Monday, December 31, 2018

Rep Gianforte Should Work With Democrats to Install Wall and 5G Wireless

Representative Gianforte should compromise with Democrats and help pass a Democratic plan with just 2.5 billion for the wall instead of 5 billion if and only if Democrats implement some sort of measure to assure that Montana's major cities get 5G wireless before August 2019. Fast Internet speed is part of state security too.

Montana cannot just be a state with flowers and cattle, spent mines and a little oil. It needs 5G wireless as much as the states that get preferential treatment from Verizon and AT &T. In order for technology to advance Montana cannot be left in the dark ages of 3 and 4 G wireless. President Trump should make sure that every red state has 5G service before the end of 2019. What good is a President if he can't get 5G in states that voted for him and some progress on national security?

How can Nancy Pelosi be so useless in her nitch as Speaker? Any Speaker of the past besides Paul Ryan would have found some way to compromise and make government function. Not Speaker Pelosi though. She says she gets a tingling feeling all over her body on blocking 'Trump's' wall. Apparently she is so brain dead she needs to use old Chris Matthews verbiage.

Speaker O'Neal might have signed off on 5 billion for the wall so long as California got 5 billion for a mag-lev train system. Speaker need to think and get things done rather than acting like sit-down donkey's proud of not moving at all.

Beto O'Rourke - Elizabeth Warren Demo Choices in 2020

My early pick for the 2020 Democrat Presidential campaign winning ticket is Beto O'Rourke and Elizabeth Warren. Democrats don't want the tired old white Uncle Tom former Vice President for the White House. They want someone who looks like Robert Kennedy, is young and vital and has former President Obama's eye upon him.

Sure their are other potential candidates, yet Democrats want a woman in the White House yet they also want a young gun who will glamour schlep with the Hollywood Stars. It would be wrong to think that Democrats care about substance or ideas; they don't. Gender, age, photogenicity; those are things that count materially.

Democrat candidates need only read the teleprompter with the basic party planks on it, and that's it for experience, new ideas, reform or anything worth changing. Yes, there will be also rans. Senator Corey Booker looks like he is running to be secretary of State. Senator Socialism will run. Bernie Sanders has character and the right idea that the most rich should pay very high taxes. Unfortunately socialism is not democracy. It is the half-sister of corporatism and each repress free enterprise democracy (though Democrats have completely forgotten what that is or how it is works when healthy.

Sunday, December 30, 2018

Silence is an Artform Itself, for some Writers

I prefer silence for writing in order not be distracted or influenced by irrelevant sound. Actually I've spent a lot of time in rural Alaska where I can hear an engine two miles distant or a rifle shot five miles away. In a quiet ecosystem one can listen to nature much better. Silence allows one to listen for danger; .e.g. a brown bear approaching quietly or of other interesting life. One may awaken with a whale snoring or in the morning with an exhalation. The raven's intelligent sounds in a tree above a tent. When one has a writing tool for writing words it seems good to imagine the distant places and cities where humans dwell, and the sounds of their machines, as strange phenomenalities temporally on the Earth. Eventually the time for writing ends and one must rejoin the world of Golden Arches and carbon monoxide.

Time for a Study How to Keep Government Closed Regularly

The U.S. Government has been partially closed none days so far and it is kind of a relief. President Trump should commission a study on how the government might be partially closed regularly in order to reduce the cost of government.

It is probable that a good systems analyst might discover ways to consolidate government services and agencies creatively and actually get more bang for the buck. If government could be closed 30% of the time, in theory it would cost 30% less.

With the military industrial complex dominating the federal budget and with the complete unwillingness of Democrats to fund security on a practical level like spending five billion to build some more miles of solid fencing on the Mexican border, closing the government might be the best way to prevent the federal deficit from getting worse and to stop Democrats from inventing more inefficient and less-than-optimal ways to spend federal dollars ostensibly to help middle class and poor people while the economics facts speak for themselves; wealth is being concentrated in the 1%.

The market has gone up from 850 to 23,000 since 1972 while the minimum wage has only gone up 5 dollars. Democrats are just enriching their party leaders.

Saturday, December 29, 2018

Why People Think Armed Revolution that Works isn't Possible

The basic paradigm for why a successful revolution is thought to be impossible today goes something like this…Americans haven’t got enough weapons to defeat the military, so a conventional armed revolution isn’t likely unless the US military becomes so decayed and dopey that its quality drops to rotten door status. Corrupt political leaders working wickedness upon the cadres with homosexual drill sergeants who could abuse trainees might be tolerated, yet there might arise something that would offend the soldiers or citizens enough that revolt was deemed useful. If the nation allows in a near majority of Muslims to become radicalized they just might have the capacity to revolt for sundry reasons. Changes can historically occur to nations that ripen the moment for revolution. Under the despotic power of corporatism that can define an enthralled entertainment society or even socialism as democracy, few would jeopardize their comfort and peace.

A thousand soldiers of the 101st Airborne took charge of the Arkansas National Guard in defense of the order for Little Rock Schools to integrate. The local Guard where themselves recalcitrant about staying on the job. A number of political circumstances could arrive to influence the military about taking sides in a civil conflict. Perhaps a successful revolt would require that a large number of US military personnel side with the rebellion.

Friday, December 28, 2018

Nations Today Can Survive the Loss of a National Capital in Conflict

Maybe one must look to Iran and/or Iraq for understanding. In public political demonstrations fanatics sometimes bite the head off snakes. Perhaps that informs us of the theory of destroying a capital and the political leaders in it; without the head the body dies.

The paradigm may be old. It is possible that in modern general wars, should they occur- and general war is still rather improbable concerning the larger powers, discrete and detached, decentralized leadership with ad hoc organizations will survive the loss of a national capital. Smaller nations alternatively, that engage in war, may have much invested demographically and materially in a capital city and could not survive the loss.

China’s civil wars and the Japanese invasion show the adaptability of some economies and polities to reorganization beyond a traditional capital city with mobile leadership. Moscow is generally regarded as the heart of Russia since Kiev was lost to the Germans twice in the 20th century. Russia might nor survive the loss of Moscow as readily as the U.S. would survive possibly with repressed though sorrowful mirth the destruction of Washington D.C. (since the politicians seem inept starting with Bill Clinton).

In ancient times a capital was the real seat of power of royalty or undemocratic ruler. His or her weapons and wealth were concentrated in the capital city whereas today wealth and capital stock is dispersed globally. If a ruler wasn’t able to defend his or her capital it was a test of strength that was lost. If London had fallen, to the Romans or whomever, then the former Celtic tribes were truly cooked.

Consider what would occur if a nation suddenly had a capital conquered by some modern telecommunications firm that infects every phone it sold with bugs that forward information to a foreign government, or if the political leadership communicates on unsecured email servers that let foreign governments ditto every action the slaved government takes; that could be nearly as effective as a physical conquest of a capital though covert.

China Allows US Rice In Yet Skips Protein Rich Soy Beans

If China had dropped the tariff on soy beans that would have been a positive development. Although fried rice is very good, the Chinese might regard it as a useful import. Pragmatism might not count for evaluating the thought of politicians. Soy is vegetable protein and a useful ingredient for a well balanced die, while rice is starch with just 8% protein versus 30–40% for soy beans.

China allows first-ever U.S. rice imports ahead of trade talks

Thursday, December 27, 2018

Partial Gov Shutdown Day 6; Why Not Annually Close 30% of the Time

The partial government shutdown may be a good thing in that it demonstrates that change is possible. The Texas legislature has a very brief annual session (140 days every other year). Why shouldn't the U.S. Government have annual partial closures and the Congress meet 30% less time. The challenge would be to become more efficient or get nothing down. Between the Congress and media noise the President has little enough time to actually execute.

Closing Congress and the government more often could save taxpayers and compel Congress persons to work more efficiently.

Magnus Carlsen vs Robert James Fischer

Robert James Fischer had natural genius inherited from his parents. He and Lasker were probably the smartest chess players since Morphy. Robert James was something of a juvenile delinquent in playing chess instead of being a physicist like his father, yet it couldn’t be helped. After winning the world championship, chess may have collapsed like a spent, inflated soufflĂ© to him psychologically- a game of little value. The best player in the world, and not rich- chess didn’t pay much back in the day. Neither had it content besides being a game.

Was Robert James good or Magnus Carlsen as good? The apostle Paul;
Romans 3:10-12 King James Version (KJV)
“10 As it is written, There is none righteous, no, not one:
11 There is none that understandeth, there is none that seeketh after God.
12 They are all gone out of the way, they are together become unprofitable; there is none that doeth good, no, not one.”

Neither Robert James Fischer nor Magnus Carlsen are good. No one is good except God.
Robert James had the virtue of having defeated the Soviet chess machine. That helped end the cold war. The victory was as psychologically as valuable as the U.S. hockey team victory over the Soviet team in the Olympics; it shattered Soviet ideas of their skill level as being in some fields, invincible. I met a guy once who said that those that cannot do math have no soul (not true). Robert James showed the Soviets that Americans have soul.
Magnus Carlsen plays chess in an era where he could purchase the book of the last great Soviet grand master-world chess champ Garry Kasparov. He is champion in an era of political bungling that is reigniting the Cold war and prospects for nuclear war. It is a hyper-vain materialistic era and the avarice for pawns and parsimony of sacrifice is representative of the zeitgeist. Russia has said it has a new hypersonic nuclear weapons delivery vehicle launched from missiles that skips along the top of the atmosphere at five times the speed of sound and is highly maneuverable. The U.S. replies with a billion dollar contract to Lockheed to build one for-themselves. In theory, the rekindling of the Cold War is caused over the pawns of historically Russian Crimea and Ukraine.

Magnus Carlsen can play interesting chess more like that of Garry Kasparov now and then. Super GMs (over 2700 rating) no longer need concern themselves with being caught up in Cold War intrigue. Robert James Fischer probably would have been an outstanding physicist with the right early education. I am not so sure about Magnus Carlsen. I envision his alternative career development as that of an outstanding engineer- rather like Einstein’s son?, who developed an electro-magnetic linear accelerator to launch vehicles into space from the Earth kinetically and further; developed an electromagnetic field launcher in deep space to accelerate vehicles to a significant portion of the speed of light.
Lasker was a great mathematician and some of his work is still relevant.

Wednesday, December 26, 2018

The OP was- Can Stupid People Learn to Play Expert Chess?

The contrapositive question might be something like; ‘ Can expert chess play prove a person isn’t stupid?’ What about chess engines? They have no intelligence- only lines of programming code, and play expertly. Can a human emulate a chess engine and play expertly though comparatively stupid?
One might require rigorous scientific method and experimental controls in order to investigate the OP. One must locate several FMs that are stupid, or prove that being an expert chess players is stupid (in comparison to inventing a faster than light travel method to get one to a new star system with lots of verdant planets).
I am not certain of what an expert chess player is either. Maybe it is blindfold chess? I wonder if Einstein played blindfold chess? He did beat Robert Oppenheimer in a game, and each were smart guys, yet perhaps neither actually did play blindfolded.

Stupidity is a fairly subjective term. Some smart people act stupid now and then, making wrong or less than optimal choices. Maybe chess should be used as a political test to determine if the U.S. Congress or Senate people are stupid and can’t balance the budget. Just give them a chessboard and see what kind of openings, middle and end games they play; is it expert? Chess is a fairly plain material game that is good for anyone’s brain. The earlier one starts and the more they study and play the better they get.
I don’t believe chimps could learn to play chess, yet except for the developmentally disabled or challenged with very low I.Q. most humans can learn to play chess at least at a club level- 1300 or 1400–1800 rating- given enough time.
Many adults don’t want to put that much time into it for good reasons involving opportunity cost (they could be doing something else). Chess is a good cheap way to exercise the brain. Lots of chess instruction videos at youtube.

Signs of Canadian Collapse?

The OP is ‘Is Canada going to collapse?’. IMO definitely yes. It is like a souffle that was over inflated, or a puff ball that has served its purpose. Actually though, nation’s don’t often just collapse. Though Canada has lost much ice in recent winters. Consider some of the problems nations have had, such as Argentina that once (thrice?) defaulted on it’s debts, and didn’t collapse*. Canada will probably struggle through lean years with global warming on the left and right at least until the great American mid-western desert expands into Alberta and Saskatchewan. That may occur within two-hundred years, possibly.

Canada is a name that is mysterious to a few; from whence did the name arise? There is an island in the Mediterranean Sea named ‘Tenados’ near Turkey, and that is also one of the names of Mt. McKinley/Denali. The Mediterranean island is within a thousand miles of the volcanic island that erupted destroying the Minoan civilization about 1500 b.c., so there is a good chance that when Canada collapses like that ancient volcano after erupting, some will have learned where the name came from in the first place.

When maple syrup is rationed, then you will know the time is near.


On the Question- Could All U.S. Gangs Together Beat the Military

People ask the strangest questions. I answered this one on the topic of could all U.S. gangs if unified beat the U.S. military.

Gangs are criminal social organizations. How one defines gang makes a difference in calculating their ability to war upon the United States. Covert gangs, ad hoc gangs- perhaps utilizing computer and Internet communications and methods to shut down U.S. and military infrastructure dependent upon on-line works, might make a dent in the U.S. military fighting capability.
The army and marines have just a couple million people or less. I am not sure if one should count the air force if their planes are down from some bug (they can’t shoot a rifle accurately, generally). Asymmeric war with the element of surprise can be effective. It isn’t numbers so much as knowledge and an effective cadre- perhaps armed with biological weapons, that would make a difference.
It may be that mass production with computer aided implementation could enable criminal gangs or even individuals able to suddenly wreak harm or havoc. That is something of an historical change. It would be the most secure powerful and financially enabled people with the best ability to scalar field upgrade some material attack. They could form a criminal gang for-themselves.
The communication thing is a problem in organizing large numbers of gangs. It isn’t like organizing a large football team; as soon as the government learned of such efforts for sedition or treason they would interdict with arrests and whatever was required to maintain the security of the state and low taxes on the most rich. Gangs might develop radiation guided drone weapons to hunt naval vessels with nuclear reactor power. They could cut off the gas supply for the military and maybe find a way to set the national oil reserve on fire in the salt domes while demolishing pipelines and salt water terminals.
Most of the military is trained in conventional war and with conventional weapons. Whereas some kind of a Stephen King trickery could happen and reduce them to zombies or whatever if the opposition force lacks human ethics or moral concerns. Gang members could be force package delivery vectors and be used as disposable carriers of some dire synthetic viral plague. They might have access to the military and around the world bring the terminal bug to the fighting forces.
I believe that criminal gangs are best at victimizing civilians. They aren’t in the conventional land or naval war business generally these days although there used to be pirates with power in various parts of the world. Corporations might have criminal gangs of programmers and technicians to manipulate search engine listings. Criminal gangs might manipulate elections or Wall Street with special algorithms and advertising campaigns to assure that their wealth is concentrated and that democracy does not work. Though Ike warned of the military industrial complex, one sees the vast right-wing budget of today’s military. It concerns some that a criminal gang within the Democrat party might cut the military budget and defeat them through economic privation.

Why the U.S.A. Has a Vast Public Debt

There is an interesting historical comparison; England. To finance the war against the rebel American colonies the British Government piled up a vast debt. It wasn’t repaid for more than a century. The British Government had to pay interest on the debt and had little left over for social sector spending. Vast public debt enslaves the public to tithe the rich. The annual interest on the U.S. national debt is close to a trillion dollars (approximations in this answer).

The military industrial complex gets about a trillion a year. U.S. politics are arranged so they are sufficiently incompetent to require vast military spending. Former Vice President Dick Cheney and others felt the private sector should soak the public sector for all they can. Halliburton got a lot of no-bid contracts during the Iraq War. Government is structured these days to benefit the rich and is corporatist rather than a democracy. It isn’t really going to get better.

Monte Carlo Algorithm and Energetic Modeling (A comment on why chess engines are better)

Computer hardware and software continues to improve. Better programming. The Monte Carlo algorithm works for chess and Wall Street as well as casinos. Algorithms permit all kinds of searches enabling the corporate world to marginalize internet use not of advantage to narrow corporate self-interest.
I learned about bubble sorts in 1980. Luckily I didn’t continue as a career programmer. So from COBOL, FORTRAN and BASIC I missed out on C C+, Natural and all the rest that has taken over the business world. Programming iterations and algorithms supported by hardware such as INTEL Sunny Lake etc are remarkable.
Comparing Intel Gen 10 to Commodore 64’s or Osborne’s- or even the venerable IBM 360 Mainframe, could make some snicker. Intel Cannon Lake release date, news, and rumors
Top-down structured programming, modules and subroutines- I guess they long ago got rid of goto’s. They are able to find the right move and model various theoretical move constructs to great depth.

Democrats Invented 'White Supremacy'

The term is pejorative of course. Historically there has been racism and tribalism since the beginning. Of hundreds of hominids and proto-human species, human beings as they are now is the sole survivor.

European history had an age of colonization that followed about a thousand years of Mongols, Arabs and Turks invading Europe. Human slavery was ubiquitous across all races in one form or another until the past thousand years more or less.
In the United States the Democrat Party was the party of slavery. Republicans with their first President elected; Abraham Lincoln, ended it. Confederate survivors in the aftermath formed the KKK and reinvented slavery as convict labor that continued until the 1920s in the south. The Democrat Party of the post-war south was the Jim Crow party. Following the civil war, southern Democrats were not trusted in the White House before Jimmy Carter. They were regarded as the white supremacist party. The late Senator Ted Kennedy of Massachusetts strongly disliked Jimmy Carter and ran against him in 1980. John F. Kennedy was a northern Democrat who brought non-WASPs and other minorities into the Democrat Party in 1960.

The term white supremacy is pejorative as I said, for all races have tried and still try to dominate or assert themselves too much. It depends on who the press favors for political correctness at any given time. The majority of the people are probably more or less racially tolerant if their economic interests aren’t threatened. Social stability and less use of adverse social methods within an enlightened ecological, economically sustainable world for all people, is the goal now I suppose. Rational environmental use while keeping civil rights and freedom for individuals intact will be challenging in the next century.

Tuesday, December 25, 2018

OT Salvation and Eternal Life

Before the worldly birth of the Lord, what did people do for salvation and eternal life? I wonder if one can make an inference from Adam and Eve- who seemed not to have experienced time in the garden- that souls were meant to be eternal, yet of course bungled it from the start. The proto-evangelium indicates a plan for correction and reconciliation eventually. Obeying the laws of God were required, yet no one could satisfy the condition, so a new covenant was made. I believe that if Jews could have lived by the law they would have been fine with God. So I believe that people like Isaiah and Hosea were saved though the majority wasn't.

Philo of Alexandria was an interesting philosopher who was influenced by the Kabbalah about the time the 70 were translating the Septuagint in Alexandria Egypt. He has all sort of mentions of various heavens- rather comparable in some ways to Pierre Teilhard de Chardin. I try not to get caught up much in metaphysics for cosmology regarding heaven and where it is- after all Einsteinian general relativity illustrates the problems with that. I would say something like- it is with God rather than it is 1000 miles east and 2000 up. People have pointed out several examples of people that went unto God (i.e. Noah, Enoch) and I believe that sort of thing indicates that God has given them eternal life. Back in the day those people weren't very much into abstract spatio-temporal concepts. I believe that since God is eternal souls are too. The fall of mankind resulted in them being downloaded into the temporal world in order to contain them because they were full of sin- missing the mark of obedience to the will of God. The temporal world has thermodynamics and entropy...God makes those things and Universe as a subset of a meta-set I suppose. Temporality is not forever.

Genesis 15:6 King James Version (KJV)
6 "And he believed in the Lord; and he counted it to him for righteousness."

Blitz- Marshall Defense (3M)

                                     I played black in this Queen's gambit declined Marshall defense.

Gov Closure May Remain Until People Remember Anti-Security Democrat Posich

Democrats would rather let the U.S. Government be closed than to fund national security. The point is plain yet in the cascading news cycle people tend to forget that.

If the U.S. Government remains partly closed for a month or two people will remember that later. They will recall that Democrats would not fund $5 billion to be spent in the United States even though the U.S. Government has pledged $10 billion dollars for Central America to help alleviate the economic motivation to illegally migrate to the U.S.A.

Monday, December 24, 2018

Blitz Chess- (3M)-D5 Mason Attack

                                                                                                                      I played white in this game.

What Does James Mean- Faith Without Works is Dead?

James 2:14-26 King James Version (KJV)
"14 What doth it profit, my brethren, though a man say he hath faith, and have not works? can faith save him?"

Jesus saves the elect. One can become very technical perhaps in soteriological details. Yet the saved, have a different spirit than the worldly. They care about others; to love thy neighbor as oneself, and have a spirit of service so far as they can. Christians will at least be aware of the way others are with concern. Their works differ from those that haven't faith and grace over time They will work to relieve others from suffering, provide saving knowledge sharing the gospel, and feel the calling to be more of a servant unto the will of the Lord God.

It isn't the quantity or quality of works that matter. It is being indwelt with the Holy Spirit. The Lord is good and nothing that occurs does so without a purpose as it fulfills His will for mankind. God is good and mankind has original thermodynamic sin outside the garden. Christians try to help others if possible in the fallen world. The Benefits for others the saved may provide flow from the grace of God. Christians may imperfectly act to work good for-others, yet they have a spirit of caring to work for what is right. That is different than the material spirit of much of mankind. A Christian concerned about the state of society may have quite different objectives than more Machiavellian secularists pursuing personal egoist goals.  There are innumerable ways to work for a better social state of affairs and to help those living find the Lord.

There is no question that millions and millions of unsaved people will work for the benefit of others intentionally. Yet they may offset a substantal part of that effort with other goals- worldly goals- that are inimical to human well-being.

I think that Christians should not look for perfect forms and perfect examples wholistically of works in any human. People all have original sin and are imperfect. They lack omniscience and omnipotence and cannot work their own will to change the world into a utopia within the kingdom of God. They have the opportunity to work this or that if grace provides the cicumstance and if they are willing and able to act. Jesus said that it is better to give than receive.

People often regard economic giving as the most important meaning for works, yet without spiritual regeneration, confering benefits upon the spiritually dead provides nothing more than temporal relief.

Works without faith leave one spiritually dead.

Why Christmas is Celebrated on 25 December

Picking a day to commemorate and celebrate the birth of the Lord is a good thing. In some ways the particular day might be compared to President's Day near George Washington's birthday. The day has no particular relevance to the Presidents- it was set by politicians in Congress, yet it is important to some. Why Constantine choose to set Christ mass on the 25th of December isn't certain for me, yet there are likely several reasons, and it did unify the day of celebration. Such days have had important historical, social value for ordinary people. Perhaps it's is like the tomb of the unknown soldier if he can't be identified. Some important dates in history aren't known because they happened before good historical writing method was common. Maybe some day science will find a way to actually know exactly when the birth of the Lord happened and the celebration day will change.

Democrat Party Pedants Say Walls Aren't Security Devices

Democrats seem to prefer self-delusion on security issues and more. Sartre called that false-consciousness. Maybe because it sells as their brand of existential cornucopia such as the USA has too few people with just 330 million people and infinite wilderness. They are like the Russian appanage princes of a thousand years ago that kept subdividing their inheritance. Dostoyevski wrote a good book about a landless prince named 'The Idiot'. Walls remain a very ordinary security measure used in innumerable applications. Of course they cannot stop all cross border illegal traffic. The wall is a mereological element- a part of the security equation.

No Change to the Stall on Faster Than Light Communications

Quantum telecommunications including the Internet may be on the horizon. Quantum communications seemingly could theoretically travel faster than light if one tangles particles and eliminate communication delays between Earth and missions in space.

Physicists apparently believe that causality of the usual universe would be disturbed with faster than light communications. Entangled particles have a net change in spin state of zero so if one is made to be a left particle with waveform collapse through observation the entangled particle partner would need to have a right spin.

Many articles explains why the FTL nature of entangled particles for communication don't allow FTL communications. Here is one useful one...

I wouldn't think it means the FTL system is forever stalled. Conservation of a complete system might be possible. A moon base will have another topic for research.

Sunday, December 23, 2018

Jesus Mentioned Mountains, And Overcoming Them

The late J.Vernon McGee said that evil is natural events like tidal waves, earthquakes and illness that harm, and wickedness is harm that humans intentionally do. The world has the physical problem of entropy as a natural fact. Adam and Eve were thrown into a world of entropy beyond the garden of Eden. Until the elect go to heaven they will remain in the world of entropy, harm and death. The kingdom of God is within, and that spiritual faith and confirmation with the visitation of the Holy Spirit is what renews and gives new life to the soul or experience of being. The spiritually dead have no faith or abstract belief in things metaphysically beyond the material realm of sorrows (and joys).

The Universe is a so far unfathomable place of what is named to be space-time with dimensions that seem to be different directions. The Bible has many scriptures that may be cited as commentary relevant to the material Universe though they were written so long ago. Yet people often refer to Democritus and Aristarchus for there work on physics and planetology thousands of years before main stream science arrived at similar points.

The prophet Isaiah wrote something that could be taken to actually mirror the paradigm for entropy and the exaustion of the energy of the Universe although it is very unlikely that he had any notion of that sort of thing. God may place future value ideas in things written in the past.

Isaiah 40:4 King James Version (KJV)
4 "Every valley shall be exalted, and every mountain and hill shall be made low: and the crooked shall be made straight, and the rough places plain:"
The Lord Jesus spoke of overcoming mountains or large obsticles with faith.

Matthew 17:20 King James Version (KJV)
20 And Jesus said unto them, Because of your unbelief: for verily I say unto you, If ye have faith as a grain of mustard seed, ye shall say unto this mountain, Remove hence to yonder place; and it shall remove; and nothing shall be impossible unto you..”

Faith allows abstract reasoning, for it regards things unseen, and abstract reeasoning finds solutions to material problems sometimes in ways that cannot be directly inducted without it.
There is another sense in which one may consider objects and even mountains as subjective constructions of thought. A mountain may be viewed in many ways including crustal deformation and a place differing positions in relations to the center of the Earth. The general theory of relativity and subjective thought about objects inform us of the motility of things-in-themselves and for-others. ; the Lord was true about that. How one interprets real things in part determines reaction to them.

Philosophers and logicians may classify real objects, attributes and ideas with referent denotations and even connotations that have evident relation to how one relates to them.  Are real things denotatum in-themselves or merely designatum? Water may seem like a solid surface to a waterskipper bug, yet wet and fluid to a human. A physicist or chemist may view certain objects differently than a farmer. One's thought about things can change one's relationship to them.

Go Fund Me Campaign to Fund Syrian Troop Contractors?

 Since President Trump chose to slowly withdraw 2000 U.S. troops from Syria there has been some disgruntlement, politically speaking, about the decision. Yet someone could step into the void militarily- even the Kurds with enough U.S. equipment and air support. Turkey is a bad option because it isn't a good idea to encourage even partial return of empire; the Ottoman was one of the more brutal empires to exist especially in Serbia and Iran. They buried people upside down with legs sticking out above ground to make a special garden in at least one spot in Iran.

So what can be done besides creating an international Go Fund Me campaign to hire 2000 mercenaries to help out the Kurds in peacekeeping. Many national governments including France could contribute to pay the trivial cost of several million or maybe a billion a year for the privilege of firing weapons at persons of interest x, y and z. and everyone could be happy.

The U.N. could help with the effort.  

On the Church Before Reformation

The Church is supposed to be a priesthood of believers according to Luther. Hence those of faith in the Lord are saved in a self-standing way apart from ecclesiastical organization that is of-the-world. Augustine for example wrote of the City of Man and the City of God. And a Christian may be thought of as in the world though not of it. The kingdom of God is within yet isn't temporal and of the world though the Christian is. 

There were many true Christians affiliated with the Catholic Church as well as the Celtic Church that continued until the reformation. Luther for example was saved before he and Melanchton began their works of correcting the elements of the Church that had gone off course. Luther envisioned one true Church of believers though it is transcendent. Christian legalism and rituals can be not enough concerned with living faith in the same way that Jesus was critical of the Jewish establishment that was formal and not of the heart. I think some people forget the difficulties of generally pre-literate society and the church in continuing true doctrine.

Saturday, December 22, 2018

Shouldn't the Fed Increase the Prime Rate?

 When the Fed issue loans for very low interest rates to  banks, the banks can loan 5x as much if they want in effect minting their own new dollars. They should at least have to pay a little back to the Fed for the service. The rich just concentrate wealth with all that nearly free money. President Trump should not even think about firing the Fed Chief who probably should make the prime lending rate 25%.

Democrats Aren't Reasonable in Partial Government Shutdown

The Federal Budget is nearly four trillion dollars annually. Voters that elected President Trump would like at least five billion spent on border security. Senator Schumer is such a Trotskiite that he sounds like a George Wallace of the left who said,:"Segregation now, segregation tomorrow, segregation forever!"
Senator Schumer- "It will never pass the Senate, not today, not next week, not next year. So President Trump, if you want to open the government, you must abandon the wall, plain and simple".

The wall is not a racist thing. The world and the nation have too many people already. The left supports zero population growth generally with abortion and Planned Parenthood. In my lifetime the national population has doubled while the majority of Americans have fewer than 2 children per family. With 320 million Americans the nation cannot well endure another doubling of the population especially through mass illegal immigration and large families from the same for political purposes.

I have seen the Interstate system built, the sprawlmarts grow along them and the rise of megacities, luxury fossil fuel cars and a vast corporatist culture of non-sustainable economics concentrate wealth. The wild things and spaces are dying. Such mass growth makes for national insecurity equal to the flimsiness of the World Trade Center at 9-11. If the U.S. population doubles the first mass biological war will kill billions and billions worldwide with no firewalls to prevent it.

It is far too easy for terrorists and others seeking entry to the U.S.A. to get over the border with few natural obstructions. A wall won't help the illegal traffic.

If all of those Mexicans and Central Americans that want to enter the U.S.A. illegally were Germans or even Swedes of equal numbers I would support building the wall. Wildlife is nice, a healthy ecosphere is vital and sustainable green wild requires fewer people using it already- much less hundreds of millions more.

Senator Schumer ridicules democracy in attacking the tens of millions that want the President to build a wall as dogs the wall would throw a bone to; Senator Schumer said it is a "bone to the hard right".

Democracy works with tolerance for points of view and wishes for others as well as oneself. Senator Schumer seems to believe like Adolph Hitler that it must be my way or the highway. Closing down the government for nothing more than political purposes is why the U.S. democracy is endangered. The Pelosi-Schumpocrats are pure fascists that want absolute power without sharing, compromise etc. 

The cost to the nation of spitting on the will of tens of millions of Americans- perhaps even a simple majority that want the wall funded for a number of reasons, could be high. People lack trust or respect for politicians that just can't comprehend the government is supposed to work as well at least as a moderately well-run business. Senator Schumer is an extremist, as is (next session) Speaker Pelosi, who cannot share, who cannot compromise with an opposition party, and desires absolute power like the Supreme Soviet of the former Soviet Union.

Raiders Could Move to San Antonio or Berlin

The Oakland Raiders have itchy feet and like to move occasionally. Besides moving to Las Vegas they could just move to San Antonio or Berlin for a year or three. Talk of moving to S.F. is wrong. That would tarnish their reputation for a dozen years.

Friday, December 21, 2018

War With Russia May Be in the Portents (or not)

Reading an article in RT by a natural Irish former scientist turned journalist now living in Africa I learned that the United States may go to war with Russia in the Ukraine. Apparently President Trump, or Trump as he is known to journalists, has cleared the way for war after ditching the Syrian 'distraction' in a childish and petulant mood talking with the Turkish P.M. Sim Salabin Kenyonsky.

All of the Congress opposed the President's withdrawal of troops from Syria. They wanted to leave them in Syria until Armageddon or as long as the rivers could fill with blood. Signs and portents of entrails carefully examined at a journalist clave confirmed the prospect for war. Recent ESA photos of Mars have shown after scientific journalist analysis, cold war in the cauldron that could symbolize eruption..

The United States financed a coup in Ukraine in 2014 and has had clandestine trainers there trying to get the inept neo-fascist soldiery of the Fascist regime in Ukraine to good fighting condition.

If the United States goes to war with Russia over Ukraine it would be wrong not to have a triple spearhead from the North and Middle Europe as well as the Southern Ukrainian underbelly. Marines should land in Siberia and work west in a pincers movement on Moscow with the east driving soldiers in Germany.

Probably nukified cruse missile waves should saturate Russia yet no ballistic missiles should be launched with nukes in order to play fair. Russia has nice shore based anti-ship stuff yet the navy should use its fast attack boat to penetrated Russia rivers for intell purposes.

The war could occur during the Christmas holidays government shutdown before Nancy Pelosi and Chuck Schumer can take podiums to express their hatred of Russia and the pretense that Russia ever owned it before the most recent crass expropriation of peace-loving Ukraine.

With the help of scientist journalists that have spent a lifetime studying history and philosophy chemistry and botany it is easy to learn the facts about how things are now.

Personally I believe in building a wall in Ukraine modeled upon the great wall of China. Yet with a perfectly good Dnepr River for a natural boundary that's where I would draw the Russia-Ukraine border line. Of course the Democrat party may believe the Yenisei riiver is the appropriate location for a Ukrainian boundary on the eastern front.

Warm Air Rises? Arctic Air Heating 2X Faster Than Rest of World

A new study appeared examining Arctic air and thermal temperature changes. The Arctic Report Card found that air temperatures there are rising higher faster than the rest of the world's warmer areas. It could be that warm air rises and moves north to gather near the pole. That idea can't be blamed on the scientists who did the study, it was what occurred to me. That and the fact that the pole is at the center of the world's spin rather than at the outside, so warm air would tend to remain there better.

In my opinion the situation will remain that way just until the Arctic nears a saturation point for melting. Then it will have excess warmth to spill back south to rapidly increase world temperature outside the Arctic.

Thursday, December 20, 2018

Video- Intro to 'A Philosophical Approach - Cosmological'

                                             I read the introduction of my book.

Withdrawing U.S. Military from Syria May Save Money

The problem with Syria is that it isn’t Kansas anymore. Why should the United States keep military personnel in Syria when it isn’t even an unincorporated U.S. territory like Navassa Island?
The United States has Kurdish allies who can keep an eye on things in the area-and there are drones and other surveillance aircraft. The U.S.A. should strengthen Kurds in the region and help defend them against Turkish terrorist threats to invade Syria and hunt them to death. After the U.S. withdraws Turkey may feel free to invade, slaughter, plunder and spindle loose forces.
Kurds are something like the Jews were before Israel was put together- they would benefit from a homeland or at least confederation of Kurdish autonomous states in a piece of Syria, Iraq and Turkey. All those Sunni Muslims ought to be able to accept that and stop targeting Kurds.

Elements of Christian Church History, Etc Free Downloads

Blitz Chess (3M) English Opening-Great Snake Variation

                                                                                                           I played black.

Wednesday, December 19, 2018

Michael Flynn Seemed to Have Been Acting As National Security Adviser a Bit Early

When the F.B.I. directed by James Comey decided to ambush N.S.A. Michael Flynn in a White House interview just days after the Trump administration took office, former JSOC Intelligence Director Flynn choose to field questions from the F.B.I. He felt he had nothing to hide and was confident in his role as the National Security Adviser. He may have had no awareness of the Logan Act that made his intercessions for the benefit of the nation, rather than for personal reasons of profit, as a private citizen just before officially going on the job, legally wrong.

Comey apparent sent over partisan agents early while the Trump team of non-lawyers was somewhat disoriented because of the newness of the jobs. Flynn wasn't a lawyer and would have been fine if he had not taken the N.S.A. job. Apparently most people don't register as foreign agents if lobbying for foreign countries. Maybe some of them that work on other matters too don't actually know they are supposed to. One must be very careful if a Turkish government official asks a private citizen to write to their Senator to help get Turkish apricots an exemption from Trump tariffs.

As an effective intelligence Director Flynn had good enough reason to dissimulate and conceal proprietary information from the F.B.I. The F.B.I. is hardly read in to the highest classified information the National Security Director may have regarding means and sources. Not even broadcast journalist would reveal their sources in all cases to the F.B.I.; how much more would a C.I.A. Director conceal information or even lie to an F.B.I. rife with Democrat party partisans in order to conserve national security. Flynn was perhaps too new on the job to realize his information was probably covered by executive privilege. Flynn's conversations with Ambassador Kislyak may ave been deemed need-to-know only.

A Clinton appointee to the Federal Bench- Judge Emmett Sullivan has in two consecutive days lambasted Michael Flynn as a suspect of treason and overturned the Attorney General Sessions era order that not all victims of crime are eligible for asylum in the United States. Democrats this week have said they would let the government shut down before funding a National Security wall even in part along the Mexican border. Democrats are not the party for national security.

The Democrat party seemed to e trying very hard to get a legal wedge in on the new Trump administration. Most of the principles are partisan Democrats. Former F.B.I. Deputy Director Andrew McCabe's wife Jill got 675,000 dollars from Bill Clinton's money man Terry McAullife for her political campaign.  gave large donations to the Clinton campaign. Strozk- one of the agents that interviewed Flynn in the White House, wrote to Page that Trump must be stopped through official government offices. Other critical emails, like those of Hillary Clinton, were inexplicably erased. The Flynn-Trump attack has Clintonista written all over it. McAullife may be a presidential candidate in 2020.

Veto McConnellcrat Short Term Spending Bill Unless $2 billion for Wall is Included

If congress wants to close down government for $2 billion when the shut down may cost a substantial portion of that each day, go for it. President Trump should get at least $2 billion for building a wall now and more later. Tens of millions of people want the wall built. McConnell shouldn't grinch them for Christmas.

President Trump Isn't Causing Recession

The President is no progenitor of recession. Economists are well known to have different opinions about mass economic policies and effects. Accurate predictions of future recessions are not made with scientific rigor so well that the methods are verifiable and indisputably accurate. Emotion is part of the equation and it can be difficult to quantify. Sometimes they are political opinions expressed as a way to oppose a Presidential incumbent’s economic policy. and neglect national development.

Without correction the Chinese trade relationship would harm U.S. national interests. Like ancient imperial Rome that became too globalized and reached the Toynbean condition of a Universal phase (so far as it could without owning everything such as Parthia or China, the U.S. hyper-active global traders and investors tend to neglect continuing development of national interests and like ancient Rome the historical tendency is to fall.

Unlike the former great British empire the U.S.A. has a great land mass so it need not over-rely on foreign trade. Facing the EU Britain seems to have a choice between dissolution as a small part of the EU or to remain somewhat self-standing nationally and to seek more national self-reliance with new tech in addition to foreign trade.

Rectification of economics in the present era would seem to require a transformation to and renewal of infrastructure and regulating governance to one of national ecological economic sustainability of material quantitatively as well as the national standard of living. Adam Smith’ approach to capitalism expressed in the Wealth of Nations reflected economics and social needs of the day where over-population and ecological decay were not pressing concerns. As a small nation in land area England needed unregulated foreign trade to allow its vigorous traders to function in business transactions globally across an expanding empire. While individual direction and initiative are important still, the United States and even China have not got the same trade globally in proportion to a small land mass relation as did Smith’s England of the 18th century.

The President could stimulate a recession upon indolent, obstinate and recalcitrant people by causing their reactions to transpire that would slow down the national economy perhaps, yet there is plenty to work with such that business activity need not cease.

Unlike the 70’s recession that was caused in part by the lack of iron and other materials for automobile production in the mid-west as well as expanding global competition and production of fossil fuel automobiles (and numerous other reasons involving foreign and domestic affairs as well as tech and capital changes, and reallocation of resources), the present U.S. economy has impending recession only insofar as mass terrorism and ecospheric disasters to existing infrastructure are increasingly expensive to repair and as after 9–11 lead the fear factor to shrink the economy. The reliance on foreign trade is historically at least, amusing. It seems that China too wants to expropriate African and other natural resources for redistribution to itself for a variety of reasons, and of course the United States has done so too (as well as Europe). China has a huge population that is challenged to improve a standard of living and civil liberties with reliance on domestic resources so far as possible in order to conserve the planetary ecosphere. The United States has the same challenge with a smaller population it seeks to increase through legal and illegal immigration in order to de facto arrive at least at half of the Chinese challenge of sustaining a standard of living that is good for half a billion people. The fewer the people to a certain extent, the easier it is as less material resources are required.

In the modern world to recede might not have the same economic meaning and value as when it was first used. Then there is the fact that overseas expansion concentrates wealth in the United States for the 1%. Ordinary average wages don’t match Wall Street’s rise in value for example. The minimum wage of Americans in 1974 was $2.00 while today it is $7.75. That is just a +300% increase. Since 1970 the Wall Street index has increased far more. In 1970 it was at 832 while today it is more than 23,000.

Yes President Trump could find some way to move the economy toward recession yet I.M.O. the problem if any is in the people without ideas for national development rather than in those seeking national development and ecological economic sustainability.
The national public debt is not President Trump’s, it is that of both parties and an incompetent House and Senate that cannot ever balance the budget or provide services to the people affordably. People generally believe those elected are or become corrupt materialists and corporatists seeming primarily to benefit themselves and Wall Street instead of the people of the United States.

Huawei, Iran, Trade War Etc.

Did a Huawei arrest help win the trade war? I.M.O. it wasn’t intended to. Arrest of Huawei perps is self-standing for legal reasons, or obviously they should be released. For that matter, the trade war is important only insofar as soy sales need to resume and Chinese solar power panels should be allowed to flood the U.S.A. without tariffs in order to simulate competition.
Violating U.S. sanctions on Iran is a serious matter. Though we would like to be on good terms with Iran’s fundamentalist Shi’ite government (well at least I would though its hard to say what godless atheist Democrats really think about it. In a way Pres. Obama seemed to want to pursue a constructive engagement policy with Iran, give them a decade to develop quality missiles and twenty years to just research building nuclear bombs before putting them on quality missiles), the U.S. for bureaucratic ineptitude development of fine foreign policy because of inertial drifts into inflexibility and maladaptive recognition and correction of dysfunctional policy reasons, objectively has made a tradition of bungling Iranian-US relations. Even so, buying and forwarding banned U.S. manufactures to Iran is a violation of law.

Huwei’s 5G technology may be of service to Chinese Red Army intelligence gathering and that is a concern although probably not a present violation of U.S. law. As the new tech goes on line western powers and others that have no desire to kow tow to China as they might to Apple or Google intelligence gatherers, Facebook etc might want to ditch the Huawei phones etc.

Tuesday, December 18, 2018

White Queen was trapped after moving it to attack too early. I played black. Of course leaving the bishop en prise was inexplicable.

WWG1WGA, Broadcast Media and Corporatism

WWG1WGA is an interesting and to most, an unfamiliar word-string of letters. It is part of the Q and MAGA movements. One web site describes in at some length.

Mr Geddes calls WWG1WGA the greatest communications event in history.

I would tend to call the phenomenon a natural result of average people that are materialists and atheists trying to rise in corporate media that is owned by the 1% of concentrated wealth. The philosophy of corporatism was invented by the Italian Fascist Dictator Benito Mussolini and unifies the government and corporate leadership. Adolf Hitler used it well in pre-war Germany. Unfortunately corporatism destroys individual civil liberties as efficiently as did Soviet Communism. National socialism and regular socialism are still collectives of meaningless proles living in a vast sardine can susceptible to Eleatic shrinking of wealth as corporate-government leaders prefer.

Sure there should be rectification of U.S. politics in order to stop the corrupted broadcast media from having its way brainwashing the American public generally for the benefit of corporatism. Pure materialists from average to the most wealthy lack a spiritual element and actually lack good sense regarding material value systems that is compounded through the middle term called money.

The corporate media, NPR sycophants of corporatist goals and the broadcast media complex of compresence inclusive of large social media Internet sites hate non-corporate profit  supporting and corporate goal controlling free expression. They minimize it and bury it in dark place of the Internet. Because concentrated wealth has its way in mass and social communications as well as rents their influence natural gets rid of free expression 'weeds'. Ordinary people are often satisfied with that because they haven't any creative thought for-themselves; they aren't philosophers that would like a perfect democracy with a vast freedom for spiritual and intellectual activity where inventors actually profit instead of ever idea trickling up to produce wealth for the 1%.

Basically no one in government or media has any good sense or awareness of the actual way things are or what is occurring. Not even global warming theory will fix the misunderstood political zeitgeist.

Monday, December 17, 2018

Obama's Man Comey Still Hostile to the President

Former F.B.I. Director James Comes Comey continues to show his hostility to the President that apparently began during his tenure in office. He had F.B.I. Employees working for him that were hostile too, and his record does appear biased in favor of the Democrat party. His most recent hostile act was to call the President a liar for a Presidential tweet saying euphemistically that government agents broke in to his former private attorney's office to take his confidential records. The language is euphemistic yet descriptive of the fact. It was true describing an aggressive, hostile action and not a lie. It was a lawful forced entry that was a break in from the victim's point of view...that is the entry and plundering was not done with the consent of the victim. Citizens don't want such events to become so common that the nation need begin a 'me too' movement describing government break ins to their personal attorney offices.

The President probably is smart enough to know that a legal warrant was issued for the exceeding rare act of violating attorney-client privilege to let prosecutors ransack what normally are confidential records. It was a threat to the security and integrity of the legal justice system of the United States with its adversarial form. Dictatorships of course have no reluctance or inhibition to violating any rights of the accused, yet in the United States that was at least beyond the pale, though there are some few circumstances where such violations or breaking of the normal legal procedures occur.

There are other trends from Clinton-Obama Democrats and fellow travelers that concern the erosion of freedom in the United States. That is, they can gloss over facts or true accounts and generate through sympathetic media big lies. When falsehoods take over the media and are common to become common currency in the courts and drive legal procedures to nearly unprecedented lengths such as breaking the sanctity of the office and records of the personal attorney of the President of the United States, democracy is in danger of becoming a sham.

Sunday, December 16, 2018

Senator Schumer and the Tradition of Flaky Senatorial Palaver

It seems that every decade has its own special flaky U.S. Senator given to making inaccurate or just plain spaced statements. After Senator Helms passed on the nation was without one for a time. Senator Helms spoiled his irascible wierdness with some quality work and backbone too. Then along came Senator Lindsey Graham with a wacko opinion every week it seemed. Yet he gradually quit that and actually started sounding comparatively reasonable. He did a great dis-serve to watchers of politics when he quit the clownishness. 

So the nation has Senator Chuck Schemer to amuse them with illogic and disinterpretation of events for the present. Senators need to enrich special interests of course while accumulating wealth for-themselves. The are required to seem incapable of creative and efficient thought that would make a better more efficient and affodable government working for a better nation unceasingly for the people including the poor. Senator Schumer's public statement seem the antinomy of anything like that.

If Voters Had Known Of Moscow Project Would It Have Made a Difference?

If voters had known that the Trump organization was trying to build a hotel in Russia in 2016 would that have made a difference in the election? President Trump has properties and licensed places all over the world so overlooking Russia would have been strange.

If Russian Federation President Vladimir Putin had taken out an ad in the N.Y. Times in October 2016 saying that he was working with Donald Trump to build a hotel in Moscow (possibly) would that have elicited more than a yawn from readers?

The President of the United States made a pre-inaugural agreement that he wouldn't pursue foreign real estate or hotel deals while in office. I cannot say how far that applies to his organization. Yet it is not secretive apparently.

Wikipedia quotes Forbes magazine writing on the topic; “The Trump Organization has curtailed some of its international work, pulling out of deals in AzerbaijanGeorgia and Brazil, while pledging to do no new foreign deals (though it has apparently resurrected an old deal in the Dominican Republic). Trump’s international hotel licensing and management business only makes up $220 million of his estimated $3.5 billion fortune, but it’s the most dynamic part of the Trump portfolio—and it throws off chunks of cash with virtually no risk. As the Trumps have wound down some international deals, they continue to push forward with new domestic agreements.”

Forbes recently published an article claiming that President Putin of the Russian Federation had a hold over Donald Trump in that Donald Trump was fearful that Putin would let slip that Donald Trump had tried or was trying to build a hotel in Russia.

That President Trump was going about normal business activity is the prime plum that Special Investigator has found according to Forbes. It is underwhelming enough. President Trump also owns a Vodka making business. That should not have been overlooked for possible Russian collusion in case any Russian experts were imbibing that in 2016 as a way to divide the nation that otherwise would love Hillary, Obamacare, homosexual marriage, illegal aliens, a degrading ecosphere and twenty trillion dollars of public debt.

A Good On-Line Reading of the KJV Bible

I found a good audio app for reading the King James version of the Bible. It is available here.