Kapital’ had been released as just another Oprah book of the month its influence amidst so many others would have been far less.

The Internet today is reaching farther into the realm of the world’s peasant population even as they are forced to move off the land and become homeless people or shanty-town slum squatters listening for the whopping thoppers or silent high tech aircraft with the killer elite snipers overhead encouraging them to move. Some of the restive poor are able to find work being exploited as cheap labor by foreign corporations, are victimized by corrupt government officials, criminal gangs or the pollutants de jure. Even in the darkness of a world over-populated under-resourced and badly managed increasing numbers are able to access Internet publishing spaces to share ideas.

With luck capitalism as religion will not develop the absolute-power-is-best point of view collaterally destroying the opportunity to create an ecospherically rational free enterprise democracy that would be so much better than any of the myriad forms of authoritarianism that Thomas Hobbes preferred.

Wednesday, October 05, 2011

2011 Nobel Prizes in Chemistry & (Astro)physics

Nobel Prize in Chemistry awarded for discovery of ten-fold symmetry in quasi-crystal (instead of the usual three-fold symmetry).

Three Americans won the 2011 Nobel Prize for Physics in what may be the Nobel Prize Committee's biggest blunder if it turns out that the accelerating expansion of the Universe turns out to be an incorrect theory.

The physics prize was awarded to three astrophysicists for making the observation that the observed rate of expansion of the universe seems to be accelerating possibly driven by the unknown 'dark energy' that might be vacuum energy or the supply-side theory of something from nothing. Einstein called that anti-gravity cosmological constant his 'biggest blunder'.

If the observed rate of expansion is just an apparent observational effect caused by the uneven expansion rates of various parts of the Universe-the Universe could be thousands of times larger than the observable universe and the space time might be expanding in some areas and contracting in others-then the theory would need to be scaled back.

The prize was obviously well-given this year. What the Universe is really like-if its laws are just variables that seem constant given the time scale of observations by humans, the expansions of space-time, the nature of a continuing expansion acceleration believed to have resumed 5.5 billion years ago after a slow down from the inflation era caused by gravity-awaits discovery. The conjecture that the unknown cosmological constant 'dark energy' necessarily has some sort of inexhaustible energy supply and would continue to expand the universe forever-or just rip it apart into large or small fragment universes perhaps dominated locally by gravity drawing it together to create a myriad of new little universes-isn't certain.

Tuesday, October 04, 2011

Ecoside Beyond the Gated Community (poem)

Pain is a sound that overcomes concerns
of taxes and debts unpaid-these things
reach deep into troubled pockets
emptying competing concerns
like spare planets for existential doubts
onto the tarmac aft jet exhaust
letting network tides arise

Wrecked waves of darkening skies, future frosts
disappear into abysal silent heat
compactors of chemical balance
microwave ashing of excrement
with crumpled leaves of brownian motion
complicating spiders searching
for energy unto the end

Automatic actions trifle hecklers half cocked
squirrels put away last nuts
as evil puts down lost political souls
reducing the uncertainty of tomorrow
clearing fields for fuhrer time
now and then in history's recurrent rhyme

Democracy too, died in the buzzing wind
high velocity through power lines
humming songs of wild notes
deep and pure geometries forever trimmed
increase lifelessness emerging to halt

Artificial lights aglow
orange night halos advertising cities
cold in the proprietary distance
post cards for alien wonder
like a metaphor actualized
perfected museums cloned of myriad windows
seem like Hollywood echos
of hetero dialectical recombinations
surpassing the same genes' duplication
that reduce the creative being
of the gated community

Players age before our eyes
acting in buildings of seasons
constructions extending temporal infinity far enough
that it ends within finite walls
structured and decorated; mosaics
of evictions and death
set outside like muddy boots drying

Senseless global warming
depleting political sensibility
faithless temples of political cults
rolling back democracy
order D-9 caterpillars to fly
shadows of silent profit theorems
deisel empowered deleation of forests
push species over the edge
until nothing is left
of the book of life.

Moslem Terrorists Kill >70 in Mogadishu

The terrorist group Al Shabab has claimed credit for setting a blast that killed more than 70 people in Somalia.

Reading the book 'Inside Hamas' published in 2007 some of the operative nature of the political fundamentalism of the mufsidoon becomes evident. I recommend the book for reading for those wishing to learn the history of the Palestinian terror organization.

There are more than ten Palestinian organization that deny the right of Isreal to exist and wish to reclaim the entire area of former British Palestine for the Muslim world. Al Qa'eda too dabbled in terroristy operations in Israel via Palestine.

While the Sunni may regard the Shia as heretic blasphemers for their cult-like reverence of the hidden twelth Imam, the Shia of Iran and the Syrian Government have provided weapons and cash to Hamas and other Palestinian organization apparently. Smuggling routes in the first decade of the thrid millenium from Lebanon via boatings and Egypt via tunnels helped bring anti-tank weapons, anti-aircraft rockets, explosives, grenades, automatic weapons, pistols and other items to the Gaza and West Bank of the Jordan settlemtns.

Financing of the Palestinian entity arises from the entire Arab world that has many believers in an expansion of Islam to conquer the entire world. Though an obsolete point of view historically it still motivates the ignorant to first seek to drive Israel from the Middle East in order to bring the entire region into the Umma or dar all Islam and present a unified Moslem base for launching a crusade of invasion and conquest of Europe. Blasting Mogadishu is a simple way to express the jihadist opposition to all things that might be construed as useful targets.

'Inside Hammas' noted that weapons smuggling from Somalia to Palestinian let the value of an AK-47 purchased in Mogadishu rised from $200 to $2000 dollars upon arrival in the Gaza. The trans-national nature of fundamental Moslem terrorism in nthe region is a function of poverty, political displacement and the empowerment of weapons and explosives as well as a simultaneous ad hoc political movement based upon the quran.

The destabilizing changes of Middle Eastern governemnts is unlikely to soon settle down and transition into a more ecospherically beneficial human synergy politically. It is possible that the larger political chunk unit approach to goal objectives seeking support from meta-political financiers and weapons suppliers will continue awhile-especially if wealth is concentrated too much in that area.

A Good On-Line Reading of the KJV Bible

I found a good audio app for reading the King James version of the Bible. It is available here.