Friday, October 31, 2008

Negative Obaman Advertising on Retirement Account Plans

Negative advertising worth millions and billions can be done for free by network slight-of-mouth while positive advertising costs money-lots of it. Free-riding political packaging can take advantage of trendy names-such as Barrack Obama's Senate opponent before dropping out Jack Ryan. Direct negative political advertising can overcome the truth-how many people are good at recognizing logical fallacy in arguments?

"our better part remains [ 645 ]
To work in close design, by fraud or guile
What force effected not: that he no less
At length from us may find, who overcomes
By force, hath overcome but half his foe."-from Milton's 'Paradise Lost'

Barrack 'Obawan' Kin-o-be may or may not be the light or dark side of the force, yet let's look at his recent position that the stock market crash is prima facie evidence that its bad policy to invest social security funds in the stock market...

Barrack Obama used his anti-investment theory as a negative advertisement against McCain and the contrary position pro-investment. Obama may not comprehend that social security money isn't invested anywhere but is paid out of current accounts tax revenues and that may be the most expensive way to go about it. Half a loaf is better than none, and investing social security in the stock market may be a way to get something real for the dollars invested in the past.

If the economy has a recession and inflation simultaneously in some cases it may be more difficult to get tax revenues sufficient to make social security payments to the public, and when the federal government needs to borrow money to make those payments because it hasn't got any equity from them it can cost twice as much to repay the loans because of interest and the value of money in the future when the loans are repaid. If even half of social security money is invested in the stock market and perhaps the other half paid from current federal accounts it may decrease the amount of money removed from the private sector to pay the cost of social security.

The largest issue about private stock investments relate to how to invest fairly and in American companies, shouldn't small businesses get financial help too in order not to give corporations the advantage? Creating socialism and corporatism through the back door of social security investments may present a danger to free enterprise as well, yet simply removing huge amounts of tax revenues to pay out in social security from current accounts cuts down on the money available for private sector investments significantly, while investing social security funds returns money for investment in corporate growth simultaneously with a reduction in the amount of money required for current accounts payments of social security. The U.S. Government would need to guarantee adequate social security payments when individual private investment account fail to as they guarantee bank accounts Barrack Obama has got away with a huge negative advertising ploy to help win an election while basing it on false premises deleterious to real public interests.

Negative advertising is played to win elections. Rhetoric about the bad character of the opponent in doing the perfidious negative advertising can put one's campaign over the top of the bar to victory and the champagne, celebrations and Hollywood Starlets that follow. Negative advertising requires a subtle strategy that won't backfire. It can be helped forward by getting others tacitly to do 'the dirty work' for you, and to train the talking-head masses to politely accept the programming your campaign propaganda masters have fed them. Without a conversion of the mass media to ordinary citizen Internet podcasts it will be hard for a campaign finance reformer like John McCain to defeat heavily financed and ghost-voter registration supported candidates although that may change some day.

Banks should be required to keep 25% of deposits on account in order to reduce fraud and bad loan-making the public needs to pay for. Wealthy interests controlling the broadcast media invested in banking also may advertise adversely regarding adequate regulation in order to secure higher corporate profits confident that the public must buy their bad debts if they are large enough to jeopardize U.S. economic health.

Negating the negative and accentuating the positive with negativity paid for with millions and millions. Where has the commander of control of 'nandering nabobs of negativity' gone when the nation needs one? Man is deceived by plenteous means in political matters of mass society. Propaganda value through the high radio towers was first conceived and exploited by the socialist turned fascist inventor of the political philosophy of corporatism Benito Mussolini. When the U.S. Congress turned down a guarantee for French security at the conclusion of world war one and preferred to sign a separate peace with Germany they guaranteed the return of war in effect said the former French leader Clemenceau of that era. The beliefs of man regarding the value of immediate gain over the pursuit of rational longer range security goals are ordinary. Propaganda in negative advertising as the wags of media words would say is spicy, saucy and pays public money back to the right corporate channels. Obama this time has 400% more cash to spend than John McCain in the month of October 2008 on advertising. He can afford to denounce McCain's campaign as 'negative' and McCain's disavowal of negativism and negative for the high dollar pile controls the power of propaganda when common sense is lacking from the public.

When the United States signed a separate peace with Germany many of its manufacturing capitalists looked enviously to the German production potential for technology, sales and profits in heavy industry, automobiles and manufacturing. Prescott Bush and Henry Ford were notable traders with the Nazi regime-today China occupies a similar role yet the future is uncertain. Building up China may not have the same consequences as did building up Nazi Germany.

The United States is a world leader in consumption of oil and products from abroad. An ill founded consumerist purchase from abroad policy was exploited by corrupt global corporations in order to increase profits and 'drive' the now globalized economy that made India and China major producers and the United States a major consumer of imported goods. At the end of the G.W. Bush administration late in 2008 the global house of banking cards collapsed requiring a public bail out of 3 trillion dollars of guaranteed support for all the bad mortgages and loans created by the free world's banks during the prior decade of globalizing and rushing economic policy. Propaganda in support of a U.S. reliance on oil and fossil fueled automobiles made a transition to a new transportation energy technology unfeasible. Concentrated wealth in support of the 'real world' of oil dependence by the United States prevailed over independent, innovative electric vehicle and home power production development. The real world means the real social establishment in the United States. The real world allegiance of families to corporate controllers relieves the public from any rational environmental or economic policy thought at a political level. The 'real world' is the stagnant insider clique running roughshod over the prospects for U.S. nationalism and energy self-reliance. Propaganda forming negative opinions about candidates and individuals in support of alternative energy and border security policies is heavily financed by global advertising budgets.

In order to make the global conventional economy 'go' the United States needs to accelerate rapidly to electric vehicle production and individual energy production through solar, wind and fuel cell power sources. A Manhattan project level of commitment is need to change the policy quickly enough to rectify the deteriorating orbits of economic flow globally before it crashes and burns in the friction of inefficiency, war and chaos.

When the U.S.A. stops consuming its 25 or 30% of global oil supplies in generally non-industrial uses and produces new electric vehicle and energy production technologies for domestic and export the savings for Americans should be substantial. Fuel costs for oil imported to Chan should decline as well, and Chinese production of products for exports should have slightly lower prices. U.S. imports would remain the same yet prices should drop. A stabilization of Middle-East oil prices should follow and remain for a few years until Chinese and India vehicle use and demands for oil cuts in to the oil supply for industry. A rectified conventional economic posture can grow when the United States quits using any foreign oil itself and moves to a higher technology. Negative advertising of the brainwashed and battered U.S. media watching/listening public may well halt any movement toward change of an ordered nature. Obama is an I Ching sort of socialist advocate for a book of changes with unknown, radical possibilities including global depression in the near term and world war for scare resources. Jihadists may find new inspiration in deposing a homosexualist U.S. regime making efforts to 'queer' the world toward bimarriage 'choice'. Negative advertising will certainly anathematize the political incorrect at any given time.

A final word about negative advertising and national economic security...Without complete border migration control the United States cannot reasonably implement any ordered domestic economic policy without anticipating an influx of millions of illegal workers as the economy improves. That will overthrow the effort for wage and environmental improvements, obviously. Super-charging short term profits and home construction with illegal labor accelerates select portions of the economic cycle bringing unnaturally quickly to a halt. Corrupt and improvident banking loans to unqualified buyers for immediate profits add fuel to the fire of unbalancing the macro-economy. Traditional capitalism isn't given a chance to work as labor shifts away geographically faster that geographically based 'improvements' in the standard of living can have a chance to grow. The traditional movement of producers to areas with low labor costs is also subverted when the laborers migrate to existing areas of production.

Thursday, October 16, 2008

Democratic Party Chooses Cowardice in पिचक ऑफ़ बी.ओ.) Hussein Obama as Front Man

The 2008 Democratic Party choice for a Presidential candidate seems to be a cowardly choice. Perhaps after 2001 and the terrorism of Muslim bombers the Democrat Party under Pelosi fainted away too far to the lay down and be invaded posture. How else can one explain their choice for someone named as the inspiration religious leader (and his uncle) of the terrorists that killed thousands of Americans 9-11 2001.

The Democratic Party leaders gravely err in putting out that John McCain is a G.W. Bush kind of guy-they couldn't be more wrong. As Kevin Phillips wrote in 'The American Theocracy' the Bushes are a sort of religion for oil administration, and that warped G.W. Bush's potential as a President. McCain is a free man and a loyal American with several generations of government employee forefathers with nothing but the best interests of the nation at heart, and he will change his course as radically as a jet fighter avoiding SAM missiles I would guess to accomplish his mission of securing the safety and prosperity of the United States through political means. Obama is a comfortable elitist able to pander to Negroes, Hispanics and homosexuals/bisexuals with little experience beyond that of lawyering in Chicago and being on the fringes of the in-crowd. Yet he has connived as a petty politician before his rocketing ascent to challenger for the Presidency with the neo-legitimate political Chicago underground people. Experimenting with Obama's warped views and pretenses for the nation's future is packed with high risk. Those that believe he will have support from wealthy elites in global corporations may be guessing wrong. Obama won't be preaching to a choir when elected by a minority of the people, if elected. If the prestige of getting a black man elected is so important to Democrats that aren't white that they will support the economically unqualified candidate Hussein Obama, make Louis Farrakhan and the fruit is Islam a little too happy and risk a sustained downturn in the U.S. economy in 2010 the people may return a Republican Senate to set the clock back to 1994.

Obama has claimed that the United States wrongly ended the Democide in Iraq that claimed 50,000 innocent lives during the sanctions era and should instead have attacked Afghanistan with more troops stationed there in 20-20 hindsight. Obama plans to remove the nation reconstruction military security forces from Iraq that the United States has deployed in a year and a half. That tremendous gamble can throw the entire middle east in to protracted destabilization and high risk of war, it can foment a Shia-Sunni conflict and perhaps create a foundation for a war to remove the Saudi royal family and the 50,000 princes with the derivative effect of halting the flow of oil to the world from the middle east for a few years.

Afghanistan did have many Al Qa'eda terrorist training there during the Clinton years and Bill launched a few cruise missiles at them perhaps helping to provide an idea of how a pay back in New York should occur. Maybe Chicago Democrats and youth supporters yearning for the peace and prosperity without much war of the Reagan-Clinton years offered up their immunization to attack in the neo-Muslim symp B. Hussein Obama. They somehow imagine that they can pull the plug on Middle East reality and U.S. involvement and subdue terrorists that were offended by G.W. Bush but pacified by Bill Clinton. They believe the Reagan peace dividend can return as it did during the Clinton years and that Obama can find change and prosperity for them. It may be that the selection of a candidate named Hussein is a way for the extreme anti-war Democrats to show solidarity with Saddam Hussein posthumously.

The coalition did remove the Taliban from Afghanistan that is now rebuilding. The Indonesian 'Taliban' party equivalent supports an Obama Presidency as sympathetic to Muslim interests there. The terrorists from Afghanistan always were led by Yemeni and Saudi Arabs largely, Obama is wrong when he believes that they cannot just relocate but are some sort of local 'Indians' that can be rubbed out. Al Qa'eda and the movement to create a Caliphate in the middle east is a protracted concern that will outlast the next administration and which requires a long range rational basis to combat in order to safeguard U.S. national security first. That plan includes the construction of an impassable border barrier zone on the Mexican border to prevent takeover of U.S. Indian reservations by imposters and the muling in of covert munitions to attack Los Angeles and San Francisco.

Obama would need to send maybe an additional 100,000 U.S. troops to Afghanistan along with a host of advisers and trainers to create a bomb-proof indigenous economy structure and that would be costly. His planning for the U.S. economy largely involves raising taxes and sucking up to rich globalists instead of boldly moving toward substantial support for a renewed U.S. nationalism to replace the fawning globalism subverting national interests.

Make no mistake about the faith and political feeling of the founders-they were Christians and Americans-not globalist, Germans, Brits, French or whatever. In becoming an American they created a new identity as U.S. nationalists that was fundamentally different than anything ever before created on Earth with national rather than racial allegiance. The founders were not sympathetic to foreign religious allegiances either-their fathers and sons would not bow five times a day to Mecca Saudi Arabia nor did they believe that law and morality were meaningless because there is no afterlife or that it could be worked out over future lives in reincarnation payback payments.

Sure one can say that the Democratic Party got rid of its Middle American status during the Ted Kennedy ascendancy. The Bostonian, catholic Kennedy's rightly hated southern Democrats with the history of being the pro-slavery party that fomented the civil war. In throwing out the white middle class and moving toward a coalition of homosexuals, women, blacks and Hispanics the Democrat Party became a still substantial party moving out of the mainstream of solid production work as unions were busted and jobs and factories sent abroad. The Democrat Party became the party of symbolic opposition to everything involving war or national defense except when in came to spending bills with billions of attachments earmarked for their districts. During the protracted nation rebuilding in Iraq the Democrats protested with lots of music-and a brief aside about the popular cult of music and its political influence today.

Popular music and its cult of nudity is a fine way to protest work and war. Yet music is at its core just a bunch of musicians strumming melodies and singing-its non productive entertainment with a lot of agents, key grips and fans not to be used as a way to get an economy going. A certain amount of people can sell nudity yet with too much glitz not enough work gets done. Not everyone can strum guitars and drink wine all day laying in the grass-nor can everyone be a voyeur object of income.

The music and entertainment business does have a cult of nudity and hierarchy of cool that when exported to the real world of work has a corrupting effect. Can the best physicist be chosen by boob dimensions, or the most inventive mind or hardest workers selected by flat abs and porn star endowments? The values of the entertainment world basically need to be contained in a rational location or unreal social values can be promoted too far politically such that the dazed and confused masses vote for feel good choices. So why do the masses feel good about B.O Hussein Muhammad Obama?

The Chicago lawyer says all the right stuff about cool values of non-aggression, yet he is exceedingly aggressive at promoting himself. Obama may be thought of as a scarecrow that will keep Muslim terrorists away from Chicago since, after all, how could anyone want to bomb a pre-bomb nation led by an Obama with the name of 'the prophet' and his uncle? The Democratic Party readily tosses out its national heritage of Christianity and American history in selecting a first generation American who attended elementary school in a Muslim nation, has a Muslim father and son and unknown numbers of relatives in nations with Al Qaeda terrorist agents such as Kenya.

Obama said in the debate last night that he associates with the billionaire Warren Buffet and a list of other elite sorts of Americans. He happily tossed Bill Ayers the well known Chicagoan whom he never denounced before running for President, his decades long Preacher the Reverend Wright and other associates under the train heels of personal advance. Obama is sure his new friends and the reaming of a choir he is preaching to will continue after election, if elected. America would have another lame Jimmy Carter times four President without a clue about how or where to lead the nation's economy, and without any ability to defend against Al Qa'eda and newer terrorist threats abroad without fundamentally contradicting his record-yet he will have the support of music and the entertainment business at least.

Bill Ayers is one of the top three living domestic terrorists in modern American history. Ayers was a bomb maker for the Weathermen branch of the Students for a Democratic society. Ayers was a roommate of a fellow terrorist blown up building a bomb. Ayers planted bombs himself and was the education secretary for the Weathermen for a time. Ayers was on planning councils during the era following the student 'days of rage' that made a shambles of social order in Chicago during the 1968 Democratic National Convention. Bill Ayers must have been the most well known terrorist in Chicago during Barrack Obama's time living there. Ayers has also made statements that he generally is unrepentant about planting bombs, and said wished he had planted more. Ayers was one of Obama's earliest political supporters for the Presidency.

It is interesting that anyone might consider the association with and support of a 'former' terrorist for a Presidential candidate irrelevant; names and language, national educational origin and about anything else that might help to determine if a Presidential candidate is a good bet to be trustworthy and competent should be set aside as politically 'controversial' or unfair. If Ayer's former methods were used one could just put a bomb to it and blast it all to hell and gone. Ayers took part in bombing the Pentagon and the New York City police headquarters, but hey, to some that's what democracy is all about. What really sets off the ire of Democrats is Nixon's burglar team break ins of Democratic Party headquarters-would Ayers have just bombed it instead if it were the Republican's and it was his mission?

I personally am for forgiveness of aging bombers when their blasting years are over if they haven't splattered any bodies about during their careers and if they promise to never, never do it again and lead constructive lives. Ayers has thrown his support behind Obama so obviously he has really changed.

Barrack Obama's early education in elementary school in Indonesia (he lived there from age 2-10)was mucked over by a reporter named Michael Sullivan this morning on N.P.R. Early socialization is the most important of one's life psychological theorists write, so in a sense Barrack's spiritual home is Indonesia and the mosque, the prayers to Mecca of his father and son and the anti-American attitudes that ran deep when he lived over there on the other side of the Pacific Ocean. Indonesian language is a deep part of his subconscious-

The Indonesian equivalent of the Taliban approves of Obama as they believe he will be simpatico to the Muslim cause, and that would not bother those radicals that worked against rule of law in the United States in the 1960's and 70's perhaps as they may have some sort of different vision for America than the utopian non-fossil fuel based budget surplusing national ecological economic future with secure borders that I have.

If Barrack Obama has too many radical, leftist associates that are the equivalents of syndicalist anarchists and nihilist terrorists breaking up bodies and personal finances of Americans in the world today so far as possible-if they have a vision of a United States without straight white males (is that why Biden is symbolically Obama's short) is Obama potential more than just a candidate running against George W. Bush, but a tool of destruction of the United States and of U.S. national self-interest?

Friday, October 03, 2008

Bush's Biggest Binge (700 Billion)

The House approved President Bush's bailout of bank debts for 700 billion dollars giving the binge of spending Presidency a final bar-hopping over the congressional public debt bar.

Writing on a fait accompli I can just note the horrendous lack of creativity the government has in solving such rotten issues given by planting a big kiss on the fannies of mortgage gambling bad debts. A special bankruptcy process for bad Wall Street corporations should be created, and a M.I.T.I. like federal Department to invest in state of the art U.S. technologies to reduce foreign trade deficit causing technologies should be created. Someone needs to put a millions of electric parking meter recharge stations for the upcoming plug-in electric cars. Certainly the villains of the oil patch will seek to break ends from meeting on electric cars and solar power recharging. Will Wall-Mart ever sell solar panels to recharge electric cars and good 500 watt electric wind generators to provide power for homes?

I believe that the U.S. Government developed a sort of associationist financial psychology during 43's Presidency such that just spend it now and pay later is the way to go. Taking President Reagan's post Vietnam emergency pump priming with deficit spending as a form for a permanent budgeting process political financial perfidy as reached criminal proportions. Who will bail out the public debts when the buck stops-it won't be the rich who aren't making significant sacrifices?
Speaker Pelosi of the Democratic Party just collapsed in the worst way on this important issue. Both Parties’ are run by millionaires and the Bank Debt Bailout Bill bunk is the worst sort of corrupt politics one expects in a politically decadent and corrupt era.

The nation has ten trillion plus of debt so just toss another trillion or so in?
Interest on the national debt

Pumping up a particular macro-economic direction and particular corporate debts with public funds implicitly corrupts redirection of the U.S. macro-economic directions away from an environmental economic tensor toward one based on non-renewable resources and unsustainable forms of growth. It is reckless and myopic with many future requirements for corrections. Putting it off by siphoning away public capital to prop up bad, inefficient macro-economic policy is quite dangerous in the long run.

Tuesday, September 09, 2008

VP Chaney-Hidden in Georgia

Vice President Chaney was the proverbial crouching tiger, hidden dragon of Georgia recently seeking to provide some succor to the badly led Georgian state that seemed to believe it was a good idea to kick sand in the eyes of Russia and invade the former autonomous Republic of South Ossetia. Kicking in a billion dollars to help rebuild the disaster created when the Russian kicked in the rotten defense door of the forces of the erstwhile Napoleon of Georgia (even the Haitians in gaining their independence from actual Napoleonic forces by 1804 had far better military leadership) seemed to make the Bush administration feel better about their future oil prospects. T. Boone Pickens is leading an 11 billion dollar wind power investment project in the Texas panhandle and other Rocky Mountain slope areas-its good to have intelligent leadership sometimes) demonstrating that's its a lot easier to get to a good destination by taking the right course than a wrong one . The Bush bellicosity and depleted state of intelligence on the Georgian crisis was remarkable.

Sure the United States should support democratic political self-determination abroad, yet that includes determination for peoples in traditional areas. Expanding political boundaries or flooding in m millions of illegal aliens to provide voters for a hostile takeover isn't a right procedure at all in South Ossetia or Arizona. A billion dollars for an Arizona medical insurance system could have been more useful than another investment to secure oil reserves for oil corporations in Asia.

What happens when some blond woman with Arizona ancestry needs to have that uterus removal, ovary deletion, liver bisection sort of surgery before going find a job and needs to get in line behind all the recent Mexican immigrants for medical assistance? Politicians supporting globalist corporate elites may like to flood the U.S.A. With cheap labor, yet one wishes they did not also own the broadcast radio networks that influence public opinion too much.

V.P. Chaney was hidden in Georgia for too long, perhaps ordering the installation of missiles in Poland at the height of the crisis requiring the Russians to test launch an I.C.B.M. Capable of hitting Washington D.C. In order to determine if they still could. Polish anti-ballistic missiles that could also be used to defend against Russian attacks on Washington violate the accord that was the M.A.D. Policy so effective the past 50 years. One wonders if endangering the security of the United States is the last of the Bush policies founded on a less-than-brightest-bulb basis. Installation of the missiles with Polish approval should have been done in a very different and more mutually trustful political atmosphere. After all the Bush's are leaving office with Iran incapable of building 20 or more nuclear warheads annually for at least two or three years. Way to go Dick-are you also against free expression and political dissent for U.S. citizens on expressions potentially restricting oil company hegemony?

Thursday, August 14, 2008

Ossetian-Georgian/Russian Conflict

Should administration policy on the states and oblasts of the former Soviet Union be to treat equally regardless of their historical ties to Russia and to seek to dissociate those political entities from Russia so far as possible in order to advance U.S. global interests for a corporatist ruled planet in concurrence with Chinese socialism? The conflict in Georgia between Russian and Georgian military forces recently over the fate of the former semi-autonomous south Ossetian oblast is a case in point.

So far U.S. administration policy has been to disrecognize Ossetia as a formerly semi-independent oblast of the Soviet Union not a part of the Georgian Republic and to just consider it a part of Georgia regardless of the will of the Alain people within to be independent. The Ukraine and Poland had a different association with Russia than Ossetia, and all had a different association with Russia than Czechoslovakia and East Germany. The United States should not preclude allowing the severely diminished Russia to continue to exist in association with people associated with it before the formation of the Soviet Union (1801 for Ossetia) because of a desire for global hegemony of corporatism.

As an American I realize that global corporatism will harm U.S. interests as it has that of other societies and civilizations that have reached a Universal state founded upon phenomenal alliances with foreign nations and peoples. For the United States globalism means flooding the U.S.A. with Hispanics so that the historical majority becomes a minority within 25 years, that China is built up to become the number one global economic power and India second, that second and third world peoples today build up a global population with diminishing non-renewable resources to 15 billion within 50 years, that planetary wars ensue between the globes non-white majorities in an archipelago of Iranianized nuclear and biologically armed states. The reason for all this is the pure greed of corporatists in the U.S. administration misleading the public down the primrose path. Explorers must be able to see beyond a foot or two ahead looking at profit reports for the short term. Georgia should not be free to glom up South Ossetia en passant simply because the administration of the U.S.A. is still fighting the cold war and championing globalism for the rich while draining Brazil with a 100 new Wal-Marts so those people can export their earnings to Swiss and Caiman Island bank accounts.

Dislike of Russians isn’t a good reason to isolate Russia with a tongue-tied ineloquence premised on the psychology of poverty as delusional in the manner of former Senator Graham. Creating prosperity and democracy takes time, luck and prayer. The way Russia moves that way will not necessarily be graceful as they support the Alans yet leave Georgia alone to determine their own future. A global solipsism in the opulent corporatist elite boardrooms does anathematize all those unwilling to lay down for their world-stage strutting power to chart their own courses of velocities of money.

Russia has only 150 million people or so, and China more than a billion; as they United States is perceived to chomp away on the western and southern edges of Russian security China looms large over the Amur River as a swelling, traditional potential foe. U.S. policy tends to isolate Russia and inadvertantly back them them in to as defenceless of a posture as possible as the U.S.A. pursues soley its own special interests of concentrating wealth globally for the rich and running down the standard of living of ordinary Americans. Rationally one cannot expect to discover and end to Russian nuclear and military power soon and should expect it's increase especially as Asia and Islam become increasingly threatening to Russian security domestically.

The Bush MBA approach to Russia is just so inarticulate and discouraging, detached and disengaged that it is easy to imagine a far better way of being involved positively rather than antagonistically as at present.

A democracy is premised on rule by the consent of the isn't simply rule by those powerful enough to oppress others as in a mobocracy oppressing minorities. When the Soviet Union under Joseph Djugashvilli from Georgia continued rule of a region within Russia since 1801. When the Soviet Union broke apart there was a new deal and in some ways the sorting out of the pieces and peoples continues. The United States must be cautious in throwing support behind Georgian claims of political power over South Ossetians expressed through military coercion...obviously the South Ossetians don't consent to be governed by Georgians and prefer independence or alliance with Russia-is that so bad?

When the Muslims of Kosovo sought relief from the Serbian Government the United States supported them, what is so different from the S. Ossetian desire to be free from Georgia? Is the United States just pursuing a rather meat-headed policy of being in opposition to whatever the Russians like? Is the United States administration policy simply to support those susceptible to giving up their oil resources to global corporations while Russia seems to have an opposite opinion on the topic of global oil corporations taking over Russian national oil resources? Tskhinvali, the capital of South Ossetia is ruled by the independence movement. What has made the United States decide arbitrarily against South Ossetian independence when 99% of the South Ossetians voted to support independence? When borders are redrawn after the end of an empire (maybe even an evil one) is it good policy to support the repression of large numbers of people by an adverse Georgian Government because Georgia is nominally democratic generally-whatever that means in this era of corporatism and global media brainwashing of the American public?

The United States does tend to support the concept of self-government by the people in democracy-yet a real democracy requires freedom of self-determination and the consent of the people ruled to support the government in power. When large nations break up the reorganization into several smaller new states make take time and justice isn't achieved simple by support of the first geographical area to elect someone educated at George Washington University. The United States must be certain that it really does support democracy in new nations rather than just its own narrow self-interests determined by less than statesmen.
America’s political challenges aren’t always as obvious as Anderson Cooper’s 360. In Alaska one political challenge is that of conservation of the threatened polar bear habitat. With shrinking sea ice polar bear futures are down so the state of Alaska is working against conservation efforts in order to get some dumped oil revenue futures from drilling in polar bear habitat that might be prevented with the recent federal upgrade of polar bear doom recognition. Meanwhile President Bush is making statements from Beijing China about the Russian defense of Russian culture in two sections of Georgia as ‘unacceptable’ as if it were a plate of bad borscht he could send back to the kitchen to have the Chef spit in it and returns it. I suspect that the Russian might feel President Bush is a little lap doggish in China’s favor-Russia’s main potential war rival, and that President Bush is building up Chinese business interests because he gets some scraps tossed his way in the quest for unstable globalism.

The conflict of interest President Pork Fried Rice has in China aside, sure Russia has taken a beating since the end of the former Soviet Union. Evidently because Russia changed radically to get rid of communism and China did not President G.W. Bush favors cozying up to the Chinese. I think he should not make anti-Russian statements from China, and should wait until he rediscovers the U.S. capital is in Washington D.C. with a half a million jobless compensation filings in the U.S.A. last week before putting on his disgruntled customer hat.

Offshore drilling is a bad idea because world fisheries are in steep decline and the oceans produce 1/5th of the planet’s oxygen from trillions and trillions of little bacteria that make oxygen; even so it may continue in the Chuckchi and Beaufort Sea areas. Polar bear ‘out-of-the-water’ safe islands should be constructed for polar bear and Arctic voyagers, with separate yet equal refuge areas of course, on the model of tiny oil platforms without the drilling equipment. Some of the platforms might rise and fall with the waves, yet the bear should be able to get away from the water and find a place to build a winter cave. The number and density of the platforms required to create an artificial archipelago of polar bear survival is hard to say-it would require at least two weeks of intense research with some good food and peace and quiet. To return to President Bush and the Russian crisis.

Vladimir Putin should realize that it is not in his favor to have Russian aviators seem like the Nazi Condor legion in Spain at Guernica pummeling Basque separatists for the benefit of Spanish fascists. Since the Clinton support for the Muslims in Bosnia reduced Orthodox Christian culture associated with Russia and Serbia concurrently with the loss of vast tracks of former Russian dominated territories, and subsequent Muslim terrorism globally continuing in to the Bush administration Russians must be a little skeptical about where their national interests stop loss-Bush’s Olympic noises from China aren’t too helpful perhaps. Fortunately Obomba is concentrating on getting himself in to the White House instead of making utterances about international affairs and not troubling the waters presently.

What can be done is an immediate cease-fire and a chess match held between the best of Georgia and Russia with the winner having the right to provide pizza to injured civilians the next five years and to provide financial compensation for the civilian dead. The winner can be said to have ‘won’ the conflict and both sides can withdraw to let the Ossetians police themselves with equipment provided by the winner.

Thursday, July 03, 2008

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Friday, June 20, 2008

A Billion New People in 12 Years-Zero Growth Eco-Economics Needed

With another billion people added to the world during 12 years (1999-2012) the concept of economic growth as a rational for improving the global standard of living seems prima facia unreasonable. Human population growth is greater than economic growth potential that is reliant upon environmental resource consumption. Corporate logic rarely is cognizant of environmental reason and logic in its blind quest for pure profits existentially. Corporate globalism must be controlled by national democracies pursuing the public good or an entropic magnification of the process of resource consumption in a finite world ecosystem will run amuck so far as to endanger the worlds 7 billion and growing people (as of 2012). Most of the world's corporate employees cannot see the woods for the trees and comprehend not the decline and fall of the global ecosphere as meaningful and pertinant to themselves.

With the third most populus nation on the Earth the United States should act as a responsible agent of conservative growth by securing its borders against illegal immigration, halting a piratical ethos of rabid consumption and growth through consumption of natural resources and sprawl of industry and industrial pollution to pristine offshore and northern regions of natural ecological purity
and though deliberations upon a no-growth economic policy that creates a steady state ecological economics niched within the rational, finite limits of planetary growth-if and when significant off-planet resources are developed then that economic criterion should also be niched within a sustainable relationship with environmental resources. Quality of life improvements without reliance upon mass increased consumption of non-renewable resources must be prioritized in national and global macro-and micro-economic planning.

The oxymoron of corporate social responsibility can be untangled like a marshmallow universal expansion making all roads straight in space-time. Corporations can advocate higher tax rates for the most rich, and increase retirement and health benefits for employees and retirees by contracting for their own medical staffing services and market investment advisers.

Corporations can choose to invest in ecologically benign business selection and increase spending on research and development. The Universe and the world business are expanding together. Corporations must increase public awareness of the laws of thermodynamics and promote awareness that non-renewable resources used in business expend net order and increase disorder and the opportunity costs for future generations is extreme. ecological economics

The finite material resources of Earth both renewable and non-renewable are not generally recognized by much of the corporate world that seeks to exploit it instead. Cognizance of the ecological opportunity costs to society should become a motivating tactic of corporate boards that could seek to maximize optimal ecological economic benefits. Montana plans to let hunters kill a 100 or so wolves from a population of two or three hundred with 39 breeding pairs for sport. A stable population of at least 500 wolves is required for genetic diversity yet the in-breeding of neo=classical economic theory in the world today hates to let anything exist unexploited, untaxed or free and wild. If conservation and invention do not improve the desperate people of the world will find resource depletion effects causing increased survival challenges in a few decades and corporations should get responsible sooner instead of later or never.

Business corporations aren't non-profit. Neither in ecological economic responsibility nor in accountability to the people of the national democracy of the United States are corporations in the upper 50% range on the scorecard of good ideas and planning to be responsible. Rather, corporations pursue profit with disregard for externalities such as environment and democracy, justice or the question of the value of permitting high prices for gasoline. The U.S. Congress pursues daft policies like taxing windfall profits of oil corporations for themselves when they should be designing strategies to promote public economic development of nationally produced independent alternative energy and transportation strategies.

In the post cold war era the U.S. Government's budget has radically increased as the President with a kow-towing congress redistributed wealth to corporations supplying the peace-build efforts in Iraq and Afghanistan as an element of the war on terror. The terror of poverty created by vast federal deficit spending has yet to occur to the rich and C.E.O.‘s of multi-national corporations 'compensated' as high as a thousand times the average worker's pay for uprooting and outsourcing production to foreign corporations. One can't blame the C.E.O.'s for being hippie gypsy yippee skippy move to China billionaires however-the fault lies not in the stars but in our congress which has forgotten how to be a democracy.

Mass corporate planning collectively regarding the concatenated effects of corporate actions is a role for government instead of a super-corporate board ala Mussolini's fascist versions of corporatist socialism. The highest trade deficits in a decade and loss of quality jobs overseas are a result of corporate pursuit of profits offshore in the post cold-war global environment of expanded markets and a 300% increase in the numbers of cheap available labor. In order to be responsible to the interests of the people of the united States Corporations would need to be able to select to work against their own interests in outsourcing and perhaps go out of business...the alternative is to reinvent their businesses in such a way they profit Americans more so than the way of profiting foreigners more through globalism. The Government of the United States must take up the right role of searching for and structuring economic policy that would benefit U.S. quality of life better than indolent acquiescence is an anemic lazy faire ride along the currents of globalist drift.

Democracy was supposed to contain corporatism rather than be contained by it. A corporatism that overcomes democracy burns the ship upon which it prospers, and the ecology of the planet earth too potentially.

The U.S. Congress should develop rapid mass cargo and personnel transit infrastructure based on electromagnetic spirals through which electric jet powered modules 'fly' like blind moles down the cross-country tubes at 1000 miles per hour. The nations highways should become solar photon power collecting elements with new materials added to the paving (do research feds!). As Vince Lombardi said (its too bad he never coached the gipper) 'Winning is everything'. Like in football the wild kingdom of national economic policy needs people to play with the will to win for all of the people. Corporations should be free to do what they do best which is find a way to profit much like water runs under the course of gravity always to find the shortest course of least resistance to over. Government must set boundaries on the economic watercourses like a core of economic and environmental engineers to control flooding with success now and then; the water or corporations will adapt.

In the modern era George W. Bush and Barack Obama talk about borrowing and spending 50 billion here, another 50 billion there to stimulate spending in the economy as if that was rational long term policy. The Congress cannot rely on a Presidential spending spree on borrowed money to correct significantly flawed federal economic policy originating in the congressional inability to recognize that it has forgotten what a democratic government is supposed to be in the glory of expansion of business following the end of the cold war with communism except for Castro's Cuba...That may require the construction of innumerable new sailboat anchorages at very low cost monthly to achieve. The Congress must set the ecological and energy parameters to efficiently conserve the environment and economic prosperity, reverse the Judas economic drift and then let corporations function within regulatory parameters or experience severe penalties for law-breaking. Go Congress in 2008-9!

Posted on Tuesday 10 of June, 2008 [21:39:32 UTC]

Tuesday, June 10, 2008

The Reality of Relativity and कोम्प्रेस्सेद Space-Time

Time really seems to be relative, and relatively real. Time is considered to be unified with space in the modern context, and hence is called space-time. One may as well ask if space is real or relative...the density of space does seem to vary within gravitational fields where it is more or less compressed, folded or spindled.

Because time and space are treated as a unified field by contemporary physicists several questions arise about the relationships of space and time to mass and energy.

When time and space are more concentrated within specific gravitational fields the comparative duration or dimensional extension of disparat3e space-time locales differs intrinsically unless the implicit values of space-time concentration for two comparative places are of the same value or 'density'.

It is travel at particular speeds or acceleration within space-time that change the comparative passage of space-time between a moving object and a stationary point, generally, and exception being black holes for which all but three values are unknown.

Space and time have a unified value such that if one travels through space then time passes more slowly than if one doesn't compared to the non-traveling object and vice versa.

The information that can be put into any given volume of space is thought to be limited to the surface area of the volume. This evidently is because concentrating information in some mass area as information at the most dense levels would produce so much gravity eventually that a black hole would form and no information would escape it's 'event horizon' or surface volume. That concept is predicated upon the principal that any given area of space-time invariably must have a gravitational field, and perhaps that space-time itself has a gravitational field even though it may or may not be of zero-mass itself.

In a given volume of space-time without a gravitational field barring other repulsive forces such as might create a hyper-inflating field for itself at super-luminal speeds an infinite amount of information may be stored, perhaps. An infinite amount of information in an infinitely small space does seem imponderable yet that’s the way the cookie crumbles.

The space-time of the Universe may allow space-time to slip into the scuppers of extra-dimensions deleting certain amount of time from the universe, perhaps that’s a cause for the accelerating speed of expansion of the space-time of the Universe today. It is possible that gravity may exist in more than the four dimensions of space-time, and it may have an alternate dimensional time-field associated with alternate dimensional gravitational fields in the space of other dimensions than those of the standard known Universe. The relationship of space-time in Universe1 to sub prime Universe1 values without apparent possibility of interaction as a traversable field lends a time 'mortgage' to extra-dimensional borrowers (dimensions) that may or may not return in space time at 'bookmarked' locations in the University in what would inevitably be 'the past'. The Uncertainty principle acting upon space-time in extra dimensions would want an information 'data bank' of information of an infinite and predetermined rate of all possible yet selected values such that the right of return of elements of space-time would not conflict with existing standard dimensional manifestations of space-time. Information in dimensional constructs should be traversable superluminally by information unrestricted by gravitational field values.

Augustine and believers in Big Bang theory tend to believe that time was created simultaneously with space from nothing, in a beginning. Since the end of Newtonian mechanics' basis for popular cosmology and its replication by post-Riemannian non-Euclidian geometries the warped nature of space-time relations has brought an awareness of the differential rates (relativity) of time in the phenomenal Universe. If one travels in one course through space-time one can experience more or less passage of time than another in the same 'absolute' time interval...there just isn't an absolute time yardstick 'out there' it seems.

God too created the Universe ex nihilo by 'saying the word' for a hyper-inflation of the clump of dimension or whatever borrowing form from an abstract spiritual fact to become membranes or zero-dimensional loops expanding faster than light until the physics settled down enough to allow matter to dominate over anti-matter in the original cage match of sub-atomic particles determining the fate of the Universe to a certain extent. The creation made time happen then along with space. As the space-time evolves through different configurations and densities increasing in size generally human perceptions of the passage of time move along in that unified field and note the motion of its passing on. Because humans can recognize motion or change in the mass-energy fields of the Universe the experience of time passing in possible.

Cosmologists recognized that an absolute Universal time did not exist across the Universe after the changes of general relativity were published and considered. A meta-time bigger than the Universe could contain the entire Universe as a sort of sub-time event of course so no matter what happened in the Universe the extra-Universal time clock still ticks on keeping track of all the wild warped time doings 'down there' in our Universe.

That notion probably is not right of course, nor would it have been necessary for God to have built a bigger than the Universe time-keeping system to have given laws of physics, space- or schedules of the existence of this Universe I think-God's personal timepiece in some better than any singularity conceivable container of everything that exists in the way of knowledge and possible universes probably may not have a definite Universal time clock starting in eternity and ending in eternity as a set thing...instead its all infinite and more troublesome to comprehend, especially if one has limited time to contemplate with.

The concept of quantum cosmology that the Universe borrowed its existence from nothing as a virtual particle might is intriguingly similar to quantum superposition in physics along the world-line contexts of quantum uncertainty. Because God is omnipotent and contains all possibilities of even those things not actualized it has a beauty to it that the Universe too has a parallel theological/quantum construction.

Time or space-time that is intrinsically bound up in the fabric of reality following the ordination of boundary contexts of the creation may permit a phenomenal and meta space-time structure of pre-determined symmetry violations regarding the beginning and the end of the flow of space time-who can say?

John D. Barrows' -'New Theories of Everything'-2007, has more on the subject of space-time theories, contexts and universal paradigms.

Monday, June 09, 2008

Church- A Priesthood of Believers

'Church' phoenetically arised from the old and middle english word 'cirice or circe' that meant (the) Lord's, and that is from the word meaning 'Lords' in Greek- κυριακον. ref.

It is written that the word 'church' in many or most translations into English from the Bible refer to the word in the Bible 'ecclesia'(in Greek -ἐκκλησία').

The concept of a church, or the church of Jesus Christ means simply that the believers have a true relationship to the absolute Truth in-itself, for-himself Jesus Christ. The faithful are the Lord's having been saved from the temporal conditions of original and subsequent sin.

Jesus Christ as Truth of an absolute sort is also being referred to with the word 'Truth' meaning an abbreviation of sorts, such that it simplifies saying that Jesus Christ is also God and Author of Everything including the Universe and so forth. If one does believe that then the relationship to Truth is far more important than the relationship to others who are not of faith and who are not saved. It is something comparable to it being more valuable to be on a lifeboat on a sinking ships than in the gambling lounge of the doomed vessel playing cards for penny points yet the stakes are ultimate. The church in the world is still basically a dysfunctional Temple Priesthood in little fiefdoms such as crucified our Lord. People cannot let go of the worldly power and security, and even want political power still.

A real church organization would train people for peer democracy under God instead of for rule by dictators and C.E.O.'s. A true Church structure would let the Truth of faith stand directly in relation to Jesus Christ without the vicarious upper class Christian careerism of the post-founders era.

The Church today could use a priesthood of believers organizational and design leader. You see Martin Luther believed that all Christians were to be priests in distinction the the hierarchical priesthood which continues an exclusive process.

A priesthood of believers would be something like groups of twelve with peer status sharing their weekly Sunday meeting roles in majority speaker, minority speaker, weekly reports and song leader. With this sort of fundamental organization with perhaps three ranks of novice, regular and elder status the Church would have just one high priest (Jesus Christ) and a priesthood of believers sharing in evangelical and missions work and so forth.

Many church needs should be supported by these dedicated groups, and perhaps Churches would be full with 144 members. I prefer they meet in monolithic domes sitting about round tables.

With such a squad structure churches should hopefully be able to be more supportive of medical and other group needs with contracts to Christian services to provide things the group cannot. The composition of each group should be as balanced as possible occupationally speaking.

This is a radical change to the way things are now done-Protestant Churches are set up like little franchise Catholic Churches supporting a hierarchical priesthood. Jesus ended the hierarchical temple priesthood form with his death and resurrection.

I thought a near retirement pastor might take the assignment with less risk to his career earnings potential

A 2nd reformation would be useful.

A priesthood of believers could be evolved from existing church structures to make a more egalitarian and Biblically correct for of Christian organization better able to evangelize and express the will of God so far as i understand the new testament.

The old testament has a temple worship form something similar to other priestly hierarchies of other faiths...paradoxically Muslims have an imam that isn't actually a priest but is instead just a group leader of merit.

A priesthood of believers is described somewhat in the book of Hebrews by the apostle Paul, and of course Jesus said that Christians would be as servants rather than as those placing themselves first.

Of course regular Christian priesthoods have served to bring the message of the gospel over the millenia, however in this populist era all should be more equal and serve equal roles as servants able to serve other Christians first and then others as is useful or consistent with Biblical doctrine.

Here is a brief organizational structure example...

Christians in a church would be organized in groups of 12. Maybe a useful Church would have 12 groups of 12. Each worship day one elder would have a 15 minute time to talk or sermonize, a few hymns could be sung, and everyone else in the group could have five minutes to talk or not. Alternate weeks would have a new elder selected to sermonize.

Perhaps it would be better to have half of the 11 non-sermonizers talk for 10 minutes each instead of for 5 minutes. Each would be expected to share some learning from the Bible and perhaps to discuss individual work assignments.

Tithing could continue yet no-one would be paid. The money would be invested in insurance for group associates and physical maint. Each member would have their own outside job, yet each group would so far as possible provide fairly free services to other members when and how useful.

In the priesthood of believers all would be trained to be front-line working Christians trained to speak in small groups, evangelize outside when possible, and be a Christian educator. The only position women would not take, in order to be consistent with the Bible, would be that of the 15 minute sermon leader, who would also lead the responsive group reading. Since he doesn't get paid, and the position changes no one should care, and the members should have plenty of other meaningful work to do.

New Christians could be brought int a new member group, or shifted into groups without 12 people and so forth. This is just an idea that I believe would help to establish more Christians in presently non-Christian areas, that would bring more Christians out of backseat roles and into the forefront of actual Biblically directed Christian living and so forth.

Sunday, June 08, 2008

Obama; Retreat from Democracy in Iraq

Obama supports the Democratic Party against Democracy in Iraq. He has spoken out passionately an the candidate of appeasement and surrender to theocratic and terrorist forces in the middle east. Unwillingly to talk plainly enough to say that the people of Iraq should go to hell because they are Muslims and not worth a damn to prosper negroes in New York, chicanos in Chicago or women at Wakiki the effort to build democracy in Iraq is a tedious long slow drain on Obama's notion's of right proper spending upon Americans through direct mredistyribution of wealth via taxation. The sorry and tragic condition of so many semitic peoples caught in the historical bear traps of corrupt politicians may have an Obama to add to its list of victims.n Obama's 'flee now, save later' plan probably will backfire as would his conversion of supply sided economics to demand-sided economics. In today's economy taxationj must be indexed according to its relationship to the average American wage, we are all in this together, and the interests of all citizens to share the prosperity caused by political equantimity is essential for the profit of human genius to invent and sustain the United States of America.

The chances for democracy in Iraq may not be advanced by the Democratic Party Presidential candidate Barack Obama who advocates an immediate withdrawal from ‘the war’. This is a an ironic instance of the Democratic Party in the United States placing itself in solid opposition to the process of supporting a novel democracy in Iraq; the Democratic Party opposed to democracy. John McCain has continually supported the policy of building Democracy in Iraq, a process advancing rather well considering that the change from the former dictatorship is quite radical socially.

The Democrat Party is in a perennial disconnect from reality on Iraq policy running at lest five years behind analytically. Programmed by the broadcast media and idiomatic ideological leaders the party has worked against democracy in Iraq since 2003 following the end of the warby several months. The party should have progress quickly to discover and propose policies to increase efficiency at building democratic effectiveness and political stability in Iraq instead of retreating to opposition of the premises for war to end the regime of Saddam Hussein. When Democrats surrendered real-time participation in discovery of a method to build a just civil peace and prosperity in Iraq to advocate abortion of U.S. efforts in Iraq their real-time choice defaulted into being advocates of anarchy in Iraq.

In reality, once the war was won there were only three choices available for American foreign policy in Iraq; (1) withdraw amidst anarchy and chaos it enabled, (2) build a democracy inefficiently and expensively amidst Democrat Party opposition, (3) build a democracy efficiently and intelligently cutting expenses with bipartisan fervor to make democracy work in Iraq. The Democrat Party chose option one while President Bush stayed doggedly with option two.

What does it take to build democracy macro-socially? Is it simply to invent fire or is it easier to pass the torch like a mixed metaphor of sourdough bread starter from loaf to loaf? The United States inherited the tradition of democracy and parliamentary government from Britain. The frontiersmen of revolutionary America resented royal privilege and improved upon democracy in the war of independence and design of a better form of representative, popular democratic government. Conflict and chaos often attend the processes that structure a democratic society. Luckily for the United States the processes began way back in England’s struggle between nobles and King for independence; the Magna Charta recognized social and legal relationships amidst the English in a process that continued to progress through the centuries. Some Americans have forgotten that the leavening of democracy must arise on occasion from those able to afford the gift unto those destitute of freedom and individualism. Too much the Druckerization of government has found an elite of M.B.A.’s plundering the stores of democratic nationalism, gutting environmental responsibility from business and taking over in meaningless mergers not only the firewalls of competition in business rivalry but respect for democracy and individualism.

Liberalization of political rights such that complete independence and equality of individuals was recognized with the divine right formerly reserved to Kings. Given to individuals developed in the Declaration of Independence and Constitution of the United States of America was recognition of the immeasurable value of each particular soul to God. The Iraqis have had no such history of the gradual increase of legal civil rights. Instead Iraqis have experienced more than 7000 years of imperial or authoritarian rule under various empires or dictatorships. The sole practical democracy in the Middle East ironically is hated by Muslim people generally who are brainwashed by would be theocratic revolutionaries while the nominal Egyptian democracy in Egypt is essentially run by President for life Mubarak-next best thing to a dictator.

Democracy develops as phenomenal social group balances evolve in relationships and later in individualism such that polling free will equal citizen opinions is held to be a better way of deciding mass social policy than conflict. The historical development of reductions of conflict and innovations of advise and consent solutions by popular democratic vote to social issues isn’t inevitably a smooth history; instead as in Iraq the process may be lengthy and costly with in conflict, strife and uncertainty.

President Bush has continued resolutely to support the Iraq conflict. To some he is the poster boy of success for a President left behind policy. His son of the father Presidency is a sort of T-ball instead of fast pitch. Fundamentally President Bush isn’t worth a darn at economic policy and his advisers probably set up policies just to enrich the rich-yet he is determined about Iraq because of the vast oil reserves there in addition to other strategic interests.

It would be a tragic error for the Democratic Party to be so insouciant in quest of moral isolationism that they would dump a growing new democracy back into the cauldron of anarchy and malign influences of enemies of the United States and of democracy. In Iraq the various groups need time to discover that tribalism and clerical rule or dictatorship aren’t the sole possible ways of political life, and that groups in conflict can find that voting on common interest issues can be a more profitable way to govern themselves independently and as individuals and groups than conflict to eliminate opposition.

The United States political and military support for the growth of democracy in Iraq is necessarily a long-term commitment to defend the legitimate rights of the people of Iraq to live freely and independently from harsh, coercive and repressive powers of tyranny that comprise the historical political tradition of the Middle East. The Democratic Party under Barack Obama should not be timid about supporting the Iraqi Democracy, and it should turn about from a retirement from difficulty policy and participate in the discovery of real policy applications to accelerate the democratization of the Iraqi political system though it intrinsically is a process of decades.

The United States itself has a history of initial support for democratic change followed by abandonment once the thing seems to have started a little. Such a policy can cause decades of retarded democratic political development, or even an abortion of democracy such as occurred in South Vietnam where the effort to build a democracy was misunderstood from the start. The United States destroyed the Bathist dictatorship in Iraq and has a moral obligation to stay the course until the people of Iraq are free and secure with individual liberty and equality politically for all Iraqi adult citizens. J.F.K. and L.B.J.’s failure to secure an end to the war in a timely way in Vietnam has so scorched the Democratic Party’s confidence that it fails to comprehend that support for democracy abroad is sometimes morally necessary and occasionally difficult. Life has more political obligations occasionally than simply consumerism. Democracy is required to have an intelligent and responsible electorate willing to step into harms way to defend its liberty. When so many people in Iraq have died in the effort to resist terror and tyranny and learn democracy the Democratic Party of the United States should try to lead rather than retreat from the Iraqi political arena.

In the United States of America electro-magnetic accelerator tubes coast to coast and in select longitudinal courses should be built to assure a low-cost and planetary advanced transport infrastructure to keep a competitive advantage on shipping [product around the country at speed. Yet in the United States today with oil at 140 dollars per barrel Americans cannot imagine building and large scale innovative mass cargo infrastructure to keep shipping costs down. Truck size payloads could be moved at 1000 miles per hour to regional distribution terminals, and dedicated alternate energy solar and super-conducting networks could be synergized within to increase efficiency. Instead of using magnetic levitation system with electro-magnetic propulsion a lower cost cargo transportation structure could used magnetic rings to contain an electric jet engine powered module traveling trough the rings and receiving power from an electrical line within; the electro-magnet rings would create a low friction environment for the high speed jet powered vehicle to pass safely within. A spiraled electro-magnetic friction reduction pattern would be simpler to construct than a tunnel of rings as attractive as that prospect might be.

Such a synthetic adaptation would not have been beyond the ambitions of the builders of the first transcontinental railroad ion the 19th century with federal support yet today is beyond the will of congress who would rather depend on OPEC oil and fossil fuels deposited in America millions and millions of years ago.

That simple system was conceived more than a decade ago yet democracy has done nothing to bring it into reality-the Democratic Party is more about Hollywood than substance, about posturing rather than doing-and it needs to change towards a little more concern about real democratic responsibility and become less concerned about fashion and marketing. The Democratic Party in the United States should not be the party against democracy in Iraq. It should look for ways to accelerate the democratic process and security of Iraq toward a successful status rather than a needless disaster. When actual transport improvement s in the United States are needed and when democracy in Iraq needs U.S. support intelligence to engineer the support is far more valuable than running away from the issues even through false political consciousness.

Thursday, May 29, 2008

N.Y.’s Gov. Patterson Moves to फाग New York

Governor Patterson in an intimate taped messages for a clave of homosexuals revealed that by his executive order New York State will recognize homosexual ‘marriages’ from corrupt states. The Governor joins a list of perverted executives and depraved judges overturning democracy to adulterate heterosexual marriage without public consent, in effect, by decree.

This writer anticipates that Governor Patterson will quickly move to support former Washington D.C. mayor and former cocaine user Marion Berry to run as former cocaine user Barrack Obama’s vice-presidential candidate partner. In order to expedite the destruction of moral values in America a ‘Bomb & Berry the U.S.A. in 2008’ Democrat Party marketing strategy is probable.

A new program to recycle college degrees is wonted for those of us with college degrees from the University of the State of New York. In order not to become a post hoc alumni of Sodom & Gomorrah State University or have a marriage certificate from the State of Bisexual Legal Alliances where reproduction isn’t a goal, but lust is new social institutions will need to be created. One such project to recycle Bachelors degrees from New York public colleges and Universities would be to create M.A. program at private colleges that accept a B.A. from a New York public university, issue an M.A. after completion of the work and then allow destruction of the undergraduate degree. It should be possible to destroy the problem abominations of New York. Unusual remedies are necessary when legal means are corrupted by gross perversion of moral standards as a means of democratic dissent.

Another challenging consequence for Christians is the choice of forgoing adulterated marriage certificates issued by corrupt and depraved state governments that include homosexuality within the parameters defining marriage. Should heterosexual couples then live without state sanctioned marriage until a reform of the corrupted institution is made, or should they ‘visit Disneyland’ on queers day with all the rest acquiessecing in the perverted public policy. Rule by the rich through the broadcast media is the actual reason for all this high-sticking of moral sensibilities as the public isn’t any longer running on a ground up majority democratic foundation.

Tuesday, May 06, 2008

Scoffers at a Theistic Evolution of God

Theistic evolution is a synthetic presentation of scientific and Biblical beliefs on the origin of everything in the beginning. How can one meaningfully encapsulate either the Biblical book of Genesis' ideas on the subject or those of scientific cosmology in a simple way when the representations are not the things in-themselves? Evolution isn't creationism. Orwellian obfuscation of meanings such as in 'freedom is not free' and 'evolution is creationism' result from mass confusion.

"Psalm 75:4 "and to the wicked, 'Do not lift up your horns. 5 Do not lift your horns against heaven; do not speak with outstretched neck.'"

I had written this article with the title 'Theistic Evolution' in the beginning, yet it somehow ended up in this maladroit 'Evolution is creationism' title that implicitly decategorizes evolution and creationism. Each of those terms are well defined even if incomprehensively in some respects. I will amend my article a little now to reflect the erroneous categorization, or as philosophers say, categorical error that lumped together two wrong or inaccurate titles that provide incomplete cosmological ideas about the ontology of the Universe.

For some time I have realized that scientific evolution presents at least 10 or 20 excellent cosmological origin theories of the Universe. John Barrow's recent book of 2007 considers an approach that examines several of the theories as aspects of a deeper, underlying theory. I enjoy the Enneads of Plotinus and his concepts about the material universe as a parallel approach to deliberate upon a chaotic macro-field promulgating Universes. God Made the representational language of the book of Genesis simple in order to put 'the little gods' back in the bottle of limited knowledge after eating of the tree of knowledge.

An evolution is a change or tensor. When that applies to the physical universe instead of an opposition force bomber group ingressing an evolution to the target it means that from a beginning things have changed and in the process of change life sprung from the material of the universe, or mankind was made from mud as theistic evolutionists might say drawing upon ancient Biblical terminology. Creationists unfortunately have a more prestidigitator's cosmological interpretation of the Biblical verses pertaining to cosmology, based on anachronistic time and space literals. So, in order not to allow yet one more obfuscation of the terminological categories of evolution and creation to pass unchallenged I will reiterate my initial post on theistic evolution with just one more comment first; both evolutionists and creationists have a vested hierarchical trophic order of a 'priestly' caste that has arrogated their own particular slice of truth unto themselves for proprietary, financial purposes, as well as the compounding factor of historical confusion...neither side wants to allow the smallest increment of new synthetic analysis to enter the fray, and such a truth is Theistic Evolution.

Scientific and Christian cosmological paradigms may be inclusive rather than exclusive...logical categorical errors and indeterminacy of translation may be the source of confusion. This is a survey by the author of progressive creation and cosmology in what can be thought of as a theistic evolution of the Universe. For some large number of people living in the post-Scopes trial era the Bible's interpreted message of eternal life and salvation through the Lord Jesus Christ has seemed to be in contradiction to the more worldly and fungible evolution theory befitting a marketplace with less than ideal ethics as a rule. Is the issue really one of evolution from apes (crudely put) and blue-green algae vs. instant creation of mankind as Adam (Adams means brown dirt in Arabic)or one of Intelligent Design versus Dumb Random Design?

Scoffers at a Theistic Evolution of the Universe by God exist on both sides of the great divide of faith with atheists and commercial Christians unable to comprehend that the bow of the space-time ark of a Universe in which people find themselves alive was evolved by God with a past including forecastle, midships, poopdeck and stern.

Some would deny God's creative power to make a Universe with reversible mechanics held together by the complexity of reversibility, laws of thermodynamics and improbability of the reversibility of entropy. Others cannot believe that a point particle singularity could have been set in place from nothing by God or that a zero-dimensional brane could have existed from a beginning without time and suddenly received the impetus of time and motion-yet why should they if ancient Babylonian concepts and cosmological paradigms are available for the interpretation of Biblical concepts. After all, some might speculate, wasn't God intellectual as advanced in 1000 B.C. as he would ever be and wouldn't he disclose every physical mechanical aspect of the construction and history of the Universe to fallen humanity of that era? Didn't God want humanity to swiftly recover their omniscience from the tree of knowledge and create their own Universes and substances immediately perhaps like a super-powerful joker from the original Batman the movie?

Jesus Christ usually provided intelligence to his disciples in parables. Parables like allegories provide data without exact technical information. One might reasonably believe the same situation prevailed with Biblical references to cosmology, and that the fuzzy logic of physical paradigms described for ancient peoples served collateral purposes of withholding of dangerous technical information from primitives as well as not binding the cosmology of God to erroneous physical cosmological paradigms throughout future history-humanity could err in its discoveries of cosmology as it clanked along the millennia , while God could provide several cosmological paradigms consistent with observable mechanics and reason to far as it goes yet unbound to particular definite cosmology paradigms, for especially today it is the case that science has numerous alternate cosmological models of the Universe none of which are yet complete.

God has the theistic power to evolve the physical universe yet to alter it at his will. The miraculous and wonderfully beautiful nature of quantum uncertainty means that all possible worldlines for each individual particle in space-time exists simultaneously for every particle through the Universe, and perhaps through the future and past universe as well, and they must exist in a meta-field inclusive of space-time as virtual particles. There is an evident progression of the physical cosmos in a particular direction with definite change, and the Bible supports that premise of growth in many places, yet some would stick to the interpretive paradigms for Biblical literals given unto the dark ages, or deny the role of God altogether rather than to try to comprehend the wonderful nature of the albeit fallen Universe in which mankind exists as it was set into motion by God.

Inflation has passed the Big Bang as a likely cosmological origin in the present era I believe. Space-time is believed to have coexistentially expanded analogous famously to a balloon.

Many people make invalid disjunctive propositions conclusive for themselves regarding Christian cosmology and scientific cosmology. It is like saying the dumpster at McDonald's or Burger King, when there was a third choice of eats perhaps without a dumpster at all.
The Biblical chaos preceding the spoken word to begin order is considered by some equivalent to the pre - Higgs field inflationary chaos of high entropy.

The Higgs field expansion of course accelerated space and time, and the gravitational force eventually brought some of the field to contract and form into galaxies etc eventually. After 6 billion years that period was over, the Universe resumed expanding with renewed acceleration at 7 billion years-God rested on the 7th day, and cosmologists speculate that the present expansion toward high chaos/entropy (all the hills made low, the sun going red giant, more signs and shaking in the heavens) will continue until a state of highest possible entropy resumes.

2nd Peter 3:8 "8But do not forget this one thing, dear friends: With the Lord a day is like a thousand years, and a thousand years are like a day. 9The Lord is not slow in keeping his promise, as some understand slowness. He is patient with you, not wanting anyone to perish, but everyone to come to repentance."

I think Peter was generalizing as best he could; the special theory was a bit beyond him at that date. The cosmological constant, another Higgs field possibly, is thought to be the element pushing space-time outward as a sort of anti-gravity. The Higgs field may be what gives all the other mass-like particles a seemingness of mass...that is it is relation to how they interact with the Higgs particles. Light quanta have no mass traveling at the speed of light. At the speed of light time does not exist at all. Time exists proportionally, maybe in ratio to the Lorenz transformation, to speed in any object. The faster one goes the lower the value of time one-object experiences within the special theory of relativity. God of course isn't subject to the time dimensional effects Himself unless he chooses to, because He is a spirit and certainly not interacting with a primordial Higgs field to experience time or speed necessarily within a contingent cosmos of His creation...

Brian Greene phrased the way people experience sight in an interesting way in the 2004 book 'The Fabric of the Cosmos'; he said (paraphrased) that certain waveforms (I interpolate of the M-Theory matrices strings or branes assortment) stimulate certain chemicals in the eye to give the experience of seeming to 'see' in the brain. That interesting point should stimulate some theological and philosophical cells perhaps asleep to consider the phenomenality of the cosmos as a for-itself, as what seems to be, even within an 'evolved' paradigm, and even how 'things' seem to have 'weight' within a Higgs field and within one's own senses within the Higgs Field and space-time possible 3 brane . Some cosmological theorists point out that the entire universe could have been created from 20 pounds of 'mass' that was hyper inflated in a Higgs Field. 20 pounds and all this exists...not exactly illusory, yet relative and very temporal. In physics theories even time is reversible or isotropic. The problem is is a statistically modeled exemplar chaotic distribution of everything toward disorder. Time can't improbably assemble particles or mass from disorder to order.

At the beginning, somehow from extreme chaos and entropy, the Universe and space-time immediately came into being with the most concentrated possible order. The spoken word to begin, the order for the right strings and branes to vibrate or resonate, whatever God choose to will to be, and eventually human life too. God's intervention in social reality, in order to give the sentient elements of His creation an opportunity to become reconciled unto his will, does occur within the context, for human beings, of the cosmos which he created.
Of course there is prophetic material in the Bible, and I would not stipulate that 'theology' is the purpose of all scripture, or even most of it.


However it is certain that God has 'superior knowledge of the cosmos and physics to humanity. It is humanity that sees through a glass darkly and is continually revising its cosmological opinions often for the better. The Bible is truthful and even its cosmological ideas will be consistent with what ultimately is.

I believe the prophets and apostles were often right about cosmological concepts even though they would have needed to be ignorant about it from a worldly basis. If one reads the pre -Socratics and other aboriginal traditions about creation the Bible is remarkable for what it does not say in error on the subject, and what is does have to say. Obviously it will have ideas that were simple and appropriate for the time written, yet will not become inconsistent with an increased understanding of the truth. Plainly the Bible could not alter its content periodically to coincide with the Ptolemaic, Copernican, Newtonian, Einsteinian and M-Theory versions of understanding what the Universe is.

Friday, May 02, 2008

Demo Party Wants Change; to Vote on Sending 'Bomb to White House

Nobel Laureate Al Gore invented the internet and has a plan for a better model when the present internet ends. Gravitons have been hard wired into the background unified field of quantum uncertainty and provide eleastic interactive computational Shannon entropy infoprmation feedback when stressed. Utilizing those gravitons will save a lot on land fill waste sink overuse from all those used notebook batteries.

The Democratic Party desired change in 2008 and voted on sending a 'Bomb to the White House. When it became evident that the diapers of democracy were over full and change was urgently needed just Hillary and Obama were thought capable, and they could be the light at the end of the tunnel of internet termination-which may not occur until 2012 incendentally in time for the next Presidential election.

When the end of the internet occurs, oil will still be the fuel of choice for Americans. A post modern cro-magnon restoration will bring back smoke signaling to accompany better internal combustion engines, and the promise of light at the end of the tunnel will mean that the nation building of Iraq will happen soon.

Senator Obama expressed a plan for America's energy future based on coal. Clean bathed coal without the stench of over-full fossil fuel technology was deemed the ticket. Coal worked well for England in the 19th century with just a little pollution, and will work well for Chicago too the Senator conjectured. It is believed that American ingentuity will invent new, cleaner home coal burning furnaces for every Chicago dwelling, and with the thousands of jobs created for people delivering coal loads of lumps will be leftover for Christmas stockings achieving the campaign motto of 'a lump of coal for every home'. Hamster cage loop driven internet power supply provider technology is being researched presently by Howard Dean's special Vermont Institue of Political Research, and a surge protector is ready to field test to prevent Hillary Clinton from taking office and developing a rival alternative energy based domestic jobs policy for the U.S.A. that could prevent the necessary phasing out of the internet by 2012.

For the end of the Internet as we know it, this comment goes out to those still able to decipher data bits in crystal lattices that aren't taxed...Small worlds network modeling of the Internet finds remarkable associate cluster conformity and neuronal transmission pathway congruence with other small worlds networks outside the universe of computing. Perhaps the Braham Institute of Cambridge U.K. has discovered some sort of electronic arterial sclerosis that isn't subject to pharmaceutical remediation yet it seems unlikely, since the origin of the Internet was in an U.S. Air Force project to make nuclear war survivable communications with redundant and independent routes of communication. September 2008 seems somewhat early for a conventional over-use gridlock of Internet bit sharing to occur, yet demyelination paradigms of data guide-paths precipitated into catastrophic transformation could develop consequent to concatenated information piracy creating an extreme Shannon entropy concurrence. Possibly a lot of global electromagnetic detonations producing (emp) pulses could shut down the global telecommunications network before an alternative system of flagging could be improvised. Space aliens could take over the Federal Government at any moment too, yet it seems improbably because of the inability of any intelligent life in the Universe to comprehend the rational for federal economic management policy that takeover by hostile aliens is improbably before October or November 2008.

Senator Edward Kennedy split the Democratic Party nominating primaries in 1980 when he ran against the incumbent Democratic President James Earl Carter. That was before the Internet era and before the creation of scheduled technological disasters. Ted Kennedy was the last candidate that sought to release committed delegates in order to change their vote allegiance. Hillary Clinton seeks to release the bound delegates forced to work for the Obama campaign (a candidate that claims to be able to unite the nation following the split after the civil war of 1860-1865). An Internet collapse will transplace U.S. time to the pre-electric era when slave importation had been forbidden just 20 years after the end of the articles of confederation era and federal sailing ships patrolled the coast to arrest slave running illegal alien ships. Senator Kennedy loathed Jimmy (The Peanut) Carter perhaps because of his southern, British ancestry (something similar to the Bill Clintons incidentally). Senator Edward Kennedy has again engineered support for a major split in the Democratic Party once again setting up a Republican victory by his declared support for Obama. In theory a racial bomb will go off if Obama isn't elected to 'heal' the racial divide and end the war in Iraq that ended in 2003 followed by an incompetent era of nation rebuilding efforts unassisted by Senator Obama the last three years still seeking to 'end the war'.

The interesting question to consider here before the Internet era ends possibly in September thus halting Internet campaign contributions to Democratic candidates is; 'How much is Obama really like J.F.K.'? We will briefly review President Kennedy's history from the intercepted alien historical rave communique of the time period before he ran for the Presidency, coincidentally in the year of Obama's birth (watch this for space alien juxtapositions)...

The young John F. Kennedy was raised in a cross binned hurricane. He was drowned and left for dead and raised by a toothless dispirited hag when his cigarette boat was cut in two offshore by a fast Japanese tourist cruise ship passing one night. John Kennedy and his crew of coke-heads with adolescent adjustment problems had engine troubles and were adrift before suddenly discovering their fast boat cut in twain and themselves plunged into the shark infested waters. With Senator Kennedy's leadership the ship was pieced together with super-glue and motored slowly to Kevins Bar in Molokai Bay where they survived on for a month on coconuts and pina coladas in a reality television show before rescue and education in an Indonesian madrasa where they ignored fellow students bowing to Mecca and became followers of Rhinehold Neibuhr. So did Barrack Obama.

Monday, April 28, 2008

About high food prices

Starvation management is a result of globalist corporatism and allocation of resources prioritization that regards entitlement options for food purchases of contingent importance compared to corporate profits and neo-classical economic paradigms that disregard externalities such as the planet's environment and eating as unimportant non sequiters if not within global corporate loop iteration requirements. Globalism provides numerous deleterious impacts upon national interests and local political autonomy. Globalist economics disdains national borders as hindrances to a global market-and that global market with absolute advantage globally for corporate producers means that production of local foodstuffs may be eliminated because of required importation of cheaper globally produced food that can be purchased unfortunately oftimes just by those with good jobs.

Farming is a business with roller coaster like output variables depending upon growing conditions; paradoxically in high output years food prices drop and farmers may lose money at the margins-that's why the United States has had food price supports historically for farmers in order to ensure an even food supply. With globally dominated food production eliminating farm subsidies may be required of the people because of W.T.O. that forbid letting governments support small local businesses such as family farms that compete with global farm corporations. Paradoxically if national governments do subsidize farms and many of them are globally owned corporate farms then the people of the nation are actually paying taxes to the globally owned corporate farms too as discrimination is verbotten.

In effect globalism wars upon ecological economics and rational comparative advantage criteria policies of nations that allow rational border control, food production for survival and development of vital new industries such as alternate power and alternate transportation modalities that permit ecologically rational technological progress and output to sale units that might compete with global economic control. Because global corporations control the broadcast media through ownership and propagandize the public as malodorous sycophants of evil irrational aggression the prospects for a right return to conservative ecological nationalism aren't good presently.

Higher food prices are managed by global corporate collectives along with higher fuel prices. The most powerful profit and broadcast incremental ideas to the masses as if they were being served.

Venturing into the difficult subject of food prices and hunger, starvation and political power isn't the usual subject for a philosopher. Philosophers may perhaps prefer to be more cautious and technical in their approaches to various macro-social issues. Such caution is requisite it seems for a meaningful attempt at accuracy in understanding and describing the etiology and status of macro-social, empirical circumstances of concern. Yet I will write anyway without the customary conservative deliberation and study preferred; it may be that such an approach works better in circumstances where the consequences aren't so immediate and dire. Hunger is a traditional tool of political power, and with the world moving off a more natural and locally controlled agrarian foundation for producing foodstuffs onto an industrial and post-industrial basis that even second and third world peoples aspire to join global political power more readily may influence the course of events, equipment, personnel and allocation of food and food production related resources in accord with their personal, proprietary collective management philosophy.

Following Robert Malthus' theories based on work for the British East Indian Company the economist Ricardo devised the infamous 'iron law of wages'. That hypothesis stated that the unlearned masses of peasant humanity would reproduce as fast and as numerously as available food allowed. A further corollary of economists of that era was that it would be cruel to allow the reproduction of vast numbers of ignorant people that would subsequently starve to death because population had exceeded temporarily food production and food cost. That was a rational to pay the lowest possible wages to workers and to impoverish them in accord with compassionate conservatism; the compassion lay in starving parents or potential parents far enough to prevent their birthing of large families doomed to suffering. Compassionate conservatism today updated to the global control era would perhaps logically allocate billions and billions or even trillions to the top 1% of income earners and starve the masses globally with high food costs in order to control global overpopulation.

Global overpopulation is obvious and well known as a pressure factor socially with a plethora of laws such as the Kyoto protocols adumbrated to control the effluence of six billion human beings over-stressing the global environment. Quality farmland is over-built with sprawling housing subdivisions to reduce food production, the green revolution has failed to produce higher and higher quantities of food on fewer possible acres, water resources are being over used and polluted-the desire for first world life-styles makes everything more expensive in many respects, including food that must be flown globally to satisfy the lustful appetites of the 'deserving' masses desiring quality lives formally reserved to royalty. The question is what can be done to keep down food costs, keep corn for human food instead of for automobile fuel and so forth.

Nationalism is the sole sober political formation capable of keeping democracy alive and under local control. Secure national borders without illegal alien immigration or large scale legal immigration for economic purposes are requisites for a non-corrupt form of capitalism. Capitalism that is allowed to corrupt rational boundaries for immediate profit is corruptitalism that rots reason, political rationality and a sustainable free enterprise driven economy with stable prices.

A corrupted capitalism that breaks all boundaries as is customary today destabilizes implicitly micro-economic structures including food. A stable economy is reprehensible to corrupted capitalists that seeks only abstract profits instead of a stable quality of life. Capitalism becomes equated with a radical concept of evolution theory and change for the sake of change is deemed politically good, and a survival of the fittest is deemed best, with the qualitative evaluation of the best reduced to a non-rational opinion that the survivor or remnant is the best de facto. One lame duck in a tarred nuclear world burning plutonium fires would be the best pinnacle for capitalist, corrupted evolution in such a theoretical framework. The frenzy of trade for itself having replaced the reason for trade, borders, stability and nations-even food becomes a commodity few have a right to posses, and even fewer to profit from as corrupted political and economic union in corporatism has eclipsed reason.

A Good On-Line Reading of the KJV Bible

I found a good audio app for reading the King James version of the Bible. It is available here.