Friday, October 27, 2017

The Dopioid Crisis; Bulk National Health Emergency

The national dopioid crisis has finally been declared a national health emergency. Thousands of Americans each year choose to suffer the tragic death of over-use of narcotics and all the euphoria that follows. Treatment costs are very high assuring solid profit potential for those providing treatment. Analysis of the financial loops of intoxication-euphoria, crime, decline, and treatment or death/right of return to resume a new cycler of addiction and euphoria bring us to the happy realization that Obamacare can easily afford to pay for the problem so long as youth subsidizing the insurance market are available to pay for drug treatment for their peers over and over, yet only if the top 1% of income earners are given substantial tax breaks to be then freed to create minimum wage, temporary jobs for the middle class.

There aren't so many people will health issues that are not created through free will choices that dopes that use narcotics freely can't demand free treatment from the government. If most mental and physical maladies that arise involuntarily require expensive treatment too, those sick people should just share.

Dopioid treatment concentration camps centers located around the nation can standardize dopioid withdrawal techniques. Bulk processing of dopioid addicts may be facilitated with the use of select closed military bases partially adapted for reconditioning dopiod addicts at low cost. It might be useful to have the entertainment industry that supports a dopioid social ethic to merge with dopioid drug producers and dopioid withdrawal drug producers, insurance companies and drug stores in a grand Dopioid corporation to maximize efficiency in the cycle of euphoria, withdrawal, bland interval and new euphoria etc.

DT centers could be modeled on Guantanamo Bay terrorist interrogation detention centers. New dopioid inmates would have their hair shaved and receive a vinyl jumpsuit that reads in bold and very small letters with a nice 60s hippest lettering font; “I'm a Dopioid moron.”

Each dopioid addict with have a personal kennel yard with a large plastic dog-house style plastic igloo to a home behind a ten foot razor wire topped chain link steel fence. Guy Lombardo music would cycle continuously for the pleasure of dopes through camp loudspeakers. Each dopioid inmate would be safe and secure with a personal, guaranteed washed blanket and steel bowl for feeding twice daily with a generous portion of a bag of all-food-groups kibbles and bits in addition to three quarts of water. The point is to create a plain safe place for dopioid withdrawal that may be used repetitively at comparatively low social cost. Irish monastics doing penance in former millenia lived in worse quarters.

An emergency medical response team would be available to help inmates if required, within minutes. When the 21 days of liberation were over the former dope would receive free transportation back to his town of choice. The public would be billed no more than 21,000 thousand dollars per dope.

Thursday, October 26, 2017

Sect Tillerson May Seek to Protract Syrian Gov Instability ThroughTerrorism

U.S. Secretary of State Rex Tillerson seemed to express support for continuing terrorist subversion of the lawful Syrian government. With the ISIS problem apparently on the decline, and with Ira’s government attacking former U.S. Kurdish allies now that they are superfluous for attacking ISIS territory in Syria, the Secretary seems disposed to move forward in creating a U.S. neo-puppet interim state in Syria with U.S. puppet soldiers of the Sunni sort until ISIS can return to take over the U.S. sponsored government that would kick out the Assad government with plenty of U.S. military support.

The policy seems a little sketchy.

A religious war by a godless atheist power and Sunni neo-terrorists against Christians, Shiites, Alawites and others seems implicitly a bad political direction. It might be better to encourage alternate energy and reconstruction instead as the fine leadership of Crown Prince Adullah of Saudi Arabia is working for in building a 300 million dollar solar, wind and fuel cell powered city in the desert.

Wednesday, October 25, 2017

Alaska Should Declare a State Income Tax Too

Pres. Trump's tax reform has a measure that would cancel federal deductions for state income tax. Rich, ppopulous states such as New York can have a very high state income tax and keep their money locally, while states with no income like Alaska pay their income tax to the Federal government entirely without state deductions. Eliminating the state income tax deduction would make rich states pay their fair share of the Federal budget instead of just receiving funds redistributed from tax payers in states with no or low state income tax.

Plainly Alaska should get with it and have a state incom
e tax that could be spent in Alaska and deducted from the federal income tax if the Trump tax reform bill with a revision or two such as raising the tax on the 4th and highest income bracket to 65% so the share of the top ten percent of income earners in the nations stays below 50% where it is today. Even in 1929 the mmost rich had just 35% of the nation's income. The new reform tax bill plus the Obamacare bond slave policy for youth workers make it look llike the vast majority of Americans will be fairly powerless politically and economically. Yet I suppose the politically correct, realistic response is; 'who cares'.

Evolution Is a Bad Moral Example

The fundamental character of biological life evolving is predation and consumption. Human reason rises above mere matter. Reason allows human beings to act cooperatively though evolution itself has no morality. It is immoral. Completely.

Human social reason invented the concept of morality. Morality has no place in evolution. Hence evolution is a bad model for moral and social theory much less practice.

A purely material universe evolves. It changes form. It alters its mass and quantum composition in accord with pre-existing boundary conditions and dynamic thermal inertia. Not before material configuration developed in such a way and so far as to permit the rise of human reason could any kind of moral theory appear. And reason is not of evolution nor embedded in it. Reason is a fundamental phase change entirely different than the insensate, material existence of a Universe such as that humanity appears to co-exist within.

One may of course stipulate that God pre-existed the material Universe and is absolutely moral; perfectly so. Humanity today alternatively, having discovered evolutionary structures and something of the nature of the material Universe often prefers to regard itself as the highest possible appearance of being so far in the Universe as a kind of personification of the Hegelian world-spirit. Be that as it may.

Reason is a break and phase change from matter. It cannot look to matter and energy as moral guides. Some contemporary theorist look to evolution as a justification for moral abnegation and license. If evolution has generated thousands of varieties of insects it goes or if some mammals exist that are bisexual, then it must be OK. for humans to be so too. In the absence of a presiding moral authority such as God, who is believed to have been eclipsed in veracity by the human discovery of evolutionary mechanisms at play in the universe, evolution itself must be the natural model for human social order. Reason is not so good in the paradigm as nature. The natural order of evolving species generates excellent moral models for human reason to abstract from and mimic.

If nature has no natural boundaries than neither must humanity. If a black widow sider eats her male mate, then it would be wrong to judge a female human that does so too.

If a super-computer generates life designs for genomes in every possible configuration for every computationally possible ecosystem on any plant, around any star or within any particle field it would be wrong to prevent the actualization of them. Morality is a matter of success; to fail is wrong, even if the failure allows one’s corpse to be consumed by the dominant successful political powers of the day.
It is ironic that humanity living before the first idea of God appeared along the evolutionary ascent of man had a state that modern, godless man seeks to devolve to dressed in hyper-advanced technology (though it was less than a century ago that most humanity hadn’t electrification and couldn’t ignite a fire with a zip-lock baggie and urine)). Before the rise of the concept of God appeared; probably at the start an idea of a single God, humanity had no moral guidelines except for those of pure force and personal then perhaps group advantage. In time the idea of many gods would arise because different people had different ideas and names about God. As groups banded together many Gods would cohere. Coincidentally society developed more social and legal structure and the idea of morality together with the idea of gods being responsible for everything. Some of those gods were more powerful than others,perhaps in relation to the realms becoming economically important to the people using them such as Neptune and the Sea, or Valhalla for Vikings traveling abroad-sometimes far south.

Many pagan deities and demi-urges followed the development of civilization. With comparison of different laws and religions, of different priesthoods and different worship practices perhaps the most primitive beginning of social sciences arose. In time Moses, the great moral authority appeared to resurrect the primordial idea of one true god to mankind. In the beginning of human intellectual and social ascent. Within the cell of basic mind, mankind needed to reach out in though within an elemental existentialism to think about something more powerful than himself existing as a creator and ruler of everything. Differentiating that capacity into many forms and persons was probably only a much later secondary intellectual development. The book of Jeremiah affirms that in the beginning everyone knew who he was and later forgot with the rise of false consciousness (another existential idea).

Jesus Christ appeared to transform the paradigm for the religion and worship of the One True God. Rather than admonishing everyone to perfectly obey strict and technical behavioral laws and practices, He asked only that people accept Him as their personal Savior and atonement for the sins they do and for their original sin and inability to either atone for it or live a perfect life and abstain from committing any other son themselves. Even today, and even among many Christians, people forget the true salvific work of Christ and believe in a blame compared to social perfection sort of religious criterion akin to that of the Pharisees of Jesus’ first century A.D. appearance on Earth. Seeking to free themselves from shame and blame for given sins and sinful behavior the lost overlook Jesus Christ’s work in taking care of that problem Himself.

Christians should no longer want to sin once they are saved. They would seek to make a doctrinal evolution such that sin is o.k. and ignore Bible truth. In the contemporary American era that evolved through various stages of mass popular Christianity to a present over-willingness to conform itself to popular evolutionary-inspired political and moral beliefs, the formerly Christian Churches that became reprobate gradually accepted the idea that evolution at least makes no moral demands as it has no moral content, and that the truth of evolution theory negates the truth of the Bible, the existence of God and the salvific work of the Lord Jesus Christ. I believe the Lord Jesus is a person of the one ttrue God. He appeared in history when the evolution of ancient kingdoms had run their course, when pagan deities were pervasive, and civilization was ready to advance and update the pagan and uncivilized world. The strict religious method given unto the Jews that required following external technical observances that catalyzed the cohesion of developing government as well as moral and legal codes was unsuitable for bringing a transcending, universal restoration of faith in One true God. The new covenant in the Lord Jesus Christ brought that Universal and transcending presence of God to all of mankind that received the call.

I want to point out in this essay the problem moderns have in looking toward evolution as a moral inspiration and guide for social morality much less social structure; Humanity has with its thought and reason risen beyond the natural criterion of evolution, though they are for the time-being biological tied to it and fated to live within it.

Reason may generate certain demographic, boundary criteria as moral guidelines, and to use those boundary conditions with a mathematical and algebraic social equivalence. Each human life would be regarded as of equal value; 1 = 1. Yet such a basic moral premise is entirely made gratuitously within an evolutionary criterion. For in nature the only measure of success and truth are historical observations describing what occurred.

There is nothing wrong for the evolutionary immoral criterion to act entirely in personal self-interest to the detriment of everyone else; the sole valid nominal moral judgment would be on the success or failure of an act. Act-based egoism could not differentiate between an evil act of killing one individual and killing a billion or a planetful of life. In evolution immorality there are no moral guides. Pragmatic judgments for self-interest must therein be extrapolated to included a utilitarian criterion for the greatest and most beneficial acts for the most people. Yet that too is a phenomenal and effervescent sort of moral judgment for evolution that has no necessary biological or empirical value. Neither may one use it as a way to predict and judge the value of a particular present world-line of actions for the future such that it would benefit and individual or a group or civilization more than others nor create a preferred direction in directed evolution to produce an ‘optimal’ outcome. Any sort of outcome would be as good as any other in directed evolution.

There is no escaping the fact that human reason is requisite for creating social morality. Evolution is in fact a non sequitur; human scientific and technical knowledge may overcome the criterion of selective material evolutionary change one day to produce a Utopia or dystopia. In the meantime encouraging humanity to refrain from creating dystopia for the masses or individuals is needed for the survival f mankind. I believe that in time, when the age of the gentiles if fulfilled, the church of Jesus Christ will encompass most of humanity and they shall be ready for a return to the absolute moral authority and author of reality. That destiny may be upon Earth or in a meta-urth paradigm greater than presently with the capacity of human imagination.

A Capital Rate of Return for the Aging of Obamacare

President Nixon circa 1970 invented corporate health care insurance for the people of the United States. It was an early version of Obamacare. Would it work today since Wall Street structure and globalization have changed so much with computers, telecoms and deregulation?

Capital is fluid in some investment forms more than others. Capitalization of steel mills and shipyards is less fluid and transmorphic than the near purity of bank capital. In the modern capital ecosphere the insurance business is one of the few business fields that haven even less invested in physical capital stock than banks (that are positioned to take over properties in default or have loans to property owners). Insurers merely promise to pay for claims in return for ‘insurance’ payments that comprise a kind of rent. Insurers have made a science of claims versus profits from rents ratios and would not be in business without being able to receive a normal rate of return on capital. The market rate of return on investment if average at 5% would be the minimum the insurers would expect from their capital or they would likely reallocate it to better business investments. In effect the insurance business would be a close approximation to a purely theoretical capital-investment-return structure.

Nixon-care was envisioned in an era when capital was far less fluid and volatile. Globalism had not yet fused with computers and brilliant quantitative trading algorithms. Capital in the Nixon administration had a greater relationship to physical and national physical structure than in the present era. The insurance capital today is closer to being an abstract capital amendable to instant investment decisions by insurers. If the insurance rate of return falls much below the average for the market capital rate of return on investment it can disappear from insurance investment use as quickly as insurance contracts expire.

Obamacare theoretically is a great unionization of consumers that makes partial bond slaves of healthy youth who are compelled to pay for the high insurance costs of sicker and older Americans. Plainly as Obamacare ages and the supply of a z.p.g. America youth pool dries up; as the formerly younger people age and draw upon insurance for-themselves health insurance costs will skyrocket in the absence of a health pool of exploitable bond-slaves.

Nixon-care/Obamacare may have worked in the 1970s. A generation of uninsured Negroes would have had health insurance resulting in the stop-loss of quite a few avoidable deaths perhaps. Yet Senator Ted Kennedy was against Nixon-care along with Democrat party leadership then. They wanted full British-style national health care and would settle for nothing less. Now, after forty years they have Nixon-care when the market has changed and it is obsolete.

Levering insurance costs through compulsory collective bargaining in effects negotiates directly with the market average rate of return on capital. It will never drop below the market average though, without disappearing into better fields of investment. Thus health insurance costs are more likely to rise or the quality of health care decrease in the long run. Forced to buy insurance in one large body, insurance companies that choose to participate with a lower rate of return can reduce the quality of service and raise profit to the market average.

The enslavement of American youth to subsidize health insurance costs are regarded as being a sufficient tool to keep insurance cost down. As mentioned earlier youth age too and that advantage theory will capsize and become a Titanic reversal. So national policy with Obamacare will require a huge influx of legal immigrants in the style of a ponzi scheme to keep making subsidy payments before they age, or youth and especially women will need to increase fecundity and create large 19th century size families.

One way to actually reduce U.S. health costs would be to reduce the period of patent exclusivity for manufacturing new technology or drugs to just three years after expiration letting anyone manufacture the product in return for giving 10% of profit to the original patent holder for a century. Companies would be encouraged to invent more and manufacturers could produce generic products for a fraction of today’s medical-pharmaceutical costs. Supply and demand in production is far more valuable in theory, at reducing health costs than the effort to negotiate with pure capital and to reduce its rate of return on investment average.

Capital plainly has become less tied to physical structure in new ways compared to the1970s. A capital management algorithm may reinvest capital in numerous fields as they are predictively able to return an above average profit temporally.

Compare the health insurance business to a casinos. Gamblers want a lower cost or a better share with increased odds of winning. Democrat organizers pass a law to force all Americans into buying gambling insurance against losses (for there are many losers and players that aren’t allowed to gamble on credit because they already owe money and can’t afford to play more). The vast left-wing union of gamblers does force the casinos the lower their profit margin and increase the odds of winning. Non-gambling healthy youth busy working in a nearby salt mine 18 hour days are unhappy about subsidizing gambling insurance for gambling that they don’t even use themselves. Oh well.

The casinos would have been boycotted if they didn’t cooperate with the Democrat Party gambling union, and many just got disgusted and closed their doors (that were just made of laser beams, holographs, smoke and mirrors anyway) and reinvested their capital into a manure reprocessing industry that paid the market average 5% rate of return. Some casinos did stay in business though.

Those casinos cut their costs to keep their profits at 5%. They got rid of the showgirls, eliminated free breakfasts and dimmed the lighting. Carpets became thread bear and gamblers were given extra charges for renting seats to sit at roulette and poker tables. And then, after a few years, the youth in the salt mine that had subsidized the costs became old and sick and moved to the casino gambling all day too. They played bingo as if there were no tomorrow and sadly, for many, there wasn’t.

Democrat party strategists devised a brilliant plan to keep the gamblers in casino chips; flood the nation with legal and illegal aliens on a regular, and secure temporal ponzi schedule at a ration of 4 immigrants for every aging gambler that requires subsidy. That turned out to be a bigger gamble than before though, since capital was global and the casino was seeking to ways to increase profit and return on investment globally. For capital never rests content with exist profit levels, unless in some instances, if it is inherited.

Wednesday, October 18, 2017

Chinese Communism: Leninism Meets Corporatism

Chinese President Xi Jinping in meeting at the mid-term Communist Party Congress (of his 10 year term of office) put out a vision of a new socialist China open to the world. It seems that China has a fair chance of being the world leader and principle economic power in the decades ahead. How did China manage that (besides U.S. political perfidy and corruption regarding the lack of classic political virtue?).

China took the path of Leninism rather than Stalinism in its application of the principles of Marxism in recent decades. While the cultural revolution was neo-Stalinist, Mao’s era was fundamentally revolution without the time paradigm for too much beyond consolidation and basic industrialization/defense.

Stalin was cultist like Dictator Kim Jong Un and purged the Soviet Communist Party of Leninists that were willing to follow Lenin’s choice for New Economic Policy and five year NEP plans allowing limited independent free enterprise to exist. Stalin centralized power, purged the ranks of any sort of leftover sympathies for free enterprise and industrialized while increasing his power base. When he died any sort of liberalization met leftover Stalinist elements and it became reasonable to adopt a moderate Trotskyite global export of revolution seeking world dominion of communism that Stalin has eschewed. The U.S. Col War conflict with the former Soviet Union meant that it had to battle Trotskyite forces and push the Soviet State back toward the more moderate realm of Leninism eventually lest an erstwhile dictator arise and take up the sole hard-line plan remaining; total global thermonuclear war.

Chinese leadership benefit from the end of the former Soviet Union and the natural insatiable greed of Wall Street to open China for business and sales rather than nuclear war. Leninism as a moderate force of modernization that works with global corporatism created the foundation of a future global corporate-socialist elite-run world state that annihilates individual free enterprise except as it is subordinated by law to the networked ruling elites.

I wrote about an alternate economic system that is possible for the U.S.A. in a short essay that could provide a different paradigm for the U.S.A. as a good example for pother nations to follow. Besides that, public debt for the U.S.A. and the concentration of wealth and power globally in a far less than ecological economic efficiency is the general drift.

Tuesday, October 17, 2017

Will Colin Kapernikus Make It to the C.F.L?

Two savants living beneath an underpass were roasting batter coated shrimp-dogs over a flaming oil drum and discussing the sorry plight of former N.F.L. quarterback star Colin Kapernikus.
If the lights had stayed out for the third quarter too in the Superbowl he couldda been mort than a contenda.”
He wasn't that bright in th first half. Neva could have got as close as they did without the lights goin out during halftime.”
They always said that you should take whateva job you can get after finishing college instead of waiting for the ideal quarterback position to open up.”
Like waiting for Tom Bl ady to bite it and quit the Boston Stranglers”.
Yeah, like dat. Kapernikus quit the San Franciscolds to mislead a protest boovement durink natural anthem singings across the nation. He wonders about the troubles getting hired to lead protest movements for a loke-all NFL team.”
I know for sure he could get a job at Labor Minders. They have a test that even an NFL quarterback could pass.”
What sort of test?”
Its their job safety exam. Questions that aren't essays are multiple choice.”
Such as?”
OK. Question one; There are five pictures of tools. Select the tool thats is used for driving a nail. The tool pictures are of a saw, a measuring level, a hammer, and a grapefruit.”
That isn't too easy. I remember when the offensive tackle Big Animal Cracker used a grapefruit to drive a nail. It was too horrible; shattered the Rust Belt Bowl halftime show like a storm.
Most people would choose the hammer. Arguing that a grapefruit isn't a tool would get a flunk for being argumentative and a less than ideal employee prospect.”
What about arguing that there weren't five tools?”
That would get you promoted to security.”
Colin Kapernikus has a few choices then. I think the best one would be to sign with the CFL Manitobiwan Maulers to prove he still has it.”
Has what?”

 “The ability to be another somewhat black quarterback able to win the Canadian Football League title."
"No one will ever notice. Music, opiods and football are the opium of the masses, and that's enough for one day."
"You neither I think since there hasn't been a day you weren't intoxicated since marijuana was legalized."

Monday, October 16, 2017

Reforming Capitalism and Federal Policy Inaccuracy

For some Americans political economic philosophical development stopped with Adam Smith while others regard it as a naturally evolving system requiring no control save that of an invisible hand. It goes without saying that replacing human reason for political and economic design with natural evolution theory is unreasonable. Neither might scientists discover a political-economic philosophy in nature suitable for human beings capable of replacing human reason as if the populous were trees that might be planted in nice neat rows in a forest.

Adam Smith’s treatise on what became known as capitalism; The Wealth of nations, is nearly 225 years old capitalism requires reform to halt its evolution into the oppressive elitist state equivalent to the British royal monopolistic government that Smith that a theory of liberal capitalism was antipathetic too. The concentration of wealth and corporate political power have developed sharply following the end of the Cold War in December 1989.

One might look to the Reagan era both for its brilliancy in working to end the nuclear arms race and Cold War simultaneously with a disposable political-economic philosophy product known as supply-side economics. That temporal philosophy allowed deficit spending to develop military and corporate sectors simultaneously, yet added vast public debt and cuts to public social service spending. That satisfied Ayn Rand enthusiasts that developed as an anti-communist/socialist pro-business guide for people enjoying a profit and ever desirous of lower taxes. A generation have followed the irrational Reagan policies that worked with a divine poetic aesthetic for ending the Cold War that should never have been transformed into a permanent federal policy. Political philosophical economic ideas seem to have died at that time as well. It is a dysfunctional paradigm.

Theorists about capital and monopoly such as Von Mises believed that capitalism would evolve to just a couple of corporations owning most everything in quasi-monopoly. Plainly that isn’t good. The strength of capitalism and democracy are in pluralism rather than in monolithic concentrated political and economic power.

The tax rate before the Reagan administration was more or less fair and had existed since WW II creating generations of steady economic growth. It is true that self-employed individuals with fewer than five employees should pay no more than 20% income tax, however vast tax cuts for the rich unbalancing a vast realm of competition and public democratic self-determination balances have turned capitalism too far toward an elite class of networked economic plutocrats equivalent to the royal monopolists against which Adam Smith’s revolutionary political manifesto revolted.

Foreign aid and ecospheric conservation and restoration policy are also contingent upon the state of the U.S. economy so far as the U.S. contribution goes. The United States will not, within corporatist guide criteria, pursue or fulfill foreign development of ecospheric restoration policies that are counter to prevailing U.S. domestic economic practices. If the United States fails to develop and lead the world with entirely green, sustainable ecospheric and business policies within a democratic criterion it will not provide such policies to poorer nations abroad. International agreements that arty to force from the top down particular national economic practices for the United States are unAmerican and onerous so far as to be received and used poorly for interference with existing national economic methods.

The U.S. government is too happy to give foreign military aid or loans for purchases of U.S. military manufactures because it supports the U.S. military manufacturing sector. If the U.S. economic sector produced a super-abundance of sustainable, low cost affordable energy production, storage and lighting products it would be too happy to provide those to poor foreign nations too (if U.S. infrastructure content also had high-efficiency, low-entropy characteristics).

During the Cold War era U.S. solders served in a defensive role to defend Europe and the reset of the world from communist aggression. They were more toward the defensive dove side rather than hawks. It is ironic that the most hawkish act followed the end of the Cold War when the Democratic Clinton administration finessed away from the baby weak former Soviet Union the integral, historic Russian candy of the Crimea and Ukraine. That act provoked long range schism with returning Russia to post

The Democratic Party have supported a mutts-without-borders immigration policy that provides cheap labor for a hosting nation while letting the top decile concentrate wealth and corporate power. So long as the rich receive tax cuts and women are promoted in a corporatist government new world order they rest content with masses of relocating poor and foreign disorder. Mexico is a great nation physically and easily could be upgraded with new technology to a status that requires no foreign economic volkerwanderung for better wages.

Capitalism can be reformed by passing laws that prevent the over-accumulation of wealth by a tiny minority of Americans. Presently fewer than 10 % of the people receive more than half of the national economic income just as they did in 1929 before the stock market crash. Further tax cuts would send the national income far beyond the tipping point that is actually at 35%. Taxation that keeps the top 10% from controlling more than 35% of U.S. income was the way it was until the Reagan administration (following WWII reforms) when thereafter federal budgeters lost their minds.

Reforming national tax policy today requires more than setting the tax rate on the top ten percent to 75%. It requires reducing the period for exclusive patents to five years. After five years anyone could manufacture a patented product paying ten per cent of profit to the inventor as a royalty.

The nation also needs to assure that everyone of all income levels can afford a patent and not need to be rich to defend one. There should be a national minimum income of one-quarter the average wage available to any unemployed American. Public higher education should be free to all citizens. People should be free to be the best they can be and to pursue higher and abstract goals with the concerns of venality socially such as assault the poor and broke. It would have a salutary effect of reducing crime, gangsterism and poor health as well as the futility of lost time in pursuit of dead end goals.

National health care can be accomplished for low cost through expansion of existing poor people's clinics and VA Hospitals to provide free walk-in health care for the nation’s poor. Working Americans earning too much for walk-in coverage could take out very low interest health care loans from the federal government for blue moon medical emergencies that would be repayable on favorable terms even after and emergency procedure. It makes little sense for the U.S. Government to subsidize millions of Obamacare policies in effect paying for nothing that is used instead of something material and real. If one out of five Americans needed food subsidies from the U.S. Government, why should the government pay an insurance company for food insurance for all Americans at a higher cost than direct providing of food to those that actually need it?

Obamacare has a kind of mad cow disease economic effect creating space-holes in federal economics that are ill affordable considering the U.S. public debt is about 20 trillion dollars in 2017. Quite likely medical insurance costs for everyone that shouldn’t need government financial or direct medical support could be reduced by reducing patent exclusivity to five years-non-renewable, with 10% royalties from everyone producing a formerly exclusively patent protected product thereafter. Generic drugs and widely produced medical instrumental technological items would drop in price.

Capitalism can be reformed into a more modern form that creates more opportunity for more people while being more ecospherically adaptive, responsible and simultaneously competitive in a positive sense of stimulating invention and rewarding intelligence for creative and efficient design.

Capital reform could limit the number of corporations individual could own shares in to prevent networking corporations with ad hoc monopoly through boardrooms that prevent and control competition. No individual should own shares of more than three corporations.

Progressive taxation on the most rich would stop development of plutocracy and redirect funds into infrastructure, debt repayment and ecospheric restoration.

It would be a good idea to limit the size of any corporation to 100,000 employees again to prevent monopolistic developments and to stimulate intelligence, competition and creative design. Federal policies should create tax advantages and incentives for low entropy added manufacturing procedures that are ecospherically synergistic and restorative.

Thursday, October 12, 2017

Christopher Columbus- The Unifier of Mankind

Christopher Columbus was the greatest explorer and discoverer in human history. Her dis-covered and entire hemisphere of the planet unknown to people's East and West (except for some of the Berengia and trans-arctic region of the time). An Italian captain working for hire by the Spanish monarchy, Columbus has been blamed by contemporary leftists for all that followed his discovery including colonization, slavery and even genocide. What people fail to remember is that Columbus was Italian, not Spanish, and that the Italians did not colonize America; they explored it.

It was not the Italian conquistadors that conquered Mexico City or the Inca empire of Peru. Neither did Italians colonize the West Indies and South America. Instead, Italians were busy creating a renaissance, writing poetry, making scientific discoveries or being burned for scientific heresy. Columbus on his third voyage to America was sent back in chains at the order of Spanish authorities. Undoubtedly as a tough captain of the era able to withstand mutiny at sea, he was not averse to taking a profit and enriching himself. One may compare him to the rugged captains of privateers that survived in the era of sea war between England and France and coastal captains such as Martin Frobisher who was so menacing that he could intimidate his scurvy, dangerous sea dogs into compliance aboard ship. Frobisher walked back to England from a diseased African mining colony before eventually reaching the eponymous Frobisher bay in Canada after working for Francis Drake (it was Frobisher who led the attack on the Spanish positions at St. Augustine Florida).

The Spanish Royal authorities that colonized the Americas were not Christopher Columbus. Royalty of the 15th and 16th centuries were more like the North Korean Dictator Kim Jong Un with his family as aristocrats. They had nearly absolute power and were at war with other royals of rival nations 1quite regularly. It is unreasonable to expect human history to be a tale of political leadership hell in Eurasia and transform to an Oprah Winfred- led marshmallow configuration upon reaching the western hemisphere- they were just 15th and 16th century human beings of a more technologically advanced East meeting outlier fugitives separated by centuries to thousands of years from the rest of humanity in the west.

Pre-Columbian America was sparsely peopled by a variety of DNA tribal groups including some from the Middle Eastern Druze. They were not kinder, gentler bucolic buffalo. They had human sacrifice and slavery comparable to African society of the era perhaps, witho9ut having invented the wheel except for use as a toy. Without the population demographics and inter cultural technology information transfers of the old world they would be slower in technological advance. Though they had human sacrifice and slavery in the Aztec Empire, and slavery in Tlingit land of Alaska that continued until the Alaska purchase and a little beyond, pre-Columbian peoples were largely illiterate as were most people of the world besides elites. Intdiginous people were not averse to practicing tribal genocide.

One might have wished kinder, gentler peoples to have connected the two hemispheres together through the great discovery, unfortunately they did not exist on either shore.

!5th and 16th century Europe were full of troubles and conflicts. The masses were yet peasants and held in thrall by elites. Only bloody revolutions and centuries of international conflict directed by ruling elites would sort matters out and let the masses have greater wars in time spanning the globe.

Holland had mass starvation in the 16th century. He Spanish had finished a half century of war called the reconquista against Muslim invaders in 1492. Muslim turks called the Osmanlis and later Ottoman Empire were attacking Europe and took Constantinople from the Greeks and Eastern Roman Empire's remnant state called Byzantium. Mongols had invaded Europe beginning with Russia in the 14th century. They continued nearly to the Baltic Sea until the death of Genghis Khan. Europe was recovering from a biological war started by Turkish Muslims when they hurled plague infested rats into Constantinople. Two thirds of the population of Europe had perished by the 13th and 14th centuries.

In North America one of the greatest conquests 8in human history had just occurred when Dorsett Eskimos crossed the Bering Strait in an 200 years with a dog-sled Blitzkrieg that would embarrass Hitler's puny conquest of Poland and France, swept away all indigenous resistance before it and arrived in Greenland in a magnificent conquest of the Arctic shoreline of the western hemisphere.
Africa had its cannibals and human sacrifice of course, yet it had great conquerors such as were the Zulu as well as slavery long before Arabs arrived to create the East African institution of slavery and slave exports.

Europe had interminable battles with its own national royal houses, and cannibalism had disappeared last as a tribal act when the Sammi of Finland reportedly quit eating human flesh. The annals of human history on both sides of the pond are not full of peaceful gentle aristocratic and benevolent rulers. It is a history of a world of desperate, unkind and cruel killers organizing themselves under the coercion of violence and greed for commerce, trade and comfort into larger groups of power. I like to think that Columbus and his great discovery represents one of the best and least violent human traditions; discovery, and that the usual tribal, racial, elitist and economic quests for power that bring conflict commonly are less so.

The Apostate Church Doctrine of Sin

Several Christian churches such as the PCUSA have made sin an official doctrine in recent years, following secular sentiment. Homosexual marriage is acceptable for the PCUSA and clergy will perform the rites of marriage. Abortion is tolerated and contraception fine with the clergy. Homosexuality is plainly proscribed as sin in the Bible in old and New Testaments, thus making homosexual marriage official doctrine makes sin official doctrine and is apostasy. What is wrong with choosing to make sin official doctrine?

Jesus Christ, the Lord God, being flesh to become an acceptable blood atoning sacrifice paying for the original sin debt of mankind that estranged mankind from God, sacrificed his life to reconcile mankind with God so far as possible. Sin cannot stand in the presence of God whom is perfect. When Jesus has become the sin eater of mankind, God can view mankind through the Lord as being without sin. The Divine economy of creation and being cannot tolerate sin; sin or error is counter-reality.

One may argue about the nature of God's creative work and even about what original sin is. There is no question however that sin is wrong and that Jesus Christ came to overcome and defeat sin for those of faith in the Lord Jesus Christ and His Father.

When an ostensibly Christian sin acts to marry same sex people in sin, they in effect bring sin to marry with the Lord God, for the church is the bride of Christ. The reprobate church seeks to make Jesus Christ accept sin as live and good, rather than overcoming it. Sin is not buried with the crucifixion of the Lord in the case of unrepentant homosexual marriage. Instead the church celebrates and affirms sin.

It is written that Jesus became sin in being crucified in order to take the responsibility for the sin of the elect he choose to save unto himself for eternity. It is not the case the Jesus accepted sin as good and married with it to bring it to heaven and God. Fundamentally homosexual marriage is a Satanic act when brought within the church that seeks to make the Lord into the Devil in-himself, evil good, and falsehood, truth. Jesus was judged by God for being sin, not excused from it or commended for it.

The Lord became convicted of sin by God as was sacrificed for that. Just as capital punishment is not an approval of the crimes of the offender today, neither was it in the day of the life of Jesus Christ in the first century. Jesus as God and man simultaneously could at once serve as an atoning sacrifice and bearer of the sins of the elect with their judgment while having the power to overcome sin and remain perfect. No one else was capable of that.

The doctrine of homosexual marriage within the church destroys that denomination of the church. It makes a mockery of the sacrifice of the Lord Jesus Christ. It worships Jesus Christ as a figure representing the doctrine of Satan. Satan is believed to have the doctrine that sin and unreality are desirable states for mankind.

Theoretical Causality of the Mandelay Bay Massacre

A week before the massacre in Las Vegas North Korean Dictator Kim Jong Un made dire threats and imprecations to the U.S. such that it would receive the fires of hell. James Paddock's killing of 58 and wounding of more than 500 seemed to fit the paradigm of possible evils the Dictator could accomplish un petite whipping of his adversary's butt. With a little planning and fieldwork it was fairly simple to acquire a well-placed American asset to spend at the right time. The Paramount Dictator appointed a stealth woman to coordinate and field a special mass-killing-of-Americans plan.

“Whatever Trump might have expected, he will face results beyond his expectation,”  “I will surely and definitely tame the mentally deranged US dotard with fire.”-Dictator Kim Jong Un

When the mission hammer dropped in Las Vegas, the satisfaction of blood flowing all around one's enemies was deeply fulfilling. Predictably Americans followed the event with cries for disarmament and psychological counseling increases. In the land where nothing is real except the income of the decile and their 50% take of national income, there are no real political machinations from foreign agents that aren't named Vladimir Putin.

James Paddock was a hardened big time gambler and picked up bad debt and markers held by organized crime that were sold to Kim Un. Paddock visited Hong Kong the week before the shooting and made a $100,000 deposit in his girlfriend's account. Hong Kong is a good place to arrange or receive instructions/orders for a mass killing.
(between Marxism, Leninism and the Adam Smith museum's historical curator).

North Koreans are not banned from travel in China and could meet without attracting attention global actors in the intertidal zone that is Hong Kong . Paddock probably gambled in Kowloon and may have become leveraged by Chinese organized crime.

Dictator Kim Jong Un probably uses black market connections for trading items prohibited by international sanctions. Paddock may have been a useful acquisition as an asset for the Dictator to spend at the right moment in Las Vegas.

It does not seem unlikely that Paddock the pro gambler with a risky lifestyle encountered shady underworld characters occasionally. Some of those may have presented enough of a threat that Paddock built a gun collection over time; better safe than sorry. As he was drawn into the orbit and power of triads and eventually the Dictator he may have upgraded his weapons collections for the eventual use.

Speculation on such an affair is interesting enough though unsupported by evidence. 

Tuesday, October 03, 2017

Should Foreign Political Action Committees Be Allowed to Place Adds?

Can foreign governments form their own political action committees to influence U.S. election results? If so, must they openly declare that they are foreigners seeking to get support for politicians that will cause harm to a particular sector of the U.S.A. (such as the Clintons) or that would benefit foreign billionaires (maybe the Clintons?).

 Americans saw adds on FB paid for, apparently by some with connections to Russians.

It may be that foreigners are prohibited by law (U.S. law) from directly contributing to U.S. politicians. The Clinton Foundation received contributions from numerous or innumerable foreign rich people and received favors such as State Dept tours for doing so. It is not clear that there is anything illegal about buying advertising space on FB that support anything that isn't prohibited by international law.

Maybe the Trump administration should establish a foreign agent political action committee criterion that would allow any sort of foreign group to register and take out adds to influence U.S. elections, though appropriately labeled adds noting foreign origin.

One wonders if it is constitutionally acceptable to ban foreign based political action committees from existing, as purely evil as they may be, though of a variety less so than more egregiously criminal forms of evil.

International law may be well advised to take up the issue of foreign influence on extraneous nations, as well as the role of multinational corporations in supporting political action committees or elections in foreign nations, in regard to registering officially and receiving some sort of sanction for failing to do so. 

International Political Actions Committees (IPACS) might be registered that operate openly and lawfully anywhere they are not banned by a receiving national government and some global duplicity might be eliminated.

All That's Left (poem)

All That’s Left

Gentle waves slosh in slow breakers
stones too wet receive the dreams
in timeless mist of entropy
the aesthetic, silent infusion of song

Green is a treason for numbers
that cry for profit of increase
where infinite circles reach greater
expanses against relativistic effects

For gravity is all that’s left
from a counter-punching organization
replacing infinite fractions with wholeness
increasing ambient sentience in one
Loch ness like monstrous equation
that being and becoming
multiplies complexity while it simplifies
starry crescendos and planets orbiting tighter
as spaces fall away
land time goes by.

Monday, October 02, 2017

Tensioned Sail WInd Power Generator Idea

Perhaps others have developed the concept of using a sail on land to generate electrical power, I don't know. Yet because the thought occurred to me I write a note about it here in order to let others research or develop that concept.

Fundamentally one can catch a lot more wind with a large square sail than with the much smaller surfaces of propeller-like blades. People have let wind provide the mechanical moving energy directly for centuries instead of using an indirect means to directly convert a large area of  a sail to mechanical and eventually via an alternator- electric power.

The larger the the more force would be exerted upon it in a wind. There would be two masts on a turntable connected at the corners to a tensioned line and various reduction gears that would turn an alternator via the extreme force on the tensioned connector cables.

The tensioned cables could be spring-loaded, or they might compress in-line elements connected to reduction gears, or they could be fashioned in numerous configurations such as around pulleys and with compressible springs etc.

A strong point about land sails for generating electric power would be the low cost of sails as well as low maintenance and installation costs. probably someone thought of tying sails into mechanical systems before, yet I don't want to fail to note the concept anyway.

One Percent Reigning Fire from Above (poem)

One Percent Reigning Fire from Above

Concentrated wealth and power high, above
crowds on the street oblivious, too
staccato music gun sights of late night
drawn on a mile wide target, for bear

Bullets rain fire, drops of hell
slapping bodies on a Sabbath, with sharp
tax cuts for a 1% ,raising legions of demons
upward reaching for gamblers, lost

Country people doped down, adds
casualties to the party-dream, sounds
of pathos, like hydrogen fusion explosions
in miniature lives that matter too

Power corrupts and absolute tax cuts
concentrate wealth and power absolutely
disarming stockyards
where the crowd played

Un till, first responders arrived
twasn't pobvious lempr slobaganda
that could be shunt down for a buck

with a thong.

A Good On-Line Reading of the KJV Bible

I found a good audio app for reading the King James version of the Bible. It is available here.