Friday, May 20, 2005

Filibusters, Senator Frist and the Eco-Nihilists

Filibusters, Illegal Immigrants and Eco-Nihilism Gary C Gibson - 11:52am May 20, 2005 EDT (#89 of 91)
Cars are America's sacred cows grazing on borders of inventions until obese...force fed with antibiotics in feed lots when on R & R

I just rode a bus from Santa Fe to Denver, perhaps 20 possible illegals got on at Santa Fe...they were going to Philadelphia via New York. If one has directions or help to Santa Fe they have avoided INS inspections the remainder of the way to wherever they would go. Illegals definitely displace legal workers in many ways, and of course have the criminal advantage that law abiding people don't. When so many illegals flock over the border as they like the complete complex of political compresence for the law abiding is subverted, and an organized crime ethos at the top is supported as a method of doing politics.

The economic effects of illegal migration would be debated according to one's intelligence and economic class. Perhaps more work would be located in Latino nations and the optimal exploitation of trans-border labor would decrease briefly, maybe environmental protection would increase. possibly leadership would emerge that values environmentalism very highly and supports tax credits for air/wind power generation. Plainly the mountain states could have a competition to install hundreds of thousands of very large air generators along highways to power electric cars so they don't need to rely just on batteries or fuel cells. Incidentally if electric go-carts were used in major urban areas part of the day or year many more people could drive the same highways to work...

I suspect that the consequence would tend toward the de-peonization of U.S. political determinism, instead of it's increase amidst the neo-corporatist trans-nationalist that will mock U.S. alternative fuels and life-quality increase based on environmentalism, high tech and social justice.

The issue is complex, ye allowing a foreign Mexican and Latino culture to grow in the U.S. doesn't support a melting pot, instead it supports a schism and conflict line culturally. If a just immigration policy existed that would serve the U.S.A., it would select from the entire planetary population and bring it into the U.S.A. instead of just one Latino culture that has a separate and growing antipathetic (?) culture with it's own values that differ quite a lot from that of traditional American values. Instead of a melting pot to U.S. values the U.S. is being slowly grafted onto the western hemispheric majority Latino culture to its own destruction. The economic incentives for various neo-corporatists and the acquiescent slippage into accomplice/employees of some undereducated peoples in Latin America make the process irresistible to some of what I call the eco-nihilist movement. ...

Senator Frist and the Extremist Eco-Nihilist Right

I should note that I’m not writing this to go into a book five of historical and philosophical essays in the ‘Waveform Politics’ series, I am just concerned about some recent political events, and would also suggest that the Federal Government purchase several thousand copies of my book of poems ‘A Place for Faith’ and distribute it to all inmates at GITMO, The Saudi Embassy personnel, and to the troops in Iraq and Afghanistan. Now to the point…

Senator Frist’s selection of the ‘nukulars option’ to put down flibusterin and pat down his fellows for concealed weapons of environmental conservation with a flair of twitting the citizenry will do more than surgically cut the throat of political opposition ton the nominations of Pres. G.W. with the skill of Jack the Ripper; it provides an example of the disposable ethos of the extremist neo-corporatist eco-nihilist movement playing like Darth Vader’s metamorphosis at an environmental theatre near you.

For physicians extremism in pursuit of a patient’s health is no vice, yek when extremism is applied to ‘curing’ a body politick of political pluralism a sociopathic Rubicon is crossed in which personal egoism and blind allegiance to trans-national corporatist political will takes place. Instead of receiving a pure ‘cure’ the congress is being emasculated with the orchiectomy procedure of filibuster removal.

Sen. Frist is taking the filibuster into his operating room and providing an example of the disposable ethics of quick and dirty profits in the non-renewable ethos of votaries of mammon as the summun bonum. Slaves, tobacco, oil, servitude of women and children, neutering of debate to allow extremist to appoint federal judges-all right reason is cast aside in the coup d'etat sliding into the swamp of neo-corporatism with the millions of anti-democratic, anti-individual free enterprise, anti-intellectual, anti-democratic minions following along in the path of the big elephant run amuck on the fuel of foreign oil as if it were a narcotic; An elephant under the influence of wild drugs crashes through a lot of sensible and conservative public policy.

Extremist environmental nihilism is a sort of polar opposite of rational environmental conservatism. The eco-nihilists are motivated solely by money and power. The French writer Stendahl first noticed the corrupt axiology in his 1836 novel ‘The Red and the Black’ For the mill workers and local corrupt leadership of the commune living in a beautiful foothills of the mountain valley with wild rivers and forests, beautiful sunsets and so forth the environment had value only as ‘it would bring in money’; that is only as the environmental health and aesthetics could be sold or exchanged for cash (which provides good interiors) did it have value. President Bush is a leader of the eco-nihilist movement. He has thrown open protected federal forests to the evil chain saw massacres of plundering loggers harvesting old growth for example, yet compared to the flatlands of Dallas and the corrupted Texas shoreline ecosystem it is no big deal to him perhaps. It is only the shag carpets and political power and feel good products the valuta has that matters to eco-nihilists.

Eco-nihilists have the advantage in the Toynbean criterion of challenge-response in leading the destructive path to which remedialists and ‘environmentalists’ must respond. Like Goofy or Minnie mouse in Gooffyland with a limitless cornucopia of choice and plenty, eco-nihilists believe that the Earth has a limitless capacity to recover from their abuse, so far as they think at all. Eco-nihilists have tremendous influence on public policy and annihilate the wild health of millions and million of acres of habitat –and don’t define that as extreme. Neither do they describe wars for resources that could have been supplanted by intelligent alternative fuels and synthetics as extreme even when hundreds or thousands of people are killed through wars in the conflicts. With the F.B.I. as a convenient organ of support for eco-nihilism in the release timing of it’s recent report as it coincides with the eco-nihilist assault on the venerable filibuster to block extremism from becoming a dictatorship of neo-corporatist or other forms of authoritarianism, a Tiber has been crossed that puts the sword of eco-death at the throat of the Senate.

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Monday, May 02, 2005

Micro-dimensional 'scuppers' and the Bottomless Pit

Not being a physicist, my wording of these questions will have parameter inconsistencies with standard physic’s contexts I should think-yet I will write these several ideas anyway. Essentially I had an interest in why it is that particles become increasingly heavy as they approach the speed of light, and infinitely heavy at light speed thus barring more acceleration. What is it that would be added to, for instance, a hydrogen atom that was subject to an accelerating force?

Then of course considering string and M-Theory artifacts that have filtered down to the general public, I wondered if the criterion that could provide answers to my question might not be a dimension protocol that affected particles and waves.

Salvador Dali painted an interesting conceptual picture named ‘The Persistence of Memory’ that had a scuppers as one might have found in a British lifeboat at the bottom of a landscape over which was draped upon a branch a melting down clock; memory perhaps would drain off in time into the scuppers. Are the micro sub-Planck length theoretical dimensions posited in M-Theory just artificial ‘scuppers’ that contain particles too small to be measured in the standard four dimensions? Are the smaller dimensions simply artificial concepts developed to explain a difficult concept such as Einstein used to explain how gravity worked upon all objects or particles (except anti-gravity) within a gravitational field equally when he compared the effects to ‘curved’ space-time?

Of course there is ‘real’ substance to the smaller dimensions in that larger particles or possibly waves too cannot enter into them. That is large particles and waves are not small particles and waves and cannot ‘run’ with them anymore than a giant basketball player could fit through the wing window of a Porsche. Very small sub-plank length strings have a realm of ‘behavior’ so small that only they can exist in that context.

Yet why is it that particles accelerated to the speed of light become infinitely heavy? Could it be compared to that Porsche that if traveling a low speed or no speed parked in a lot won’t get traffic tickets, but if it goes faster and faster it will be given tons of traffic tickets becoming heavier? Is it that as a four-dimensional realm particle travels at faster toward the speed of light it’s string base traveling the in the micro extra dimensions is collecting more baggage or tickets at an accelerating pace that become infinite toward the speed of light?

Or is it that as it passes through more of the super-string ‘scuppers’/dimensions at a faster pace it’s grounding or base becomes associated nearly simultaneously with more of the micro dimensions and it becomes mass of ‘infinite weight’ comparable perhaps too a magnetized object that increases it’s realm of contact to an infinite field?

Could the fact of mass be a phenomenal association of existent four-dimensional waveforms with aspects of the micro-dimensions that are ‘stickier’ than those of energy? Is energy and are photons travel at light speed and that have nearly no mass as waveforms or string vibrations transparent to the micro-dimensional fields of superstring theory because of phenomenal characteristics of waveforms or particles accelerated into acting as waves in space-time?

I will nearly leave off these questions here, with the comment that in part I wondered about the infinite weight characteristic and interesting points in common between black hole singularity as their infinite weight and mass and those of very small particles that acquire infinite mass accelerated to the speed of light. Also, the beast that ascends out of the bottomless pit that is mentioned in the Biblical book of the Revelation is referred to somewhere perhaps in chapter 18 as that which was, and is not, yet is (I seem to recollect). That ‘bottomless pit’ could perhaps be a reference to the infinite curvature of space time at a black hole, and it’s possibilities of time travel with the paradoxes generated thereof.

Could gravity intruding into the standard four dimensions yet mostly iceberging below the surface as a characteristic of the micro-dimensions then be a quality or aspect of the micro-dimensions or particles themselves that seem to warp or fold space time most directly?

The way that quantum superpositioning acts to have particle/waves at all probably worldlines or places in the Universe that are selected probabilistically to collapse when measured in the Heisenberg uncertainty context seems another interesting aspect or phenomenality of the relationship of space-time, gravity and waveforms to their configuration in the very small realm of superstring waveforms and branes posited by superstring and m-theory.

The cumulative effects or phenomenal appearances of particle waves, mass and probabilistic existence as well as travel of photons perhaps as continuously sampled massless or nearly massless probability phenomena arising in relation to sub-micro dimensional protocol provides much food for thought-and of course the interesting notion of the beast that would lurk one day in a n infinite quantum gravity pit-maybe.

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