Friday, October 29, 2010

Fox News Tech Report on '100 Year Starship'

America's personed space program is in a solipsistic yin entanglement not getting anywhere solid such as the moon or Mars. Fox News has a story on the secret D.A.R.P.A.-N.A.S.A. program to send and maroon astronauts on a 100 year mission to Mars--also known as the 'fire and forget strategy'.

The wright way to go about solar system colonization would be to create an ecological economic low entropy economy in the U.S.A. for a good example to other nations, build a moon research colony and electromagnetic mass driver for launching things from the moon, send a fleet off automatic spaceship cycling between Earth and Mars (as Buzz Aldrin suggested), and keep fabbing things on the moon to launch at low cost to mars for automatic caching of materials to work with.

Martian colonization would be a research base rather than a political entity like a colony, and zero population growth on Earth and elsewhere should keep the entire solar system population to just 9 billion intelligent, well educated and high tech, spiritual souls that respect liberty. The moon needs only a few thousand to build machines and super-conducting electrical facilities around the lunar surface, and mars should just be a terraforming project above and below ground with people working on that a long time. Humanity needs to learn to become ecotopia engineers occupationally as much as being warriors, blowing things up and waging economic war with senseless abandon.

Social Determinism Because of The Intellectual Laziness of the Wealthy and Middle Class

Reading further in Van Creeveld's 'The Culture of War' I have found interesting concepts about the sociology of societies and their war cultures in regard to 'men without chests' and feminism. These are concepts that fit rather well with Toybean analysis of the evolution of societies and civilizations through various stages. It is not a subject that provides much optimism as humanity moves through deterministic social configurations and relationships rather like the seasonal leaves upon trees.

The economic aspects of war were not especially a subject of Van Creeveld's cultural research. I regard the evolution of contemporary economics from the classical foundation as something like that of the evolution of the culture of war as it attacks natural resources, consumes and depletes them looking abroad for more to input. The culture of war is largely a gender motivated phenomenon, and in its collapse such that no culture of war functions effectively the social environment is overrun by those that do.

The challenges to whatever elements of society are interested in creating a stable, zero-population growth with full employment and high quality of life lay within very a deep social complex of gender relationships, greed, generational hubris and ignorance and economic reasoning of no more sophistication than that of war and the joy of making a killing while survivingng the direct threat to one's own existence.

The United States could have just sealed the Mexican border to illegal immigration and help reconstruct Mexico simultaneously in order that they should ave no reason to send migrants north to the drug addled land of '4-Loco' where they can take over gradually from those with a weak grip on nationhood. The greed of globalists and resistance to ecological economics will in time collapse the United States into a warpath interregnum zone of contention perhaps suitable to a cultre of war in recovery from an era of 'men without chests' and feminism that has transformed the wine into vinegar. Cheap labor and fecundity to expand dumb economic growth of resource consumption is the devil in the details retarding intelligent economic redesign.

The plain biological facts of sociological existence does not confer person-hood upon soldiers or civilians as abstract units of pure equality, and neither does it provide a benificient and wise government,corporate leadership or hierarchical priesthood fundamentally interested in more than their own narrow economic self-interest. In order to create a strongly renewable, high-quality social environment with social equality for all citizens the solutions to the many political challenges would require that all understand the objective environmental facts of being and seek the well being of thy brother and sister as well as thyself. The Lord Jesus could accomplish such a mission, one has little reason to expect much from the animals of economics and war that flourish in the prosperous societies as well as the poor.

Gender aspects of biological alteration have even speculated on removing and freezing ovaries in young women for re-implantation later so they are are more fertile in older age after piling up money and career power. Reading 'The Culture of War' by Van Creeveld a chapter on feminism and the biological gender facts about war and population relates several facts such as why men are comparatively disposable and women so highly valued. An ovary freezing program could change that enabling women after freezing ovaries to be disposable warriors too. Van Creeveld noted that women have thinner skulls, less bone mass, less muscle and body size and are otherwise unsuitable compared to men for being clubbed and beaten in combat. Maybe Dr. Frankenstein could give steroids and genetic re-engineering to enhance female workforce survivability outside the financial and government services sectors.

Seriously though, I am skeptical about the political value of deferring reproduction through artificial means while importing illegal aliens to provide population increase. I think it is a sophistication that is disingenuous, although maybe freezing embryos could be an option to abortion as technology advances.

I will not make any jokes about freezing balls off in Alaska.

It is not enough to just mean well, posture toward pacifism or select paper instead of plastic in order to change society and enhance the prospects for species diversity and survival of pollution. To design an intelligent society in which all of humanity may dwell safely and prosperously for a time the real social dynamics of change biologically should be understood well enough to moderate the flow and direct it politically to an advantageous position. That is an extremely challenging venture most would be defeatists on if they even though about the challenges critically.

Some Reasons Why Globalism May Be Evil to National Interests

Globalization as a political phenomenon, wrote the historian Arnold Toynbee, is a universal phase of a civilization-it is the nova of a star at the end of its cycle of history. A wise national leadership would not over-extend its border security rationality, its economic resources and need for more consumption and power without much personal labor and just go global.

There are innumerable ways to view environmental and existential political expansion and absorption of smaller nations into larger glomming powers and principalities. Many of those are dystopian paradigms.

Ghengis Khan was a globalist as was Adolph Hitler, Imperialist powers of a global nature from Ancient Rome to the Assyrians and the British Empire would stop when they were stopped. That phenomenon exists with Wall-Street global financial powers as well. Sometimes imperialistic they have eliminated the protections of Glass-Steagle and made home mortgages tradable commodities for global rulers.

Concentrating wealth has a small worlds networks criteria of advantage of preferred locations enabling everyone to drop their dime in the Wall Street outlets instead of their won business or that of a neighbor. Globalists may unite with the state and become a corporatist entity such as Mussolini designed not much different from a global socialist totalitarian rein of repression of individualism. Certainly America will not retreat from modern global communications, yet neigther should it retreat from a stalwart nationalism conserving the proprietary interests of the citizens that already are Americans.

One need not be frightened of globalism and its political spin each day as megalomaniacs seek to buy up everything and put on the imperial purple or download human freedom into a totalitarian box with diminishing over-used natural resources as drone workers.

History has many lessons for Americans, yet the practical freedom and liberty of individuals in relation to government powers meant to serve rather than oppress is fundamental.

Thursday, October 28, 2010

Charybdis & Scylla-The 2010 Election Choice for More Public Debt

The logic is somewhat mysterious to me. The President plans to add a trillion dollars of debt each year if he is reelected in 2012 from the present. That would make a total public debt of 20 trillion dollars. Why does such economic planning appeal to youth?

Eventually those trillions add up to become real money. If deflation were to occur for some reason that could seem like a zillion dollar debt (isn't that the next level up from trillion?).

Us classical liberals of the George Washington-Thomas Jefferson ilk got off the Democratic fag-n-feminism bandwagon some time ago, and jetisoned the usurpation of liberalism by socialism long before from the conestoga of progress. Well, that leaves what, Republicans to vote from?

Globalism versus perversion and socialism, Cherybdis and Scyllla--these are the American political parties against environmental reason, national security, full employment and no public debt for all Americans. While God is alive, politics is dead except for the corporate carrion buzzards picking over the garbage of classical economics.

Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Post-Modern Philosopher of Pragmatism (Deflated) Obama/On Prof. Kloppenberg's Book

The New York Times has helpfully provided us an insight into the mind of the President, or at least his intellectual history as perceived by a Harvard historian Mr. James T. Kloppenberg. Professor Kloppenberg has invested a substantial amount of time in discovery of the philosophical influence that shaped the Mr. Obama's personal philosophical outlook although one might cringe at the idea of an historian extracting philosophical influences from the Jakarta to Cambridge via Hawaii history of the President. Kloppenberg believes Obama is a deflated philosopher of pragmatism.

It is helpful to know that rare academic speculative intellectuals such as Max Weber and Fredrich Neitzsche shaped the ideas of the President as well as Chicago anarchists and Weather Underground bombers. Ralph Waldo Emerson, Charles Sanders Peirce (pronounced 'purse'), William James and the post modernist philosophical pragmatist linguistic wise-guy John Dewey are mentioned in the review of Kloppenberg's speech at The City University of New York's Graduate Center as influences in the intellectual portrait of the President as a young man.

We are not convinced that there is much intellectual content in the list of individuals cited as providing philosophical manure relevant for management of national interests today. The growth of the Presidential critical theory of pragmatic post-modernist anomie, chaos and detachment from historical insight for philosophical purposes appears a limited philosophical selection . If the President did not read Wolfe's Radical Chic and Mau Mauing the Flak Catchers perhaps he read the works of Joseph Kenyatta and a life of Muhammad as well as the transcendentalists. Maybe he never watched television.

A simple Quinian post-modernist presentation of ontological relativity and philosophy of logic would suffice to persuade us that a President has a competence in language and logic, yet knowledge of human history and of real interests may not be as readily compressed to a theoretical formula and reduced to meaningless political subjectivity. That sort of pragmatism creates an ineffective bureaucratic net loss budgeting deleterious to the environment, sovereignty, social welfare and security lacking in reformative vigor.

Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Eleventh Death of Homeless Person from Cold Weather of 2010 In Anchorage

The first person of the 2010-11 cold weather season, and 11th death of 2010 occurred in Anchorage a couple of nights ago. Alice Stewart passed away sleeping outside in a field off a busy street in Anchorage.

In the afternoons the temperature has tended to be a warm 40 degrees recently, while overnight the temperature may drop to the low 30's and even the 20's. If using alcohol it is easy not to awaken from the dangerous cold.

While one may cite individual problems for the exposure to cold weather death or injury, it is true that if the victims had their own housing they would have been unlikely to place themselves in a dangerous outdoor circumstance.

When I read of these matters I cannot help consider how the entire U.S. housing and economic structure isn't very well designed for sustainability or access to quality low cost housing. Neither would many homeless individuals have access to affordable transportation when necessary to travel the miles across the dangerously cold city of Anchorage to a free emergency weather shelter.

Concentrating the homeless is an especially bad idea because it dramatically increases the intra-social negative elements and exposure to crime, drugs and alcohol. In some alternative reality there may be an intelligent and efficient society concerned with including rather than excluding as well as defending individual human rights from government and social predators.

Will Lisa Murkowski Emasculate The Alaska Republican Party Nov. 2nd?

Lisa Murkowski formerly a Republican of Alaska is poised to snip the political effectiveness of the Alaska Republican Party in the bud at least for a while if she can accomplish an orchiotomy upon its ability to get a the legitimate Republican candidate-Joe Miller, elected.

Murkowski according to polls is drawing female voters away from both major parties to join her neo-independent campaign for the U.S. Senate. A Republican formerly since being appointed to the U.S. Senate by her father the Governor of Alaska former U.S.Senator Frank Murkowski, Lisa switched allegiance and became a rogue elephant following her loss in the Republican primary election to bronze star winner and Economics M.A. from the University of Alaska holder Joe Miller, Esq.(Yale Law School).

With a network of heavily financed special interests campaign contributors on her side, Lisa had little to lose and much to gain in running a rogue political campaign. The Democratic candidate-a fisherman and part-time mayor from Sitka Alaska is drawing just 25% of the vote in polls as his Democratic women have defected to the Murkowski camp. Patty Murray, a former Independent turned Democratic Party Senator from the state of Washington is another gender first candidate who recently received support from Secretary of State and Perennial Presidential candidate Hillary Clinton.

These are interesting times. While fewer Republican women are defecting to the Murkowski campaign so far, we must wait until next week to discover if the new Independent Gender Ad Hoc Party has cut the balls off of the Republican Party machine-even if it has a candidate endorsed by the Tea Party who is for cutting the cost of government himself. Alto may become the new singing voice of Alaskan Republicans for a while.

Iran, Nuclear Bombs for Peace and 'The Culture of War'/Conventional, Guerrilla/Terrorism

In reading Van Creeveld’s excellent book ‘The Culture of War’ I found several chapters with ideas reviewing not only news events/reports of the last few decades of international conflicts but sociological analysis of the human culture of war and how it affects societies fundamentally. This book isn’t really written with a mind toward political correctness today, instead one discovers a fairly objective analysis of human character and social structures that consistently reveal humanity as addicted to war as an implicit aspect of culture.

So in considering this wonderful investigation of human historical methods and structures of war and why pacifism is so little effective I necessarily considered numerous current events and situations. Van Creeveld has written a few chapters on the subject for the prospects for peace around the global and provided the well-known observation that nuclear weapons developments were largely accountable for the end of war between substantial, established nations since 1945.

Van Creeveld reviews the history of wars since 1945 and of the way nations that are developed have fundamentally given up wars amongst themselves as unthinkable and persuasively provided an observation that guerrilla wars and terrorist movements have not been so constricted by possession of nuclear weapons and threats of mutually assured destruction as to give up war themselves. While the developed nations have sometimes deluded themselves into believing the new democratic party millennium of godless atheist perverse utopia is around the bend and bullying, hate crimes of college students with sheep in their dorms, meth labs on every floor and 4-loco extra in fully stickled refrigerators as natural rights will be stopped soon through anisotropic legal rights amidst social behavorialism based medical expert politico guidance, the undeveloped world has learned that war through terrorism and guerrilla fighting against the first world is getting easier.

While Iran may wish to develop nuclear bombs as a way to assure that the United States or other established states will not invade, it can do little to prevent the kind of anarchic terror that the United States has helped support in Afghanistan since the foundation of Pakistan and subversion of the Iranian government reestablishing the Pahlavi Dynasty.

Iran may wish to join the ranks of nations with nuclear weapons for whom invasion is unthinkable because of the prospects of nuclear war. While Iran cannot launch missiles upon the United States today from Teheran, it could build a cruise missile with a jet engine in a garage (as Van Creeveld pointed out), yet that would not be their essential deterrent--instead that would be Israel...attack Iran and Iran can vaporize Israel. Van Creeveld pointed out that Egypt did not develop nuclear weapons for that very reason--in order that they might keep their options for a conventional war open against the Israelis who would feel no need to vaporize Cairo in reply.

American elites may believe that a world without borders is just ahead, yet a world without borders is a world of lawless guerrilla and terrorist groups that have become the prevailing method of human war activity today. Unless the deterrent of assured nuclear death forces peace to exist, human being inevitably find some method to bring about war. It is through an evolved and effective balance of social powers that anisotropic destruction of the interests of others through war or other lesser means can be reduced.

It is ironic that the neo-liberal Democratic Party elites have forced the invasion of illegal aliens pervasively into the United States that in the long run destabilizes the acquisition of capital by the poor and working class in the U.S.A. while simultaneously reinforcing and external proletariat for the prosecution of future wars of guerrilla and terrorist methodologies upon a soft, more prosperous and preponderantly -white neo-Christian establishment. When the security of national borders has been eliminated then the intifaddah of protracted terrorist conflict may ensue.

The Obama administration just two days ago announced that the electronic high tech fence set by Congress for Construction along the U.S. Mexico border would not be built. That the decision to scuttle the congressional bill from the Bush II years occurs just before an election in order to bring in Latino votes does not go unnoticed.

U.S. policy in many ways is simply of a short-term nature with both major parties being completely out of touch with the longer-range interests of the nation including the environment.

The prospects for peace generally are interesting today. U.S. and first world interests that exploit third world resources in order to continue a high entropy economic growth often support the kind of second and third world policies that support terrorist developments.

Most of the traditional societies of the undeveloped world had warrior occupations for most males that end when colonial authorities arrive. When the colonial authorities are overthrown more anarchic gangs without a culture of war follow to perpetrate atrocities. Van Creeveld points out several facts too obvious to miss besides.

The interest of American women in establishing women's equality in Afghanistan would require as much policing as exists in the U.S.A. so women could safely walk down the street and not be 'fair game'. Poor countries cannot afford that kind of law enforcement and instead men protect the women personally and do not want them to present temptation to the predators-that is a conservative society. Others have pointed out that in several rural Muslim societies where tribal peace exists women may go without covering their heads in black bags for security.

The United States business leaders also stimulate the rise of terrorism and guerrilla war in developing countries through reinforcement of corrupt political leadership that will cooperate with resource extraction for profit leaving environmental mess and thug rule in the wake. I am not much of an optimist on the long-range success of foreign or domestic policies of the United States on economics. None are at all close on real political needs, and none have the capacity or competence to reform and limit the power of concentration of wealth in corporation, networks or individuals. It should be an exciting balance of the century ahead.

Sunday, October 24, 2010

Humming Birds and Ecocide in Corporatist-Socialist Axes of Economic Evolution

Ecocidal politicians often threaten paving over semi-wild land for development or dumping industrial waste into rivers, yet there are deeper, subtler assaults on life in the western United States.

Illegal aliens corrupting wages of the north are just one economic fact of the era; another is the sprawl of farms in Mexico to grow cash crops for export to tables in the U.S.A.

In Mexican fields smothered beneath human excrement stimulating economic growth of vegetables for American plates lies another story; making the farmlands required clearing of semi-wild lands with wild flowers serving sweet nectar to migratory hummingbirds. Hummingbirds with heart beats as high as 1600 beats per minute are the top fuel eliminators of the sky’s cardiac competition.

Alaska has an excellent naturalist who has detailed much of the ecosystem of the north. A recent subject study was that of Hummingbirds that migrate from Mexico to Alaska seasonally. These birds are in decline because of the loss of habitat in Mexico and on the route north that had nectar-refilling stations before ecocide and herbicide were developed.

In Alaska hummingbirds are one of the basic pollinators of wild blueberries that are an essential food for a large web of life. Bear eat blueberries along with countless birds and other species including insects and humans.

Human social development today should concentrate on halting large sale international migration for economic growth and focus upon population stabilization and low entropy economic security for all people accentuating low cost intellectual occupations.

In order to slow down ecocidalist tendencies in classical economic practices Mexican ecological habitat land ‘islands’ designed, as nectar-fueling stations for hummingbirds should be constructed south of the border with U.S. assistance. A 1650-mile border control canal and berm control infrastructure should also go ahead to keep illegals in their own nation where they could be employed fighting drug cartels.

In the world today classical economic planners such as Tim Geitner seek to add entropy to the ecosystem in trying to make uniform economic growth on a global basis a policy alongside entropy in national independence environmentally. Using the Boyle’s law principle of expanding gas uniformly in a given area in global society is just bad thinking. It is better to increase quality and lower entropy locally as does life, and defer the entropy to externalities that are not harmful so far as possible. One cannot violate the second law of thermodynamics yet one can finesse it to advantage and direct entropy increase to areas where such efforts will serve humanity and all life more profitably.

NPR and other leftist elite organizations of political agitation have sought a global high entropy social structure with the environment human and social developed to one gay evil conformity. Differences and independence, environmental health and local ecological autonomy are regarded as segregationist. Foe-be-yas are decreed by the Ayatollahs of the Atheist Religion upon those that do not regard standardized, high entropy collectivism as the ultimate destiny of mankind, but consider that an absolute doom.

Some things for the continuity of life require segregation. Cell membranes segregate cell from non-cell. Predators and prey have a balance because they are not fully integrated. Not all things economic are more effective with totalitarian control of the Earth by non-working investors gambling on the market with sound calculations of probabilities of profit. Equally human opportunity for all people is a good ideal, yet that should not lend itself to exploiting and destroying the quality of life in order to concentrate wealth globally. There is nothing wrong with different races of humanity. Racial harmony does not require extermination of racial differentiation through compulsory breeding policies enforced through economic policy.

Because the political history of segregation in the United States has given the word a pejorative political meaning the past several decades I must write a little more to explain why an irrational political stampede to knock down all fences and barriers to economic development globally is not a good response nor appropriate correction to human social injustice.

If human beings had the ability to conduct their economic activities in a very high tech and careful manner so the environment would be little affected and no species would be exterminated, would there exist any reason at all-religious or otherwise, to destroy the health of the world’s ecosystem? Wouldn’t those that sought to destroy the ecology of the Earth be considered evil? They would, and therefore we should conduct or economic affairs with the goal of neutralizing all displacing actions upon the world ecosystem. Electric ships with no noise or chemical pollution in the oceans, factories located underground, no net-loss of biosphere in all constructions—these are simple goals of a society advanced in knowledge beyond the scientific ignorance of the 19th century.

Anti-segregation ideology is politically exploited today in support of global corporate profits and a totalization of the planetary political systems. It is necessary on the contrary, to place ecological and political firewalls and barriers to ecocide and gross human subjugation to corrupt authority.

In diversity is strength is a cliché that can find confirmation even in biology. The human genome is strong and responding to natural selection challenges because of its diversity. In a monogenetic context it would be slow or incapable of offering up successful responses to unforeseen environmental challenges. In the future of space exploration if humanity does not destroy itself the next 300 years, a variegated human genetic and racial diversity would be a better foundation for the diversification of isolated human space adaptation than a standard, uniform production model.

Ecological segregation for conservation of life should reinforce human personal development rather than degrade it as should complete high-entropy integration into a standard global collective with inescapable dystopian under the control of elites with scientific lackeys programming the human genome.

It is well known that capitalism with wrong value theory variables input creates a permanent class of excluded and oppressed people. Eliminating social oppression and class inferiority through strong local and regional empowerment of ecosystems and interaction of humans with environmental security is not in the present global corporate-socialist collective playbook.

Humanity will not eventually become out of touch with the general human condition. Fellow humans will always have the capacity to step in and remedy gross social injustices if they have the freedom to act. The greater dangers to human quality of life arise from destroying the ecosystem and political firewalls enabling independence rather than through imagined recrudescent ancient racial subjugation political systems.

In the United States liberals and conservatives together support equal opportunity and a reasonable standard of living for all citizens regardless of their genomic individuation. National political standards should reinforce perpetuation of genomic individuation rather than seek to eliminate it, allowing nature to take its core of exogamous synthetic union of new lines in marriage like relationships. The people of the United States should not allow the stampede inciting fear of segregation to let developers, corporatists and socialist totalitarians bury national sovereignty, ecological vitality and full employment beneath the ideological sludge of uniformitarianist consumerism.

Quantum Chess and Concepts of Theocosmological Construction

Qubit Chess and Theocosmological Inquiry

On the subject of bits and qubits, I have recently been reading Vedral’s 2010 book ‘Decoding Reality’. He has much to say on the topic of quantum information. So what of it can be used to suggest theories of how a quantum chess computer can be constructed?

I am not certain. If quantum computer research today has built 10 or 15 qubit processors would that be sufficient to make a game of quantum chess in which the piece’s locations are not known a priori?

A regular bit of information in its simplest form is a 0 or 1. A qubit or quantum bit is simultaneously a 0 and 11 as well as an infinite number of fractions between 0 and 1. The positions or values of a qubit may be associated or visualized as a quantum spin state or direction. The value of a qubit obviously is unknown until observed or measured when it collapses to just one value.

The fact that qubits or quanta evaluated at a certain level of protocol in some respects model select fundamental aspects of reality is interesting for the purpose of theological speculation upon the nature of the construction of the Universe. Existentialist logic of being and nothingness, of monism and pluralism and intervals within a solid space seem more solvable within the quantum world of superposition of all possible state simultaneously of quanta until measured or determined within a given macroscopic level of protocol. For all of the fundamental quantum constructions of spin characteristic bound quanta determined or locked temporally within larger emergent structures comprise a kind of portrait of a pointillist Universe spoken into formation from an initial word value in the still quantum energy field.

Superpositioned quantum states of all possible locations for all quantum before an initial waveform collapse into quantum determinism resemble a initial temporal start of phase transitioning expanding construction from a minimal original genesis.

The qubit chess game creating a determinist temporal strategy from all possible strategies in some ways is as ponderous as envisioning the 4 dimensional determinism of a space-time value from all possible values as an inverted bell curve of expansion. From an indeterminist condition of atemporality a word selection cascaded the construction into temporally being. A qubit chess game may have an end game of a temporal and determined condition. The theological speculation upon methods of quantum construction by God may have no end until experience reveals the eternal for-itself.

Friday, October 22, 2010

Reverse Causation Creation Theory Quantum Action Design Chaos

Obviously the effort by some to prove that life is accidental or a consequence of probabilities, that evolution means only an apparent design of a life friendly universe compiled through automatic self-organization of natural mass-energy and that all intelligence is simple a phenomenal accretion of quantum composition seems to entail the corollary that intelligence and thought really are meaningless. I am skeptical on that point and should mention that I believe God issued everything including the realm of quantum uncertainty for His own purposes.

For the edification of those that believe multi-verse theory is pseudo-science, I will proceed to recount the argument from the double-reverse causation of the Universe with verisimilitude of a football quantum play book design.

I do not wish to be critical of Cynthia Sue Larson’s exposition of reverse causality and the creation of the Universe. It is artfully presented. If such reverse causality is actual, and if it may be affected by intention, the subject becomes even more confusing. We are certain that the unscrupulous will turn good science to a bad end just like they did the A-bomb.

Plainly though, the point of view could be exploited by post—modernist elites in government in support of a Zarathustrian recurrence or default pre-determinism along a line of all possible meaninglessness of government and sardonic right of profit taking from the rubes.

How would a reverse causality creation theory actualize if it really existed? This is not some kind of evil demonic reversal of all physical process suitable for Halloween. If I understand it right (I probably don’t) the quantum mechanical realm of all possible quantum positions could be regarded as a cloud of unknowing or uncertainty continuously being all possible universe of which this universal download is just one example.

It could be more accurately described with an Apple notebook and pen using football schematic diagrams that could be an upgrade on Feynman transactions to a cosmological level. I just have this web-book so I will skip that.

Describing the football playbook of reverse causality, we may select Brett Favre or Michael Vick as our quarterbacks, and Randy Moss or Steve Smith as our receivers. If the quarterbacks are considered to be the focal point of space-time and of the universe, and the end zone is considered to be the eternal, non-temporal realm of quantum sum-over histories of all possible universes, we can ask, how can quarterbacks dropping back to pass cause the end zone of the future to exist and vice versa?

That is not a simple question. How can eternity involve the future and cause a quarterback to exist, drop back and throw a deep post pattern pass completion to the receiver in the end zone of the future? Another question we can consider is how can the quarterback cease to exist in the past? That cannot be answered with an easy Eleatic paradox how can the turtle cross to the finish line explanation.

Well we will skip it for now and return to the subject of how the future fits into eternity and how the past fits into eternity and of what order they should rightly be in. How can the future cause the past and reverse our usual ideas of causality?

Obviously we would not be very satisfied with a reversal of causality either in a logical philosophical paradigm, for then it would be as little different perhaps as the matter-anti-matter spin that is meaningful mostly when they recombine and annihilate or consolidate yielding a little extra on the matter side of things. Some might look for a solution to the issue of reverse causality by making a general analogy to the matter-anti-matter symmetry and say that the Universe’s time dimensions are reversible to yet not meaningful, however that isn’t the Hawking-Hertog way of thinking on the subject as Larson mentioned it, so we must let that go for the present.
The atemporal quantum realm of an unknown field pervading the metaphysical substratum of support of the Universe with or without dimensions is said to have no temporal order—and I find that hard to believe for myself. Mustn’t all things, even chaos, have a kind of order, and that order is a de facto direction of time?

Chaotic mass evolves into four fundamental states , experiments have indicated. Obviously there are issues with recursion of quantum mechanical uncertainty, modular phenomena, temporal order and Universe issuances that would make us wonder why the Universe does end up suitable for life—even if there is an all-possible-universes- pre-temporal field of uncertainty ‘above’ or before it in a random, chaotic, quantum realm.

So this chaotic, meaningless, quantum realm of a cloud of uncertainty issues a temporal universe with fuzzy logic like a solar flare or intense gravitational weight in the rubber sheet of space-time. The Universe then proceeds from the distal end of the flare back to the sun and the source of all quantum confusion and chaos.

Thus the explanation of how the quarterback dropping back to pass can use reverse causality-or even be formed by it, to toss the universal football of time into the future end zone while simultaneously be created or first-caused by it is simple and plain. Pseudo Science 0, Science 1. Praise God.

Obama Administration/Democrats Develop Zero Tolerance for Political Dissent

The firing of former Senior Analyst Juan Williams by N.P.R. for expressing his feelings of fear encountering costumed Muslims in airport flying contexts (because of the 9-11 history & universal jihad aspects of that militant religion of conquest too possibly) was cold blooded. Yet the hate speech of the head feminist of N.P.R. explaining that Juan Williams 'should have told a psychiatrist' instead of Fox News what he felt in airports exemplified disregard for freedom of speech and the American Disability Act's fundamental concept of ending bias against insane news media personnel and all others including right wing nuts and environmental wackos.

Degrees of insanity of liberal bias in the neo-Trotskite N.P.R. and other news co-conspirators bring many persons of interest to mind on the subject of pay back for sticking their head out of the goo to express a subjective opinion. Plainly some sort of public points system like that for driving should be established for Internet writing at sights controlled by the corporate world as well at at government agencies so commentators no when they have made too many remarks and are getting enough points to be in danger of suspension. Stalin had his NKVB Chief Beria take dissindents to his office basement and shoot them in the head. It would have been a kinder, gentler evil empire if they had just been given enough points for exile to Siberia.

An essential characteristic of the intolerant liberal state and news media that has taken moral depravity and the replacement of a straw man white America and black apprentice society with anything besides as the ultimate good is direct attack upon individuals for non-conformity to the absolute requirement of the Democratic contra-American elite's rules of march.

Writing here at gather the only direct personal attacks I have ever got occurred when I wrote in dissent to the pervasive homosexual agenda of the Obama administration and Democratc controlled congress the past two years. Writing at Helium as well my 25 dollars per month for life (I was only a couple of months away) and monthly writing fees were killed for using the words homo and faggot in a few articles on the political phenomenon of gaying the miloitary and homosexual pseudo-marriage expropriation of the heterosexual norm.

Making direct personal attacks on writers and commentators for expressing antipathetic political ideas is more of a criminal rather than an intellectual or civil reply. The homosexual and anti-American Democratic Party broadcasters seldom use other means than direct attacks in whatever way they can get away with. It is ironic that the national Democratic Party is more repressive than the conservative branch of ineffective, anti-ecological health bi-partisan U.S. political condition.

Juan Williams was compensated by Fox News with a three million dollar television contract. If the Obama administration would fire it N.P.R.'s inhuman executive it would be a start on making a token semblance of concern for free speech and human emotion. N.P.R. owes Williams an apology.

The corporate Internet hosts and the U.S. Government should develop acompetent recognition of the right of individuals to express personal opiinions about political and social phenomena without reprisal by powerful groups and individuals---that is too close to censorship and state terrorism for our liking. Personal attacks to silence antipathetiic poltiical opinion is a kind of bullying that the administration and the extreme left seem to want to encourgage pervasively as a way to force through their own particular political agenda.

When a writer one day expresses a concept such that 'the public should not have to pay for sex changes offered by the U.S. Military for re-enlistment bonuses for homos' he or she should not lose out on fair writing opportunities at Internet writers sites or be audited by the I.R.S. or fired by N.P.R. in retaliation.

Thursday, October 21, 2010

Senior Analyst Juan Williams Binned by N.P.R.

Political correctness has censured free speech once again, and former NPR Senior News Analyst Juan Williams is out on the street looking for a job.

It is easy for me to sympathize with Williams. On December 24th 2009 I was permanently banned from writing at for using politically incorrect words occassionally. Reportedly, Mark Suckerberg's half billion subscribers at Facebook will also now be banned from using politically incorrect language in reference to homos.

It is ironic that the biologically correct Juan Williams prototype of half hispanic half negro ran aground on the problem of psychological subjectivism. Williams said that he experienced a bit of fear when flying on airplanes and Muslims in full regalia are aboard. That sort of politically incorrect feeling draws perilously near 'hate thought' that may rear its ugly head in 'hate speech'. It may be borderline paranoia while flying with Muslims with checkered PLO head rags to think of hostage taking, hijacking and crashing in to the White House with 'Allah Akbar' shouted through the intercom.

The next incarnation of an appropriate NPR Senior News analyst may be a homosexual Muslim half-negro, half-hispanic feminist with no sort of subjective psychological activity that might occur to erupt as free speech describing personal opinions.

Perhaps the only place such radical liberals without politically correct good sense can go after being disgraced at NPR is to cable news channels as anchors or co-hosts of Cross-Fire The Reality Show.

As a footnote I should mention that Rush Limbaugh reported that George Soros gave NPR a million dollars to pay for 'Enterprise Reporters'. All of my essays are available and of better quality than the usual NPR aloof space-out insider junk. I accept pay pal payments for each article at $10 each for reprints. Additionally my novel 'St. Novilistricka ; Dimensions' is for sale (buy all rights its worth four or five movie screenplays) for one million dollars.

Wednesday, October 20, 2010

'The Culture of War'

Reading 'The Culture of War' by Martin Van Creeveld I was given a perspective from which to consider the present issue of the U.S. military allowing openly homosexual soldiers to enlist-especially without any existing structure in the military to deal with the problem. It is something of a biological issue perhaps- with women being on the receiving end in sex they may lack understanding of why homosexuals allowed to serve openly with male heterosexuals could create tension. The federal judge ordering the thoughtless dumping of open homosexual enlistment probably never served herself--it is a completely abstract exercise of the privileged that should ingratiate her to party leaders.

Sexed soldiers homosexually trysting behind every bush and latrine door might not be a problem for gays now of course, yet down the road some issues could arise. The foremost practical issue to the practical and neo-atheist American Democrat Party culture is that of the bloody, senseless death environment of animals in general war. I tend to believe that the joy of war and killing noted by Van Creeveld may be remote in today's volunteer military, yet that could change in the future when a draft of all Americans for a term of four years is required for financial and defense purposes. There shall be no deferments for being homosexual. Instead, those that do not serve well during their four years of active duty for 100 dollars a month will go to a military prison where they will be shot if troublemakers.

Such extreme scenarios are possible in a volatile, networked, pervasively immoral social environment. We like to reminisce with Creeveld of better times such as the glory days of Prussia and Germany before Napoleon slaughtered the Germans at Jenna.

With ancient victory early in the 18th century Prussian excelled at parade ground evolutions to such an extent that they lost the ability for competent field maneuvers and tactics; becoming a ready herd for the slaughter. Homosexuals on parade grounds today with high pay and benefits may find their choice to force an openly gay service upon otherwise tolerant heterosexual soldiers leading to a future, unpleasant environment of war without the perquisites of the volunteer era.

'The Culture of War' describes how various cultures build and reinforce the warrior mythos. The wild hordes for example are groups and ad hoc nations without significant, competent military background that tend to perpetrate the same kinds of atrocities from the French Jacqueries to all sides in the Balkans conflict of the 1990s. This subject made me think of the U.S. Americal Division formed just for the Vietnam War, with no unit tradition or history, that produced Lt. William Calley and much lack of discipline and esprit. It was disbanded after the end of the Vietnam Conflict.

Creeveld notes innumerable trivial facts of the culture of war that are yet meaningful. I had no idea that for more than 200 years many of the world's modern militaries required soldiers to wear leather neck collars four inches in height that made it impossible for the wearer to have a slouched neck posture-quite uncomfortable I'd think. This morning I saw a sloppy looking national guard recruiter exiting a dirty official vehicle on his way to the office--the first day to recruit openly gay service members. His baggy uniform pant legs were not bloused well and he was over-weight. Most drill sergeants of yore would have made the guy drop and do forty push-ups before yelling about the sloppy appearance. If I had his job I would have worn a Halloween costume.

The culture of war has attire standards that vary from era to era and circumstance. In the Vietnam War era some soldiers, Creeveld writes, wore jewelry and expensive civilian wristwatches into combat to show bravery. Today in Iraq and Afghanistan soldiers reportedly had Baskans and Robbins ice cream in 30 flavors and Starbucks coffee-yet did the military invent a good insulated field coffee cup that can be heated over a propane torch at high altitude?

Creeveld is a well-known military historian with many interesting historical insights on the culture of war. This study isn't a search for the causes of human conflict; it is an examination of the cultural practices and military institutions that create effective and ineffective militaries and warriors. Creeveld notes the well known concept that penetration is a male phenomena sometimes fulfilled with joy in veritably splitting a foe down the middle from top to bottom with a sword, bashing his brains out with a mace or shooting him with a fifty caliber bullet. The joy of war can change in an instant from the 'thrill of victory to the agony of defeat' obviously as the enemy drops the artillery shells accurately upon one's own position.

As a philosopher I tend to view war as economically wasteful and harmful to the environment. Yet within the social context of vying social groups it may be fatal or worse-such as slavery or debasement of various kinds-- to disregard the competent cultural execution of preparation for war and then practice armed neutrality. If people are stupid they will prefer bad options existentially and compel incompetent defense.

My essential criticism of 'The Culture of War' is its lack of mention of the value of competent civilian government to develop society in such a way that ecological economic civil procedures with full and satisfying individual personal rights can pre-empt and nullify the tendency for drifting into wasteful and stupid armed conflicts. The next war is likely to be a biological reduction of the human population to one billion souls. It is unthinkable that China should have too few people remaining alive to shut down its nuclear and chemical plants for example, and the possibilities for large scale conventional or nuclear war insult to the already damaged world environment is so substantial that it is unlikely to occur if people in government are intelligent…

Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Christine O'Donnell; No Separation of Church & State in U.S. Constitution

Christine O'Donnell, a candidate from Delaware for the U.S. Senate made one of the most interesting comments on the U.S. Constitution of the past 30 years in a debate with her Democratic Party opponent. She seemed to deny that the constitution has a separation of church and state article in it, and of course she is right.

In the rampant stampede of secularism following the Scopes trial enthusiasm for removing symbols and acts of religious faith from government institutions became a juggernaut over time. Yet the constitution does not forbid religious expressions, acts or symbols from government auspices, instead it proscribes the establishment of religion and that is a horse of a different color.

The first amendment to the constitution, ratified in 1791 reads;
"Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof; or abridging the freedom of speech, or of the press; or the right of the people peaceably to assemble, and to petition the Government for a redress of grievances."

That does not prohibit religion or religious expression; in fact it prohibits the inhibition of religious expression. Instead, the meaning is plain that the government cannot make laws adversely affecting religion or religious expression, and neither may it make any religion an official state religion such as the Cult of June Cleaver, or the worship of Presidents as living neo-deities.

Why did it take the brilliant insight of Christine O’Donnell in the year of Our Lord 2010 to analyze and interpret this literature with competence? Where were prior Supreme Court Justices when reading classes in elementary school were in session with a few notable exceptions)?

Comments on 'Decoding Reality', Information Theory, Reverse Causality & Cosmology

In reading 'Decoding Reality' by Vlatko Vedral-a book largely on information theory and perhaps quantum information theory I find myself making some criticisms on the way. That is usual enough as reconcile, compare and contrast ideas from other sources with those presented by this author from Oxford University with a chair in quantum information theory.

So far I like the book. This isn't a review so much as a critical journal entry as I progress through 'Decoding Reality. It is very easy to dissent with the definition of reality as a probability function between events.

Information theory developed by Shannon, Boole and others quanticize and reduce information to bits or quantum points. Quantification of information volume seems on the surface to miss much of the meaning of information. While a quantified information theory may work well for phone lines and computers it is difficult to reconcile with information as meaning. It is a kind of some of the parts comprising the whole but nothing more approach.

At least it seems that way for now-I haven't made it to the end of the book or even chapter four so far. Yet already it has set to me to wonder about quantum mechanics as a method to describe a universe.

Quantifying physical systems into smaller component parts has a kind of Eleatic paradox element to it; the reason the turtle could cross the several yards to the line was that it could not take infinitely smaller steps. It could take steps in units, for example, of just one inch apiece, and since there are only 12 inches per foot the turtle could not help but cross the five yards in a finite time. Reductionism and quantified particle theory approaches t explain the physical universe and information theory may take an infinitely reductionist course to describing functions and miss out on the larger phases, structures and even meaning of things including information.

Quantum cosmology today of course has numerous theories to use in describing the form of the parts that make things up at the sub-atomic level. Rather than individual particles of irreducible size comprising things, packets of wave-energy that act as mass in complex formations are believed to exist in a temporal actualization from some one inclusive, irreducible field. A quantum information theory that associates and reduces the physical universe to information bits or arbitrary packets of data of a given size would seem to have an excellent probability of being an arbitrary selection of a criteria to model the universe, yet not be a necessary one.

Shannon entropy or information theory has been used in the Hawking radiation theory of black holes and in the estimation of the amount of information that could be stored n the Universe or within a black hole. It is not just an abstract intellectual exercise. It may be a valid method for processing information about a given physical system yet fail to be a comprehensive theory of either meaning or of the nature of the Universe within or without a theistic context.

I shall need to complete reading 'Decoding the Universe' to make a determination if the author's creative thought regarding information theory and quantum cosmology can be philosophically extended beyond the more narrow communications theory context of simply a statistical flow of parts of a physical system such as hydrogen and oxygen molecules joined together in large quantity flowing downhill in a gravitational field as a mountain stream and the association of probability of change from that phenomena anomalously as information or not.Information theory as a criterion in which quantum bits form and change location does not seem to ready lend itself to a variegated criterion in which larger numbers of bits form new relationships. That is something of a paradox though since in lower level programming languages are made of 0's and 1's as machine language then progressively brought up to higher level groupings such as assembler language to higher level languages such as COBOL, Pascal,C+ and html code.Computer languages and information processing may have a simple quantum logic to it, yet real information theory may be a much different and even non-quantifiable phenomena without standard quantifiable bits for reductionist recombination and assembly.

Linguistic theory such as W.V.O. Quine developed and summarized in 'Ontological Relativity' may present different lexicons as ontologies of meaning in themselves without capability of holistic translation into other linguistic ontologies. Computer languages and a quantum information theory would have no such limitations, yet neither does engineering exploiting calculations within a given field of application. One doesn't expect tensor calculations to peel oranges though, and the universal application of any one intellectual technique to account for all possible information seems equally improbable.

The late physicist John Wheeler-a famous and good cosmologist- created an idea of a reverse causality bootstrapping universe that would let the consequent create the antecedent. In quantum mechanics it seems that such a self-creating from nothing Universe might be possible in theory. Atheistic minded physicists seem especially challenged to discover a method of creation whereby something may arise from is a paradox that such Theories of quantum genesis seem some of the better theological speculations as well upon the nature of God. If a human being could imagine how God could come into existence, rather than of having always existed as the Bible seems to state, we should need to imagine that God in some way as the first being authored himself into existence and made the eternal past of His Being come into existence as an element of His eternal presence.

Wheeler of course did not intend that his quantum cosmology theory would be used for theological speculations I suppose, yet the abstract philosophical speculations of quantum cosmology and quantum physics inevitably leads to the same sort of eternal contemplations about being and nothingness, eternity and time, the eternal now, monism and pluralism as one finds in philosophy and theology.

How quantum information theory would address the abstract, non-local yet particular questions of the emergent characteristics of systems and meanings such as should occur within any good information theory is hard to speculate about.At least Vlatko Vedral's 'Decoding Reality'-The Universe as Quantum Information' takes a step in the reductionist direction toward explaining some of cosmological mechanics within a quantum information theory context. Information theory reductionism of meaning to bits of information theory seems to remind me a little of a meaningless universe of twittering bird song without mind. The Universe as quantum information my be just one way of viewing the universe as a physical structure changing as a temporal phenomena. It may not be an exclusive and exhaustive way of defining information however, while it may also omit meaning as well as failing to serve as a way to map functions of larger and non-quantum configurations of a monistic energy field in action.

Joe Miller Republican Alaska Campaign for U.S. Senate News/Comments

U.S. Senate candidate Joe Miller running against two other solidly financed rivals-Sitka Alaska fisherman Scott McAdams on the Democratic Party plank and second-try Lisa Murkowski for-herself after losing the Republican primary is encountering political turbulence in the last two weeks of the campaign with two controversial phenomena. For one-he is charged with using a computer at lunch while employed by the Fairbanks Alaska North Star Borough government, the second weird event that brought demands by Lisa Murkowski that Miller apologize is more complex.

A blogger with a camera who has written critically of Joe Miller was held by security guards until police arrived at a Miller campaign event. Miller had rented a school and hired a security firm for the event.

Bloggers should be given special consideration over the broadcast media journalists at all political events obviously, yet they should not interfere with candidates by heckling them with importunate questions. Bloggers should be respectful of the candidate’s ‘store front’ and stay within a candidate’s guidelines for marketing. Later, the blogger may chastise the candidate for supporting the existence of the broadcast media and other exclusive, elite tools for propaganda by concentrated wealth if he wants.

Courtesy is requisite in public affairs if individuals are to have a chance to actualize and express political ideas and then for the public to consider those concepts. Cyber bullying and broadcast media abuse can be held as bad examples and public corruption of common sense. It is possible that some bloggers try to emulate the broadcast media practice of invasive trampling of private interests and individualism in public affairs.

On the issue of lunchtime use of a government computer for personal interests it is easy to understand. Americans are somewhat addicted to the Internet especially with all of the brilliant bloggers out there writing of things philosophical and practical in addition to YouTube videos and so forth. Computer and Internet access for all public employees at lunch would save a lot of time spent on trying to get something to eat and find a wireless Internet connection at lunch hour. In Fairbanks even a government lawyer might need to go outside in 40 below zero temperatures, start a cold car, drive a couple miles and park by a snow drift to get a wireless connection maybe with the interior of the car as warm as minus 20. The one must still walk over the icy parking lot, buy a jelly donut and coffee, watch it freeze and get into the slightly warmer car with the engine left running and type a few words with freezing fingers and gloves off. To avoid frostbite the twitting must be brief. Then it time to drive back to work and hope the plastic notebook doesn’t fracture from all of the extreme temperature changes (minus 40 to positive 70 degrees at work).

The political critic of Joe Miller for using a computer in Fairbanks at lunch plainly are not concerned about employee safety. If they were they would agitate for wireless Internet access for all Alaskans at all city, borough, state and federal public office buildings. With ordinary Internet wireless access public employees could use their web-book computer at lunchtime and brown bag it saving money and fuel consumption that causes global warming.

Sunday, October 17, 2010

A Basic Theory of Middle Class Housing as a Function of the Concentration of Wealth

A basic theory of the troubles with the U.S. housing market of a non-technical nature might include the large phenomena of networking and the concentration of wealth with the few. Housing sizes became larger and more expensive challenging even the middle class to afford the huge, inefficient vessels.

I thought about this today walking along a nice neighborhood where new homes are going in for just a little more than 220,000 dollars. With interest maybe they would cost 300,000 dollars, I cannot say. They were of a two story boxy appearance without much yard.

As a college graduate and veteran with an honorable discharge, even though the service ended with the end of the cold war and peace instead of a shooting war with high pay, glory and benefits who earns just a little over 4000 dollars a year when I can find houses to paint, I realized that these homes would cost me a couple hundred years to buy if I could pay half of my annual wages on one. If I were to live 1000 years maybe working two hundred years to buy a home would be worthwhile.

These average big box homes are costly even for a middle class family with a 50,000-dollar annual household income. The housing developments are financed by bankers and a global business network able to buy and sell U.S. mortgages. The M.B.A. generation of arranging national business to their liking is paying off and wealth is being conce3ntrated while the middle class struggle, as did the lower working class in former decades before the latter half of the 1970s.

Ideally, advantaged Harvard M.B.A.s and their corporate employers, CEOs and shareholders should be able to exploit the middle class as readily as the working class and poor, and to accomplished that very larger homes, low mileage SUVs and vehicles costing 50,000 dollars should be the norm. The middle class then struggle to pay the price of housing they will lose with even brief periods of unemployment rather easily. Three decades of solid employment required to afford an expensive homes is becoming improbable even for the middle class.

Before the end of the 1960s the average CEO of a corporation earned 300 times more than the lowest paid worker. Today that CEO earns some like 3000 times more and the disparity is increasing. In the 1960s a man could be broke and unemployed, yet if he got an industrial job as were common he might buy a home within a year or two of starting work. Homes were a lot smaller then. With a nail gun I suppose I could make good winter housing with a couple of days work and three hours shopping at the lumber yard--yet one has zoning instead that add 30 years time required to finance a winter home. At least tenting is a way to keep the freezing rain away awhile as an alternative to being a quarter-millionaire and beloved corporate minion of dubious morality.

One must buy most of one's home construction products from the networked corporations. They would not like significant rivals to ordinary housing structures such as well designed stress membraned housing good for 30 years that when removed leave just a simple clearing in a verdant ecosystem that quickly recovers from displacement.

My grandfather bought a home in Eastern Washington in the 60s for just 4000 dollars, and raised quite a wonderful lot of vegetables in his garden. Today if unemployed and broke in middle age one has very dismal prospects for owning a home because they are just too large, and gardens may be zoned for illegality especially on front lawns. In Houston's suburbs even planting a pear tree might be considered radical although some have banana plants or plantains by their pools that live until the rare solid freeze.

The high costs of American homes may be a logical desire by the wealthy to maximize profits and make the middle class drudges to their borrowed 'castles'. Those M.B.A.s need to be put to work concentrating and organizing all that potential wealth out there after all, yet the collateral damages to the U.S. economy of forcing too large of homes and inefficient cars on America are substantial.

The middle class fails to build up substantial capital savings in the too large of home and car environment. They send hundreds of billions of dollars abroad annually to import fuel. The middle class in upgrading the Death of as Salesman lifestyle that has become totalized from polluted sea to polluted sea may be co9ntent to just save some money for retirement. The concept of capital for business investment falls commonly by the wayside.

If necessity is the mother of invention, the middle class paradoxically has no necessity and invents little. It may be comfortable in its wage slavery living within a deterministic economic environment. The middle class may be happy to live in a half million dollar home, have three cars, large screen high resolution televisions, watch the Seahawks be trounced by the Giants on television, and die without any savings. If the middle class invented anything the ubiquitous global corporations would soak it up anyway and the concentrated wealth flummery would reap new profit or sequester the invention if it was a rival to existing products.

How to create a new envi9rnment of inventiveness in the United States is not simply a matter of creating a better education system for the actual economic structure outflanks and repress intellectual virility. Inventions today increasingly are an evolution of existing corporate, pharmaceutical, chemical and biological product interests. The intense interest in biology for human health and life extension drives a desire to patent every kind of real and synthetic genome. Human interest in conserving living species and biodiversity pales in comparison as a global human-caused mass extinction is in progress that may undermine the ecosystem supporting all human life on earth. Neither do humans have an interest in developing moon facilities to build real space ships in lunar orbit from materials fabricated on the moon.

I should write something more about that; true space ships would use the entire ship’s hull for an engine interacting with various fields and particle-waves and potentials existing in space rather than with an Earth boating concept of an engine like an outboard fit on the back of a boat that propels it forward through the water…even the U.S.S. Enterprise had a dilithium crystal outboard/inboard motor kind of concept. A hull spaceship with field-drive would be too large and expensive to launch through the Earth atmosphere obviously. Until the moon is developed as a space-ship base and all extra-terrestrial bodies than can be inhabited have a population of 1000 people for research and self-sustaining terra-forming micro-environments sustaining life humanity will not be really serious about survival in this somewhat benevolent yet simultaneously dangerous portion of the galaxy. Disaster can occur very swiftly.

The U.S. middle class in its increasing position of luxury wage slavery exists simultaneously with a global economy that the Wall Street and Harvard M.B.A. network as used to maximize profits as well. The middle class and poor have a decreasing capacity to control their own economic destiny or to develop businesses that compete with existing capitalized networked corporate infrastructure. The notion that the interests of the wealthiest drive the most efficient form of capitalism or economic a democracy might create is absurd. The economic interests of all the people are a part of a complete economic tree in the modern world in which none may simple exist apart and alone as an island unto himself along with his family.

The modern economy of the United States could be compared to a plant or hedge with those at the top drawing their profit from those producing at the roots from the environment. The Harvard M.B.A. concentration of wealth at the top has increased the extraction of resources from nature that the roots process and moved it up bypassing the economic nourishment of the roots and middle class of the hedge. The logical outcome of killing the roots and middle of the plant in order to expedite concentration of wealth at the top is the death of the planet.

The economy is not so simple as that however. Inventions that are increasingly fractional advances of technological systems such as in biomedicine do not produce complete products. Complete product inventions like a light bulb or a telephone historically tend to be created by individuals creating something that works for-itself. With a closer relationship to nature and necessity inventors such as a Henry Ford might invent an entire assembly line process while today the middle class in their wage slavery without capital to invest in there own inventions much less defend a patent if interested in inventing something rather than investing their capital in the advantaged corporate networks that reinforces the doom of the middle class and poor produce fractional appendages to the corporate beast of controls servo-unit mechanism.

If smaller homes were ordinarily built in the United States people would have an option of economy. Perhaps high quality stressed membrane buildings with special insulating foam in anchorage Alaska suitable for low temperatures, earthquake survival and even quick spare library construction the middleclass would have the option of just spending 50,000 on a home instead of 300,000 dollars and save the rest for investment in inventions and business concepts of their own. Without capital to risk it is very difficult to get anything built. Guaranteed investment would attract too many investors and the cost of investing would rise offsetting profits. The difference between gambling and risky investments fundamentally lies within the intellectual skill set of the individual—his or her intellectual capital, instead of in an extrinsic material, social investment opportunity with assured return such as U.S. Government Bonds before an era of quantitative easing (Fed ex-lax of debt dumping upon others).

Many Americans have expressed an interest in buying lower cost, more efficient homes—and why not? A good ecofriendly yard and simple modular domes can create an efficient living space with –privacy and utility. Where is the profit in that for the bankers and developers seeking to extract maximum profits from the roots and middle class though?

The concept that the concentration of wealth will create the most efficient society politically, socially or ecologically is absurd. Unfortunately the paradoxes of the prisoners and diner’s dilemma wherein those that defect to procure their own self-interest rather than being gentlemanly and seeking on a team basis to bring about increased public good tends to drives the political and economic ad hoc collectives that make the economic decisions of national importance in Washington D.C. and Boston. The future of the United States does not seem especially excellent today as the Democratic Party is little more than lip service token opposition to the concentration of wealth—even Michelle Obama had a quarter million dollar a year health industry administrator job in Chicago before becoming the first lady. What were the chances that the President would have supported a plain free public health service for the poor that was staffed by public doctors and joined with the V.A. instead of requiring that all Americans buy health insurance from the wealthy global corporations fo0r home his wife worked? Probably none. The democrats in office has basically been the gay team cheerleaders of the corporate work environment seeking to make the military become soldiers of sin in order to better serve the bent upper classes of society.

Friday, October 15, 2010

President Obama's Preference for 'Who They Are' O.K. Gay Military Cadre

President Obama speaking on the federal military policy to not inflame heterosexual rights and protections/defense interests by keeping a neutral "'don't ask don't tell policy said that "people shouldn't need to lie about who they are". That statement seems to provide some insights into the President's way of thinking. That statement seems to provide some insights into the President's way of thinking. It seems to entail the premise that lying is o.k. but people should not need to do that... Sound fundamentalist Muslim thinking for infiltration purposes even Lenin would have agreed with. Democrats may believe in 2010 that America needs more lying politicians in order to force through the post-modernist agenda.

Sect. Gates will comply with Judge’s ruling to allow openly gay military. The Justice Depart. President Obama’s Justice Department has appealed the ruling asking for a stay. Obviously the President is confused as are the Democratic putchers of gay social decay.

Perhaps the President is a post-modernist naturally, or it may be a Hawaiian natural concept that falls a little short of acute legal reasoning. The difference between what people do and what people like to do is different from 'who they are'.

Behavioral psychologists such as B.F. Skinner might have believed that who and what people are have the same meaning. People are organisms that consume food and respond to stimuli. One might define a particular individual as 'one who picks grass and wildflowers by the ocean and sells them in the public market in the afternoon', yet of course that description could change from day top day. In western civilization the legally community tends to use specific and invariant definition of who in the form of names/pronouns, date and place of birth.
Besides being fuzzy legal reasoning, the Presidential concept of who individuals are serving in the military as packets of behavior sets attempts to predicate an equality of all behavior sets in public service and in the public area that will naturally cohere together amicably because they are abstract sets of who-behavior descriptions.

If cannibals immigrated to the United States some in the military might find it offensive if they declared themselves as such. If unrepentant Nazis or even Klu Klux Klansmen and women enlisted in the military and put notices on their lockers that they are haters of blacks, some would find that offensive. Would the President defend the right of Nazi’s, pedophiles, racists of all sorts and communists equally as he defends the rights of homosexuals to openly declare their same sex preference in the military? If who they are is an adequate rational for tolerance of conduct, it would be a bias to discriminate amidst anyone or anything that is a behavioral preference--and that is a ludicrous concept.

I wondered if down on the beach on Oahu someplace there are these people that use crack cocaine or crystal meth because 'that's who they are'. Is there some kind of Hawaiian easy living tolerance of who people are commonly defined by 'they hang out at the beach and use cocaine and are homosexuals and they have nice condos' etc? Well, the civilian sector easy living definitions of who people are may be right enough for a non-military environment. Civilians have a right to go about their own interests privately as 'who they are'. In the public sector that sort of tolerance stops and a more hardened boundary line is drawn such that all people may repress their special 'who they areness' quirks, behaviors, preferences and attributes in order that all may keep them.

In the military environment the behavior is necessarily more repressed. It cannot be a hang ten dudeness 'what it is, who they are man' social environment. In the civilian world one may hate people of a particular race, sex preference, religion, physical appearance, behavior conduct, political party affiliation and so forth and accordingly keep one's distance from those that are members of such groups. One may hate SUV drivers burning gas, or middle class people cold blooded as sin in disregarding the need for national free health care for the poor through a public health system of government payroll physicians (only for the poor and V.A.), one can hate spoilt broadcast network common taters with their idiots view of social reality from easy money winter comfort and summer fun and tune them out. In the military one must co-exist with all the aforementioned lunatics and repress outward expression or preference for those perversions so far as possible or practical and serve in the mean green machine, the wavy navy, the mirthful marines or acrobatic air force as a simple service member without concerns to distract from the mission. It is not an environment of 'who they are' as anything other than soldiers, sailors marines and airmen.

Of course the military is an agency of socialization, perhaps even the largest agency of socialization in the United States besides the pharmaceutical product development community. When the military integrated blacks into the predominantly white military social segregation ended as well. Homosexuality is a behavior preference rather than a natural human condition though. Few can discriminate homosexuals by sight or sound in most instance perhaps. The post-modernists of the Obama administration and Democratic Party seem to want to exploit the U.S. military as an agency of socialization to introduce homosexuality as a social norm in all aspects of American life including primary and secondary education.

Post-modernism developed as a moral or anti-moral conceit following upon the scientific insights of evolution. A perspective of meaninglessness in all things including language and speech followed evolutionary science. Traditional moral values were largely associated with obsolete scientific knowledge. Post-modernism is a religion of atheism. As Nietzsche wrote in his book 'Beyond Good and Evil' on the philosophical basis of an eternal recurrence of the existence of the Universe (and the big bounce recursion cosmologists would go along with that), post modernists find their own foundation for going beyond good and evil in evolution. Life is a simple evolution of inorganic molecules into organic complexity. That is reductionism reduced to its essential concept.

With the global population moved beyond 6.2 billion and on its way to 9 billion this century and with traditional economics royally missing the chance to transition to a new, more intellectually led kind of no-net-natural resource increase economic growth with full employment coincident with a no-net-loss of biota ecosystem globally, the post-modernists seem to believe that a population reduction or arrest through the promotion of non-reproductive homosexuality and the massification of humanity as commodities for management by perverted yet special elites without concern for concepts of good and evil is the better way to reign in the out of control traits of humanity. They are wrong and President Obama is wrong as well as appearing to have developed a casual preference for non-acute legal reasoning and bad economic conceptualizing.
The moral path for the nation is the only reasonable way to go. Education and intellectual explanations of the world’s limits to growth must gain voluntary compliance from the people of the United States. The military should remain a 'don't ask, don't tell environment, and homosexuals in the social civilian sector should get out of the public political spotlight and leave heterosexuals alone. The rights of all citizens to have an uncorrupted public sector with equal opportunity should not be a license to trample the rights of others. There are innumerable other, better methods of an honest nature whereby the homosexual perversion preferring U.S. citizens can secure their fundamental social rights. Homosexuality should be irrelevant regarding other citizens. Homosexuals have no economic rights that all other Americans shouldn't have as well, nor should they.

Wednesday, October 13, 2010

New Federal Efforts to Become 'The Evil Empire'

Successor systems in ecosystems follow the demise or destruction of a given existing ecosytem. This occurs in politics too. In Afghanistan today we see an American led foreign social ecosystem management structure attempting to transform the kinds of human life liviong there. They are trying to harden the native Afghans to have a kind of Taliban or fundamentalist Muslim resistance. Yet while the Afghan ecosystem may have fewer fundamentalist Muslim warriors today, there are hordes of them over the border in Pakistan nurtured in natural fundamentalist Muslim seedling facilities waiting to return and recover the governing ecosystem.

The United States for a few decades has involved there economics in foreign government cultivation generally without success. The last Shah of Iran was one such project that was overtaken by native plants choking out the royal garden.

In America today a federal judge acting on behalf of the Log Cabin Homosexuals of Illinois has order a butch receptive military to become law worldwide. Our American unholy war on traditional morality is a reason why some perceive the U.S. Feminist-Homosexual Jihad on fundamentalist Mohammadanism in Afghanistan as a holy war. There can be no mistaking the fact that the post-modern atheist politicalo action is an unholy war led by mufsidoon warriors possibly associated with Satan.

Oh well, that makes it a hard sell in the Central Asian Muslim countries with their Islamic Law vs American Unholy Law of Satanic Perversions. We will learn how the gardening project goes, hoping that the budget for the unholy war is reduced a little. We hope to buy propane for-ourselves in Alaskan homeless camps this winter. Knocking the ice off the coffee cup and drinking ice coffee to get a cold chill reminds me of Solzhenitsyn's Kolyma transit camp facility dilema of the herring and ice water of hunger option too much.

I have been reading the Ptarmigan’s Dilemma by John and Mary Therberge this October in Alaska and made it through an interesting section on ornithological facts. I should mention that the major premise of the book is on the subject of the organization of life and of ecosystems too. As a soul with an avocation in philosophy perhaps I have a different perspective on life and its development from non-living materials and of the cosmological relationships of all things. Yet I like the Therberg’s book for several reasons especially with its attention to detail of the natural world.

When I learned today on the broadcast news of the order of a federal judge in California that the U.S. military should immediately end its practice of ‘don’t ask, don’t tell’ in order to allow homosexuals to serve openly in the military, I was reading about the number of notes per second some select songbird species can sing—as many as forty. Human beings comparatively have the capability of singing four notes per second.

The competition amongst birds to sing in order to communicate territorial claims and find a mate in more populous areas compels certain features and variation patterns of song coding that will enable them to recognize their own species. Perhaps modern humans in urban environments are better than bird brained creatures, yet we see the same intensity in language development in rave speech today that might be compared with birdsong. At any rate, the genotypes and phenotypes of birds tend to be exclusively devoted to evolutionary self—interest, as perhaps was the federal judge’s decision to force a heterosexual military social environment to openly allow potential predator and minimally anti-communication reinforcing homosexuals openly in their midst.

The evolution of social environments and of governments is a complex affair comparable in several ways to the evolution of ecosystems. Human ecosystem development often comprises simple exploitation of its resources. Americans in particular tend to live in a veritable technological existential automobile commune of variegated structure that reinforces fossil fuel consumption and patterns of social behavior that reinforce those particular social values with a mythos of free enterprise capitalism overlying the continental phenomena of highway expansion and larger vehicles. Environments over-stressed by a given species and generally the human species often collapse.

It is the collapse of environmental systems that is of interest. In reading The Ptarmigan’s Dilemma I was again reminded of the complex interaction of various species in supporting the entire structure. Birds may bury seeds or transport them for sprouting; bovine hooves may create indentations in the sod for seeds to sprout and so on. The natural relationships in any given ecosystem are complex as are those of human social institutions such as government.

In the United States the people have a tradition of government with the consent of the governed. Perhaps today with so many urban Americans, so few farmers and people living directly off the environment as primary producers in a renewable way ( I believe the Therberges called it living off the interest of nature rather than on the principle) the concept of the consent of the governed might be changed such that it morphs into a metrosexual-existential paradigm of bread, circuses (pro sports) and good corporate or government jobs rather than of individuals and families well able to earn a living without being within a tightly supervised social establishment.

Compiling national debt may be one simple way that the people of the United States will create a successor system to a government by the butch. Returning the United States to just fifty individual states as nations would eliminate the debt and permit at least a few states to work toward ecological renewal and full employment without growth in consumption of natural resources.

Some people theorize that the elites may have designed a two tier plan to reduce global population through intense biotechnological structuring. A world populated by non-reproducing athletes and butch supervisors of an androgynous nature could simple discontinue the entertainment-athlete class in a generation crashing the human population. With most people working at entertainment or non-materially productive work primarily in a non-ecological economic based economy, discontinuing the pleasured drone athletes could even seem humane. It is a brave new world.

Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Joe Miller and Ecosystem Stabilization- Federal Genotype/Phenotype Wave Communications Clashes

Genotypes and phenotypes contrast genetic versus environmental and behavioral elements of the construction of an individual and species. Bird species differentiation from environmental separation as well as from competition with other birds may change their song patterns.

I have been reading the Ptarmigan’s Dilemma by John and Mary Therberge this October in Alaska and made it through an interesting section on ornithological facts. I should mention that the major premise of the book is on the subject of the organization of life and of ecosystems too. As a soul with an avocation in philosophy perhaps I have a different perspective on life and its development from non-living materials and of the cosmological relationships of all things. Yet I like the Therberg’s book for several reasons especially with its attention to detail of the natural world.

When I learned today on the broadcast news of the order of a federal judge in California that the U.S. military should immediately end its practice of ‘don’t ask, don’t tell’ in order to allow homosexuals to serve openly in the military, I was reading about the number of notes per second some select songbird species can sing—as many as forty. Human beings comparatively have the capability of singing four notes per second.

The competition amongst birds to sing in order to communicate territorial claims and find a mate in more populous areas compels certain features and variation patterns of song coding that will enable them to recognize their own species. Perhaps modern humans in urban environments are better than bird brained creatures, yet we see the same intensity in language development in rave speech today that might be compared with birdsong. At any rate, the genotypes and phenotypes of birds tend to be exclusively devoted to evolutionary self—interest, as perhaps was the federal judge’s decision to force a heterosexual military social environment to openly allow potential predator and minimally anti-communication reinforcing homosexuals openly in their midst.

The evolution of social environments and of governments is a complex affair comparable in several ways to the evolution of ecosystems. Human ecosystem development often comprises simple exploitation of its resources. Americans in particular tend to live in a veritable technological existential automobile commune of variegated structure that reinforces fossil fuel consumption and patterns of social behavior that reinforce those particular social values with a mythos of free enterprise capitalism overlying the continental phenomena of highway expansion and larger vehicles. Environments over-stressed by a given species and generally the human species often collapse.

It is the collapse of environmental systems that is of interest. In reading The Ptarmigan’s Dilemma I was again reminded of the complex interaction of various species in supporting the entire structure. Birds may bury seeds or transport them for sprouting; bovine hooves may create indentations in the sod for seeds to sprout and so on. The natural relationships in any given ecosystem are complex as are those of human social institutions such as government.

In the United States the people have a tradition of government with the consent of the governed. Perhaps today with so many urban Americans, so few farmers and people living directly off the environment as primary producers in a renewable way ( I believe the Therberges called it living off the interest of nature rather than on the principle) the concept of the consent of the governed might be changed such that it morphs into a metrosexual-existential paradigm of bread, circuses (pro sports) and good corporate or government jobs rather than of individuals and families well able to earn a living without being within a tightly supervised social establishment.

In Alaska long ago a miner named Frank Miller and his brother arrived to look for gold. Frank’s brother brought the first cow into the Yukon over the Chilkoot trail from Dyea near Skagway. ‘Cow’ Miller sold milk to Yukon miners by the glass for an exorbitant, enterprising cost, and eventually the Miller family established a roadhouse and prospected along the eponymous Miller Creek on the Steese Highway. The Therberge’s described their friendship with Frank Miller who lived to the age of 94 as well as the ecosystem changes to the Miller Creek area after Frank Miller’s death by.

If Joe Miller becomes the next U.S. Senator, we hope that he will continue the Alaska pioneering tradition of that family name not only on his farm that still has a mortgage on it, but in the entire state as well regarding the ecosystem as a vital and sensitive living thing requiring care and careful though to manage in a healthy way.

Ecosystem succession has a couple of basic theories that I won’t describe here, yet I think that principles of ecosystem succession may apply as well at the human social level of government as well. If the people are governed without their consent such as when onerous practices and polices are forced upon them they can effectively revolt in a variety of ways. Ghandi’s principles of non-violence might be applied through federal deficit spending in order to create such a large public debt that the people of the individual state general agree that a succession to fifty independent nations without public debt might be a better idea.

That is a reason why the federal government’s efforts to force a homosexualized social environment upon the nation in a variety of ways may not be an effective way to create a better society. Maybe creating a better society isn’t the obligation or duty of the U.S. Government yet we may prefer to believe that it is.

Fundamentally laws made by a government can be compared to driving an automobile and rules of the road. Each individual’ freedom to move is regarded as the ultimate good. Gridlock defeats all social interests collectively and may require extreme action temporarily suspending individual rights (such as detours). In theory I do not care if a driver wants to park his car sideways on a busy freeway—he can take his car wherever he likes except on my private property (if I had any). Yet in practice laws regulating auto driving are required in order to allow the traffic to flow freely.

Today it is difficult to advance the Unit6ed States beyond the automobile-highway paradigm of life. Expanding the number of roads and destroying the health of ecosystems are facts of life. Species are being exterminated and the federal government consistently tries to force a homosexual paradigm upon the laws of the United States. A butch government is not a liked government, and dissent may include dissolving the government of the United States through a non-violent succession one day, and perhaps it would be best to avoid that, and perhaps not.

In order to conserve and restore an intelligent ecosystem health relationship of most Americans to the environment returning the sovereignty of the individual states to themselves may be a better way to allow ecosystem conservatives to live in and restore the health of at least a portion of the United States of America.

Well, who can say what the future will allow to develop? Intelligent governance makes the people satisfied rather than unhappy. It brings a balanced budget and a healthy environment. Economic growth occurs when full employment happens through sharing of existing resources and efficiency increases in use of ecological resources and technological knowledge. Economic growth that occurs through the increase of consumption and despoliation of the environment may bring a concentration of wealth and reallocation of natural resource conversion and manufacture production to improve the standard of living of the rich instead of a reduction of the number of unemployed.

A good government educates and reinforces the valid principle of eliminating poverty and unemployment nationally without increasing gross natural resource consumption. Millions of jobs could be created in transitioning toward a renewable, full employment ecosystem revitalization economy with Herman Dailey’s ecological economics criteria. A sustainable national economy with 300 to 500 million people in the United States that is in environmental recovery is not so difficult to achieve simultaneously with full employment and health care for the poor and improving quality of life for all citizens, yet it requires and effort and intention by politicians to accomplish—it will not simply ‘evolve’.

Saturday, October 09, 2010

Latin King Goonies Fail Federal Workplace Hate Free Crime Environment-G.W.H. Bush-Gates-Rumsfeld Contractor Era

Finally the federal judicial effort to provide special protection to special elements of society have paid off. The vicious gang beating by gangsters of a gang recruit applicant and his acquiantances has brought charges that hate was an additional element of the Latin King Goonies Gang decision to victimize homosexuals.

Normally, gang beatings, robbings, stabbings, extortions and murders of straight people and straight gang rivals occur without the bias of hate. Usually gangsters are kinder and gentle-like Don Corlione perhaps. Gang workplace rules for criminal activities have now come under federal scrutiny and are likely to improve.

If only Elliot Ness would have had such powerful federal weapons to fight hate perhaps the Lavender Hill mob of Chicago could have expanded its rum running turf and prevented the St. Valentines Day massacre from occurring-perhaps, maybe.

The Federal hate crimes laws to prosecute gang members in Juarez Mexico and Tijuana reaching over the border into the United State may not slow down killing much, yet at least Americans can rest assured that it won’t be done hatefully.

The hate of gangs may actually increase in era of high unemployment as the broadcast media seem to have easy money, morals and corrupt power. Yet what are gangs that the federal government is mindful of them?

Brown and Root was a large Defense contractor in the Vietnam era that built most of the largest U.S. bases in Vietnam. Former Defence Secretary Rumsfeld visited Cam Ran bay in 1965 as a congressman Of course he served along with George H.W. Bush in the Nixon administration-one as the youngest defense Sect. ever and the other as Chief of the Central Intelligence Agency.

The G.H.W. Bush effect on U.S. politics and defense contracting through the era of the Father, the Son and the Rumsfeld-Gates axis has continued for a few decades with some member of that group virtually continuously in service of the U.S. Government. While not exactly a gang it does present an evident appearancee of a conflict of interest with defense contractors, foreigh military engagements and U.S. foreign policy. The drift of thte United States toward making hate crimes a kind of marlin waiting capture by federal authorities also increased in this era, with present Defense Secretary and former Clinton C.I.A. Chief Bill Gates advocating for an open homosexual presence in the U.S. Military.

Since Defense Secretary Gates was so well informed about the Pakistani-Kashmiri-Afghanistan terrorist networks, it is a wonder that since taking office as Defense Secretary the United States has not developed a better policy to conclude the Kashmir-Pakistan-India line of control problems and ran the border legally halfway between K-2 and the nearest glacier to the east. With such a development Pakistan might agree that the presence of any terrorist training bases in Pakistan should put Pakistan non the watch list of nations supporting terrorism.

A Good On-Line Reading of the KJV Bible

I found a good audio app for reading the King James version of the Bible. It is available here.