Saturday, August 31, 2013

Patriots Cut Tebow; Eagles Next Stop?

Former Heisman trophy winning quarterback Tim Tebow was cut today by the New England Patriots. That creates the prospect that the Philadelphia Eagles may sign the tough running QB to share running around or over defender duties with Michael Vick.

Looking for his fourth NFL team Tebow may find a good fit in an offense that plans to rely on injury prone running quarterback Michael Vick on every play. The task of being a running quarterback in a passing league is harder than ever before with large high speed, defenders. With two tough running quarterbacks it might work for a year or three.

Friday, August 30, 2013

U.S. Vigilante Justice or War Crimes Tribunal for Syria Chemical Attack?

President Barrack Hussein Obama and Secretary of State John Kerry have made it clear that the U.S. will not let Syria go unpunished for the chemical attack on a Damascus suburb that Sect. Kerry says killed more than 1400 souls. The U.S. Government seems set upon a course of cruise missile attacks of what some would regard as vigilante justice outside of the context of International War Crimes courts. Evidently the administration logic goes that Courts of Criminal Law are no justice at all and only vigilante justice by the strong can be swift and certain.

Most AMericans oppose military intervention in SYria. yet President Obama sems determined to pursue limited military vengenance in order that Syrian leader Assad 'can't get away with it'. One infers that the attorney-President regards judgement by an Internal War Crimes court as no justice at all so Assad would get away with it without a cruise missile attack upon his interests.  Obama-Syria can't get away with it

While President Obama has just ordered the U..S. Government to no longer prosecute recreational use of ganja across the 50 states and has supported homosexual marriage recognition in federal law he has little confidence in international war crimes courts evidently. Perhaps he should seek to reinforce that institution, except of course U.S. Presidents seem to prefer to be outside the law themselves or at least not subject to its judgement on possible war crimes for-themselves.

Secret. of State Kerry said in effect that the 'who we are' point does not allow American leaders to tolerate war crimes on the innocent such that we cannot help but intervene. Starting with F.D.R. doing little to help the Jews in Germany during the Second World War through using agent orange in Vietnam and with plenty of civilian casualties from a number of causes through to modern times with hundreds of thousands of civilian deaths in Iraq and Afghanistan as the U.S. government pursued dubious policy goals and while the U.S. sat on its hands in the genocides of Cambodia, Rwanda and Darfur the ability of U.S. administrations to turn a blind eye to genocide and democide when convenient-as when 50,000 Iraqi civilians were dying annually during the Clinton era sanctions is demonstrably untroublesome. What is different about the 1400 deaths in Syria that is evident is the vast financial value of regime change with the hostile takeover value immediate.

In pursuing vigilante justice as a partisan power-for the U.S. has egged on the rebels to increase effort for two years, the U.S. administration needs to be careful not to appear to perpetrate aggressive war through proxies for-themselves. Why is it that legal means cannot be used to prosecute war criminals and vigilante remedies for war crimes are better?

Thursday, August 29, 2013

Sarin Fog of War-Claims & Counter-Claims in Syrian Chemical Attack

While the British Parliament has voted not to support military reprisal against the Assad Government, the Assad Government has supporters that have produced video of rebels with alleged chemical weapons. Because VX and Sarin require only small quantities to produce fatality it is credible that anyone with access internationally to the lethal nerve agent could have used the stuff over the background of conventional rocket attacks further adding a fog of death to the fog of war. Cameron Loses Vote to Intervene Militarily Casualties of Damascus suburb chemical war

It would be good if experts commented on such particular weapons and video yet propaganda and counter-propaganda isn't rare in war for power and public opinion. Legal means for enforcing international bans on use of chemical weapons should be resolute and enforced after the war is over as war crimes proceedings. Direct intervention to safeguard human life from theoretical additional chemical attacks probably would need to follow direct evidence of the intention to perpetrate further attacks by any protagonist in the conflict rather than as an immediate reaction to the existing historical use in a Damascus suburb.

What is the Financial Value of Syria? Auction It to End the Conflict?

The question of what a country like Syria would sell for on the open market is probably relevant. One wonders if there are financial reasons why Syrian rebels and the 'Friends of Syria' are motivated to take over.

I have no idea how one would calculate the value of Syrian real estate, of the headwaters of the Euphrates and control of the flow of water, the buildings, various military assets and so forth, yet it must be a few billion dollars at least. Would the Assad regime be better off agreeing to list and auction of Syria to the highest bidder at ebay and move out if the offer meets minimum reasonable standards of appraised value?

An impartial highest bidder buyer of Syria could have international law enforcement on his side, and I suppose he might agree to lease certain properties to the Assad regime and even to provide law enforcement services. Alternatively President Assad could make Syria the first officially corporatist state and simply list the nation on the New York Stock Exchange and invite investors at the I.P.O. As a corporate state the government could be run by and for the plutocracy and civilians casualties that develop with a hodge podge of proxy terrorist actors implementing the will of global martinets might become de trop.

Wednesday, August 28, 2013

If the Syrian Government is Bumped Out, Where Would the Survivors Go?

What would happen to Syria and the region if the Assad government were to be put down by international force is evidently a current events topic.

Some on thinking along the lines of chemical and explosives weapons proliferation. Others wonder if the Alawite might retire to Iran and become a new minority in greater numbers. Yet it is reasonable to consider that the Alawite might seek to upgrade their living status with waterfront property and the Lebanese highlands perhaps with hegemony over adjoining areas of Syria.

I believe one possibility is that Syrian government personnel might flee to Lebanon and expand the Hezballah presence perhaps converting that state into a new, armed and radicalized synthetic Shia-Alawwite state while Syria would be taken over by the Muslim Brotherhood and those farther to the right. Prince Bandar bin Sultan-former ambassador to the U.S. and a member of the global plutocracy has ideas about it. As a Sunni state affiliate under the influence of the Wahhabi and Saudi royals it is uncertain that it would be more stable that it was before the civil war started. Bandar's home sold to John Paulson for $49 million Bandar bin Sultan offers to buy billions of Russian arms, Putin demurred

Global fracking may have altered the timing of the Hilbert Curve on world peak oil production and combined with a transition to ecospherically less harmful electro-magnetic transport Saudi oil wealth power may stabilize rather than increase proportionally. Some of course wondered if U.S. interest in Persian Gulf oil in the era before fracking led to mid-east policy that favored regime change in Iraq.

Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Fact Checking Sect. Kerry's 'Moral Compass' Speech

Secretary of State Kerry said that anyone that believes Syrian rebels would use nerve agent on civilians instead of the government should check their 'moral compass'. Yes it may be true that a government rather than citizens might be motivated to victimize so many generally, yet in the case of an international legion of terrorists from across the Sunni world we cannot be so certain.

Al Qaeda is active in the Syrian conflict as well as other terrorist groups and there are not known to be recalcitrant over creating civilian casualties. One's moral compass may point to the World Trade Center 9-11-2001 as well as the Pentagon as examples of terrorist attacks on civilians. With the largely Sunni development of suicide bombs in the Middle East that has proliferated across the world mostly targeting civilians it is difficult for a moral compass to ignore that direction. Thousands and thousands in Iraq were killed by suicide bombings and very likely terrorist groups exploiting utilitarian and pragmatic rules would decide that sacrificing a few thousand civilians to get the United States to hand victory to them would be worth the cost.

It is also possible that some terrorist groups don't really care so much for Syrians since they aren't from Syria. It is rather instructive that Sect. Kerry has so much respect for the moral compass of terrorists that he does not consider it possible that they could get and use nerve agent on civilians in Syria, yet I am not so sure myself.

When competent and complete investigation of the cause of the use of nerve agent in the Damascus suburb is present then direct legal action with international force ought to be taken. Pitching horseshoes for causus belli of interventionist conflict isn't so good after the fact if it turns out the approximate and uncertain reason for entering into a non-proximal to U.S. interest conflict was wrong.

Sect. Kerry is of a billionaire family that is a member of the global plutocracy. They tend to view the world through their own values of where what is good for-themselves is good for the poor and middle class. Russia has about 75 billionaires with a GDP of only 1.2 trillion dollars. It is understandable that President Putin has found it tough to reign in an incipient oligarchy. Public interest requires that government look out for the 150 million non-billionaire Russians as well as to serve the very few. The U.S.A. has more than 400 billionaires and China about 100. These are very influential people in business and politics that may preclude political developments that would tax or conflict with their class interests of collecting rents and consolidating wealth. Too often the environment is not protected, conserved or restored because of the influence of oligarchs.

Sect. Kerry finds civilian casualties in Syria from chemical weapons a 'moral obscenity' yet to those wound and killed by explosives and conventional weapons to a similar extent the difference between non-obscenity and obscenity is rather vague. For some all casualties of war are the obscenity rather than those killed by a particular kind of weapon.

War crimes and conventions defining war crimes do exist and respect for rule of law on those international agreements should be used instead of kangaroo court edicts by the most powerful that may or may not have a record of trustworthiness. If it becomes evident that a plain and substantive use of chemical weapons is the real policy of the Syrian or any other government in an existing war than there ought to be real time to react. That standard has just not been met in Iraq, and it is wrong to stipulate vague standards that anyone may try to get under or frame up to meet in order to precipitate international intervention of one side.

Watching the war may make Sect. Kerry feel a little like an N.F.L. referee that should intervene whenever he sees a foul. Yet that paradigm is perhaps a wrong perspective by which to view world events and the Syrian civil war. It is at any rate a little uncomfortable to consider such a policy if the U.S.A. were not the most powerful nation militarily on Earth considering the intervention. What if it was China choosing where and when to intervene and what sort of government to depose?

Monday, August 26, 2013

Syria and The Logic of Intervention Over VX or Sarin Deaths

After the death of several hundred people in a suburb of Damascus probably by contact with nerve agent calls for instant U.S. intervention in the Syrian civil war on behalf of the rebels have arisen even as the Syrian government has allowed U.N. chemical weapons to investigate the site of the event. The U.S. navy has moved warships closer offshore Syria in preparation for a possible cruise missile attack on that country as if the U.S.A. is the world's policeman.  Some are anxious to remove Assad and move custody of the trove of nerve agent to more reliable hands such as a new Muslim Brotherhood led Sunni government of Syria or get rid of the stock altogether by dispersing it around the middle east and North Africa to ad hoc Al Qaeda terror associates. Who can say? We can be sure that if Armageddon were to actualize the problem would not be comparatively substantive.

Policemen are not generally judges yet should be good investigators. Investigating the alleged rocket attack on a Syrian suburb that delivered nerve agent is just getting started. Calls for launching a war instantly as if the Poles had attacked Germany again or as if Saddam Hussein was readying to launch his nuclear weapons on New York or the North Vietnamese navy has attacked American ships in the Gulf of Tonkin bring a certain measure of familiar incredulity to citizens distrusting U.S. government credibility on such issues. Some people in government never want to hesitate with second thoughts and miss the chance to leap into the righteous glory of war upon puny powers evolving the future with a roll of the dice. And that without a clue about what a post-Assad Syria would be like in this case. Maybe it would only cost two or three billion to rebuild Syria as it would Iraq according to neo-con estimates.

Nerve agent is in effect a very concentrated insect poison. It is fairly easy for governments to manufacture and there is a lot of it around. The former Soviet Union probably left oceans of old artillery shells full of it in its former Republics. It does not stretch the imagination much to consider that Al Qaeda or another Sunni covert op could have acquired a cup of VX, GA or GB to use in the Syrian conflict as a way to get the U.S. military to win the war for them.

A cup of VX could kill a thousand people if optimally use as a vaporized. There are numerous ways of delivering VX from a pressurized spray canister hidden under a burka or placed in a low-flying quiet drone aircraft like a wraith painted black flying through the evening to disperse death. So even if there is are rocket remnants on site and even if there are traces of nerve agent associated with it. It should be plain that the rocket actually was the delivery vehicle of the nerve agent and not contaminated post hoc before proceeded to step two.

Step two would be finding an answer to the logical question of who it was in the Syrian Government ordered chemical a weapon to be launched? Was the order to use nerve agent one time on a particular civilian concentration a decision made by the Assad chain of command or was it a volunteer selection by a rebel sympathizing commander trying to bring U.S. intervention down upon the Assad Government forces?

Another question for Americans is that of intervention at all. Why should the U.S. government be quick to enter foreign wars on one side or the other when neither has attacked the United States of America? Neither should the U.S. government be a slow dupe easily led by plotters getting the bull to charge where they like to do their killing for them.

Syria does not yet seem much of a threat to the U.S.A. or N.A.T.O. members though an attack on Syria making the government more desperate could perhaps lead to unforeseeable consequences in the protracted development of chaotic conflict in Syria the Obama administration supported from the start. If the Assad government did launch the chemical weapon time to prosecute that regime's bad actors in the future probably will exist. I

Democrat Congressman (of N.Y.) Eliot Engall spoke out recently urging the administration to expedite attack on the Assad Government and bypass the slow legal machinery of the U.N.. He cited humanitarian and national interest reasons in promoting conflict enhancement. Even so it seems a bad idea.

If the orgasm of intervening cruise missile blasts occurs the aftermath will not necessarily be development of good fruit of peace and prosperity Syria. France, the former colonial power has also urged intervention. It would be good if the French, British and other interventionists could pay for and enact military assaults against Syria for-themselves and for others concerned around the world about the developments in the Syrian war without U.S. participation for a change. The Obama administration should not be the designated hit man of special interests.

The basic concern internationally when chemical war incidents occur ought to be containment and later prosecution of particular individuals that decided to use chemical weapons in the world court. Actual decisive intervention to alter the course of war as a punishment for an alleged use of chemical war weapons as a minor element of war tactic rather than as a primary methodical approach to conducting war would seem to wrong. That is non-substantive use of chemical weapons in war would seem a cause for post-war prosecution of perpetrators by international war crimes courts whereas if chemical weapons are used in order to decisively win a war that might be a valid reason for international intervention contingent upon if the international body intervening likes or dislikes the protagonists in the war. For instance if Australians had used chemical weapons on the Nazis during World War Two (they didn't) the other allies would not have intervened on behalf of the Nazis to make the conflict fairer.

A civil war is a bloody thing and in the modern context where foreign volunteer warriors and terrorists by the thousands actively involve themselves and where a host of 'friends of Syria' have provide weapons and other material for war in addition to bucket-loads of cash the impartiality of intervention is hardly credible.

Instead of choosing who the winners and losers are in foreign conflicts not concerning our allies with copious cruise missiles and carpet bombing because of the orgasmic military pleasure of killing with a pretension of righteousness the U.S.A. should be cool on war and invest in building peaceful, renewable economic methods at home and abroad that employ the poor and restore the decaying planetary ecosphere too health with liberty and tigers for all.

Sunday, August 25, 2013

Voter Photo I.D. Cards- The Better Security Upgrade for Democracy

Digital photography produces near zero-cost pictures hence using digital photographs and face recognition systems at voting booths would be a way for easy, security verification of individual identity. State election officials when registering a voter could make a free photo voter I.D. for a voter that he or she could present on voting day to election officials. The election system could also make a face scan with a camera to verify the voter's picture stored in the election files before stepping into the voting booth. With such simple, low, low cost technology available to confirm and secure voter photo identity it makes little sense to fail to defend the integrity of voting as the prerogative of citizens. A photo on a voter I.D. card is no more harmful than a photo on a driver's license.

Adequate voter I.D. to defend against voter fraud is not an effort to restrict voter rights or turn back the clock to Jim Crow days before the 1964 Civil Rights Act. Some uncreative politicians doomed to repeat the past might wish to persuade voters that having voter photo I.D. or photo I.D. on a driver's license is an effort by segregationists to send blacks back to the plantation. I think that's not so. The reasons that some black politicians can't get beyond half-century old ways of thinking are probably the same reason some white politicians keep coming up with ancient non-renewable, unsustainable economic policy for the U.S.A. (they just aren't the brightest bulbs illuminating creative darkness.)

If M.L.K. had been speaking at the commemorative half century observance of the 1963 march on Washington D.C. he would likely have expressed an optimistic paradigm for reforming and restoring the U.S. economy such that full employment would result. He would have been unlikely to dwell on amorphous allegations of racial discrimination.

There was no ambiguity about the Jim Crow south's racial discriminations. Politicians didn't need to cook up baloney incidents or find a George Zimmerman to try to lynch for defending his life. When Rosa Parks moved to the front of the bus it wasn't an action against a vague or imagined segregation policy. M.L.K. took issue with the meaty substance of political issues of his day with optimism and an interest of the rights of mankind. In today's egression toward the developing Plutonomy with concentrated wealth for the top .1% and 30% of Harvard grads in the financial and banking services seeking to extract money rather than create new ecologically sustainable economic policy good for all much of the focus on dubious racial oppression in the U.S.A. is a detraction from making the economy of all people rise with a new tide of ecospherically intelligent economic values.

The value of the right to vote is meaningful only when voter fraud is not a substantial percent of the votes cast. Defending the value of citizenship and the right of a citizen to vote on important issues such as political leadership requires adequate, contemporary photo voter I.D. The economic future of the poor and middle class are not necessarily bright in the intermediate range future of the U.S.A. The concentration of wealth in the hands of the top .1% comprised increasingly of bankers, financial sector workers and Wall Street C.E.O.s has morphed toward an extraction, rent-collecting class of clever skimmers, takeovers and makeovers artists instead of creative materials production. 

With the rise of the middle class in China and India and the BRIC nations the global plutocrats tend to view the former powerful and in decline U.S. middle class and of course the poor as of middling meaning. With politicians bought and paid for by the media owning Plutonomy the me-generation of middle class sycophants afraid to reform capitalism only support more deregulation of finance that serves to redistribute wealth from the poor and middle class to the rich. M.L.K. would not have been fooled by these events and would not have been a yard barking at who do's long gone.

Thursday, August 22, 2013

Bored Youth Makes Bones for Crip Membership-Shoot Australian Chris Lane

The killing of an Australian college student in Oklahoma while jogging on scholarship was evidently a hate crime by two black Oklahomans and a Hispanic driver. All were under the age of 18. The reasons why the crime occurred are superficially interesting.

The Crips is a large racist street gang from Los Angeles originally. It expanded into Duncan Oklahoma a few years ago. There is a history in the Crips for apprentice or aspiring members to 'make their bones' for full membership by murdering someone. Going to jail for a few years for homicide is an accepted Crips career path. They may have their shoelaces out in readiness.

A former Australian Reich minister criticized America for having liberal gun ownership that let the would-be Crips kill the globetrotting baseball star Chris Lane because 'they were bored'. The Reich minister forgot to mention that of the former British colonies that have strict gun control as well as Britain itself have far fewer descendants of slaves and illegal aliens as citizens or residents. The U.S.A. and India were not insular possessions easily controlled by elites. Continental powers revolted successfully against imperial power (for a while at least until contemporary globalism developed) and further in Pakistan and Bangladesh. Complex free social environments require more individual gun ownership to remain free.

 In those insular comfort zones for white people like Australia, New Zealand and Canada, and in Oriental countries like Japan and China that are largely racially separate from other major races gun ownership is not necessary for self defense under state authority. Like Nazi Germany and the Soviet Union gun owning is actively discourage because minorities might have the opportunity to express civil dissent through direct kinetic projectile action on the ostensible foe class. It is the imperial powers that brought slavery to the world and that would further increase contemporary concentration of wealth and global unification of elite rule within ad hoc  Plutonomy.

Plainly the Crips, the Hoovah gang and other hate organizations have members that perpetrate hate crimes. Chris Lane was given a baseball scholarship because Oklahoma is saturated with intelligent college student applications and has few athletes so they needed to overlook Americans in granting scholarships. Why develop quality education when one has free advice from Reich ministers abroad on American affairs and the fraternal and malevolent Crips are available to induct youth into their training programs supported by the prison industry?

One wonders if the Hispanic youth involved in the sociopathic murder would be eligible for Crips memberships since it is probably a racially discriminatory organization. It is odd when race hate amidst haters expresses political dissent together through hate. The Middle East is that way too much of the time. As the late John Lennon might have sang 'Food stamps is the answer, you gotta let it grow'.

Tuesday, August 20, 2013

The Right of Health Care and Mercenary, Plundering Alternatives to Conventional War

If the pursuit of happiness is the basic right, good health arguably is essential to happiness. For the poor good health is often illusory and expensive when management has viewed employees as disposable tools. Coal miners had to struggle to get health benefits and one knows the history of urban factory workers and sweatshops of the early 20th century.  Health care for the poor added to an expanded and upgraded V.A. system is the better approach.
If good health is a basic human requirement for happiness global sweatshop management often view it as a costly externality. The President in being more concerned for coddling a prosperous middle class with expensive and perhaps unrealistic promises of cheap insurance neglected to structure a practical health care system for the poor off-the-plutocracy agenda. Does the government need to spend money philosophically in order to keep the people happy? The answer may be only if the poor might otherwise revolt and hang the political leadership.
The U.S. Government has no constitutional requirements for spending anything at all. It was the need for producing salt and paying bonuses to private producers to do so early in the nation's history and later Abraham Lincoln's need to pay for the civil war that required taxes and income tax. In either case the private sector might have funded their own civil war without redistributionist government help if they had allowed mercenary plundering of the south though obviously an undesirable practice with burning and pillaging without tribute. With mercenary plunder and the booty available in southern banks and mansions innovative new methods of war might have developed that would have forestalled the need for anew standing army and the onerous government spending required for that.
Insurance for the rich and middle class is really a separate is than that of the poor using Medicare that is something of a mystery to the hypothetical working poor users getting fewer than 15,000 dollars annually in earned income that is where the divide for Medicare and Insurance Exchanges lay.
What is interesting is the idea that Federal Government workers will be using the new health exchanges too instead of the existing insider federal insurance program. It will be a matter of time I suppose before Wal-Mart and Exxon start selling insurance on exchanges too in order to catch some of the torrent of cash upward flowing to the global Plutonomy of the .01%.

East Coast Crud Killing Dolphins at 7 Times the Usual Pace

The pig and chicken affluent that flows into Chesapeake bay and toxic to life-in-the-sea mammals along the mid-Atlantic can't be pleasant for dolphins that can't move to a better neighborhood. Noise from engines and chemical dumps from a myriad sources may contribute to immunity suppression and health of dolphins making them more susceptible to mortality from viruses, lung problems and challenges to life they might otherwise overcome. C.N.N. reported that dozens of dolphins have perished with many in the warmer August waters one would think, when bacteria thrives.

A major reformation of the Eastern economy to renewable ecospherically positive infrastructure with full employment should also create a better environment in the sea for wildlife. Of course no major political party potential candidate for the presidency in 2016 has the slightest concept of economic reform and will do nothing besides stimulate the old-style economic policies of consumption and effluence concentrating wealth.

A paradoxical discovery that copper may increase the chances for developing Alzheimer's can be taken as a metaphor for the effect of conventional economics on the environment and the poor. For it is the poor that handled all those copper pennies scrimping them up all those decades while the rich contacted only paper in large denominations. For a basic health justice the poor ought to handle the paper money and e-dollars for a while and the rich enjoy copper pennies.

Monday, August 19, 2013

Chris Christie Joins California in Orwellian Ban on Free Speech & Dr.-Patient Privacy to Ban Homo Conversion Therapy

Governor Chris  Christie of New Jersey has leaped on the homosexual ban wagon to proscribe Freudian homosexual conversion therapy in New Jersey. With luck he will proscribe hydrophobia conversion therapy too so those inferior voters afraid of water can drown more contentedly in his doom. California in banning therapy for teenagers that would convert teen behavior from homosexual behavior to heterosexual was the leader in idiotic extensions of the hate crimes offensive. Christie is lucky he wasn't a hater of halibut too as Senator Begich is on the watch for that kind of hater.

Queer government policy not satisfied with the naming of a youth generation x would pressure them to suck dick normally. That is a depraved and evil development of corruption. Yet what is corruption that the electorate should be mindful of it? Well, judging from historical behavior we know that it probably will lead the world to a bunch of central African Republic like domains of dictatorship without individual civil rights eventually. When reason and individual civil rights break down in the U.S.A. as they have everywhere else historically the dictatorship of the dictators will be the new normal. The state as butch bully is not especially representative of high moral standard.

It is possible that with more legalized marijuana use the issues will fade away with short-term memory from teens and legislators alike. Negotiating salaries for the private sector will be simpler when the masses are more mellow with dope and tolerant of queer. Imagine how the Regan Air traffic controller's strike would have been better dealt with if the air traffic controllers were queers smoking dope conversing with queer pilots smoking dope and getting blowjobs in the cockpit. No longer would a President need to weasel out before the media with excuses such as I smoked but didn't inhale or I never had sex with that woman.  Air traffic controllers could say to congested airway pilots 'hey mellow out dude, have a toke and float through the keyhole or wherever to land." The pilot could inhale a Hawaiian ganja delivery package and say, "Hey man, I'm good with that, I'll set this U.F.O. down on top of the control tower and we can cop some munchies at the barbeque joint."

California has an obvious bias against heterosexuality since they do not ban therapy or propaganda converting the majority of heterosexual teenagers to homosexuality. California public schools for some time are said to have been bringing homosexual conversion literature to teenagers portraying homosexual marriages as normal. The state of California cannot ban homosexual conversion therapy without condemning it's own propaganda conversion policy in public schools. Legalizing dope will help the democrat Party with queering up the nation and enable better, more efficient concentration of wealth as the poor and middle class are satisfied with queer and drugs in an infinitesimal eleatic experience of social reality working for corporate-government networks of power. The masses will realize that writing nothing and saying nothing political not sycophantic is counterproductive helping thereby to evolve Plutonomy and rule by the anti-Christ of ignorance of the difference between good and evil, individualism and commune-fascist mass-man versus individuals.

The nation today has many silly policies that seem part of a new world order development toward a homosexual hegemony over the globe that serves the interests of planetary Plutonomy in concentrating wealth and power. One might think of the Bradley manning homosexual distemper defense and Edward Snowden's filching of N.S.A. secrets as ingressions toward a Homoland Security for the Rich phenomena with wikileaks and homosexual reporters being the conduits for the oily spills of classified material abroad. In theory a homosexual aggression toward the conventional straight military and intelligence sectors would be motivated by the love of the queers for their fellow men in an unhealthy way that would never be satisfied until a state of Sodom and Gomorrah is reached. That incessant drive to convert the heterosexual normal realm of society and marriage to homosexual normal will also require allegiance from the public in order to be permitted to earn a living in the new world order.

Some things change too fast while some things never change. Americans can bet on the day Sen. McCain will propose a no fly zone for Egypt while some other Senator will suggest new spam coated bullets for military aid. Plainly if a tripartite paintball bullet filled with cs gas, cayenne pepper and swine stench is good enough for bear defense it will be good enough for the Muslim Brotherhood. It will only cost taxpayers or Bernanke's print shop a billion dollars-chump change in the bail out the rich of Wall Street at any cost economics of Washington D.C.

What is wonted in D.C. are good politics that build a better America rather than infrastructure for global imperium defended by a Department for Rich and Homo Security. Supporting development of the Elon Mush ultra-high-speed transport tube would be one material place to act. 

Friday, August 16, 2013

Egyptian Strife in Post-Democratic Synthetic Evolution

Egyptian strife with hundreds of deaths in the post-democracy phase of the Egyptian Evolution presents a significant challenge to the intellectual batteries of the Obama administration regarding maintaining a consistent foreign policy. If the evolution against President Hosni Mubarak was a political intafadah that received tacit military support the evolution removing President Morsi was an overt act of General Sisi and the Army to stop the evolution of the elected Morsi Government toward a non-democratic theocratic state of the fundamentalist kind. Plainly the efforts by Muslim Brotherhood Morsi sympathizers to demonstrate for restoration of the Morsi government that have been met with the hard edge of military control for civil order lack an element of understanding that democracy is more than an opportunity to take political office and install a politically proprietary regime.

In the United State of America the Democrat Party since John F. Kennedy's assassination have taken a turn toward the decay of nepotism and election of relatives to the highest office in addition to the egregious error of selecting lawyers to be chief executive officer.

One would not elect a lawyer to be the captain of a ship or the President of a Health Corporation and government also requires the imagination and drive for creativity not known to be common attributes of those practicing the legal profession. The Justice Department has need of lawyers with a sprinkling of a few in the legislature to assure that laws are made with legal coherence, beyond that an overabundance of lawyers tends to bring legal wrangling and political gridlock as litigation becomes the essential attribute of leadership. Democrats have evolved from the best of ordinary citizens to royal succession.

The American Republican Party since Ronald Reagan has forgotten what populism is. Populism joined with intellect and vision are political skills of the highest order. Perhaps a Condi Rice Presidency in 2016 could bring an element of creative leadership to the Republican Party-who can say? Egyptian political evolutions still need to find a balance near the democracy compass point of true north. The swings of the pendulum of evolutionary change from left to conservative, fundamentalist right is commonly driven by a failure to comprehend what populism is and how to use it to lead the people willingly to the just and best state of affairs of the general social good.

The Muslim Brotherhood ought to take a page from the playbook of Mahatma Gandhi on non-violent resistance and work toward the next election as probationaries proving they too support democracy without violence and without suspension of the legislature or judiciary in order to evolve a fundamentalist theocracy if they win again. The military perhaps without covert U.S. political encouragement from the Obama Administration perhaps believes they nipped in the bud the establishment of an extreme right Muslim Government that would run roughshod over the political civil rights of Egyptian citizens. While one may sympathize with the proscriptions against homosexuality of Mohammedanism, the repression of free expression and rights of women to fully engage in economic and social liberty make it difficult for advocates of democracy-in-itself to acquiescence in the elevation of the power of the Muslim Brotherhood to non-Democratic levels of state power as developed during the Morsi administration.

The right to evolve against a corrupt government that inimically destroys the civil rights of democracy that are implicit elements of a democratic society is recognized in the U.S. Declaration of Independence, and one would think that Egypt too will have it's own right-to-evolve against a corrupt government item in it's own declaration of Independence from non-democratic rule.

Jesus Christ was the fundamental liberator of mankind from the oppression of corrupt secular political and social power yet today even secularist supporters of democracy confuse the relationship between faith, sectarianism and secular political power tending to classify such into absolute Platonic forms or categories for-themselves and in so doing acting without comprehension of the transcending values of all. The struggle to be free from corrupt and oppressive power exists in sectarianism as well as in secular society. Authoritarianism can exist in secular and in sectarian society and hence there is no fundamental label or kind of political behavior that when implemented guarantees a natural peaceful balance with liberty and justice for all. The Muslim Brotherhood can well serve to strengthen democratic evolution in Egypt by taking up the way of non-violence led by the Lord Jesus Christ and applied in more recent time by Gandhi in the Indian evolution against British Imperial rule.

The Muslim Brotherhood should evolve against not only itself and it's tendency toward pointless violence-for it is a natural majority political power in Egypt and puts itself out of power through radical undemocratic developments, it should evolve toward peace and non-violent resistance to undemocratic state and social traits that disturb the individual pursuit of conscience, happiness, contemplation of God and effort to implement a moral, descent and just society without the inhuman extremes of concentrated wealth and power than oppress individual and social creativity, free enterprise, spiritual and ecospheric development.

Thursday, August 15, 2013

Plotinus, Pre-Big Bang Metaphysics and a Multiverse

Plotinus' Enneads put together by Porphyry is a brilliant 3rd century upgrade and fusion of the ideas of Plato and Socrates about the realm of forms expressed in The Republic. The realm of forms is comparable to the physical forms in which matter and energy constantly flow and permutate.The ideas of Plotinus are not at all out of date today as moderns might think. Contemporary quantum cosmology opening up a theoretical vista of a multi-verse and pre-big bang, before-an-inflation or membrane collision cosmology move philosophers toward  consideration of being-for-itself within a logical paradigm of speculative metaphysics as phenomenal as that experienced by the mystic Plotinus. 
Plotinus was moved by the philosophy of his time still with the new Christian movement culminating in the conversion of Constantine and given the heritage of Attic philosophy in its complete form before the fall of the Roman Empire. There are similar paradigms in the Judeo-Christian tradition theology with that of the theoretical metaphysics of Plotinus. One may discern the obvious congruence with Kabalistic thought and the writing of Philo of Alexandria. Moving beyond metaphysical dualism founded on the nature of good and evil in strict opposition such as encountered in Zoroastrianism and referenced in the book of Genesis as an element of a larger theological paradigm Plotinus described in effect a multi-dimensional flow of being and qualities of being from one source that Plotinus called The One. 
The causal evolutions of being and matter from The One are emanations filtered through a variety of stages that one might contrast favorable with evolutionary stages of a given Universe of energy entangled within an order to disorder paradigm with protocols of allocations of power in various constant forms. If all matter is energy in various configurations perceived as matter by sentient beings also existing in a steady state, dimensions may be expressed within the forms of matter and energy exploited throughout the initial and subsequent emanations from The One. 
A void containing a potential infinite number of dimensions may be a region contained by The One. That prime void space may be one of an infinite number of such regions in which energy may be emanated even as virtual particles that are dimensionless spiritual monads (a concept of a primordial atom from the atomists of Democritus or Gottfried Leibnitz's monads) those in sufficient quantity compile with complexity into energy. A finite number of dimensions developed within any particular Universe may be a consequence of the form of spiritual monads and the initial potential they have for assembling into entangled larger wave-particles. 
Plotinus's paradigm of mystical emanations by The One through the Intelligence- a paradigm not dissimilar from Jesus Christ as The Word issuing the Universe 1 in deterministic precursors and forms evolved to where human beings find themselves today is useful foundation for considering the logical philosophical possibilities of the origin of being itself as mass or energy as well as of dimensions in any primary space before the big bang, before the existence of the first Universe and prior to the creation of space-time.

Wednesday, August 14, 2013

New I.C.E. Chief SImilar to G.W. Bush's F.E.M.A. Director Michael Brown

Janet Napolitano's appointment of the new interim director of Immigration and Customs Enforcement John Sandweg-a thirty-eight year old defense attorney without law enforcement experience who raised campaign funds for Napolitano as Arizona Governor seems like G.W. Bush's appointment of Michael Brown to lead F.E.M.A. before the Hurricane Katrina disaster. Neither Brown nor Sandweg had relevant experience for the job.

It is disappointing when democracy fails to rise above patronage and nepotism in its higher level politics for that inevitably produces the worst results and lowest common denominator social development for the citizens of the United States. Even a former Marine General, or a West Point graduate with special operations experience such as Stanley McCrystal could better defend the border of the United States from foreign infiltration.

The new I.C.E. director should be aware of foreign ownership of shipping and rail corporations owned by foreign nationals that can provide inside job entry for containers with nuclear detonation packages even to New York City. Just one intermodal container loaded with semtex delivered via ship and rail to distribution points on the east coast could potential ruin the whole day of a few people. President Obama should not put up John Sandweg Esq. for the permanent post.

Monday, August 12, 2013

Elon Musk Reveals ET3 Hypertube Transportation Concept

The hypertube is an adult-sized transportation infrastructure concept relevant to the mass transportation challenges of the modern Earth social network. As it is the fossil fuel automobile infrastructure is leading to ecospheric decay and accelerating global warming greenhouse gassing and mass extinction.

The hypertube would accelerate cargo modules as much as 4000 m.p.h. from New jersey to London via Fairbanks Alaska. It isa bold plan of the sort that America was once known for before it became introverted and recalcitrant to try large scale engineering projects. It may be that a global hypertube network would have more potential for human species survivability of the coming global ecospheric heating catastrophe developing the next two hundred years leading perhaps to a population crash down to 200 million  souls. Who can say?

I like it. For the last quarter century I've used the generic concept in science fiction stories such as Vank Island. Robert Goddard of course wanted to build an electro-magnetic linear motor such as in naval electric artillery or the metalstorm guns, yet to accelerate to orbital escape velocity specific modules one would need a vacuum in a tube before reaching the muzzle at 25,000 m.p.h. where friction would kick in. Keeping a vacuum at low speeds under 5000 should be simpler.

Sunday, August 11, 2013

Waves Over Nothingness ©2013Garrison Clifford Gibson

Waves arose with the stirring of wind on a surface
reflecting clouds, sky and mountains piled like time
though they had no effect on what I thought
when fresh sounds of breakers arrived

It was easy to forget the way
seeing was believing in depth percepts of dimension and content
reality structured like a cold or hot field illusion
an entanglement of echoes
temporal shadows serving for climbers climbing over others
striving for life in attics in pinnacles of power

Jesus asked what profit has a man if he gains the world and loses his own soul?
Saying as well that those saving their life would lose it
and losing it for His sake find it
where the world is a maze of temporal avenues, individual cul de sacs
and round abouts of reason wearing out
like voiceovers of personal doubt by the world-for-others moving on

The way is white noise and silence together
building everything upon nothing
a mud puddle, a tree; the long and winding road
populated with no one interested in meaning
when driving somewhere through a social network
has solely tolls of lost opportunity costs
collected like leaves gathered unto dust
with the sun setting low in the sky
when stars seem to appear through the rising twilight
leading to the night
continuum of deep appearance
that was farther away at first light
drawing closer like a Universal wall of meaning
when depth perceptions and dimensions
inflate to a fuller congruence with time and space

The shock of understanding isn't so much as a lightening bolt
a trillion synaptic clicks of ideas put together with bits
like brilliant and blinding sunrise
unconcerned with anything except the realization of the love of God
structuring holistic complexity
a resurrection of temporal light surging beyond oblivion-
the shore of non-being infiltrated everywhere
with everything existing a denial of the nothingness
forever breaking down and reclaiming what is and what becomes memory
-something without oneself
that one is too young to recognize
or too old to hold on to
as life and everything breathing slips away
the personal end of the Universe-for-oneself before the Universe-for-others
the Lord is the hope in faith passing over the final nihilism
that the proud have sought to wrap as a cloak upon beingness


Post I-Pad Evolution To Multi-Manufacturers of Components for Two Surface Hinged Platform?

Open source computer hardware packages ahead? A computer tablet is a packed video screen with a flat, minimal computer.. Two flat surfaces connected with a hinge was popular in 20th century binders. Using one surface for a solar panel and letting the two surfaces stand up as an upside down V is a practical way to set up a video screen-maybe with a flat processor in the other flat surface. Shouldn't development of the post-tablet era include a wireless full-size keyboard for writers? Why not a two-surface metal tablet into which component parts can snap from a variety of manufacturers so consumers could build their own screen, processor, solar panel, hard drive, keyboard unit as they can afford and prefer with competition from producers of individual components driving down the price?

It ought to be possible to use a hinged two-surface tablet with a minimal flat screen or a five-foot HD screen as need arises with use a square peg in a square hole kind of simplicity. Producers that do not manufacture entire computers could sell their computer components for a basic two-surface hinged tablet directly to users instead of as subcontractors  on occasion to computer manufacturers.

Packing a portable computer into one or two surfaces has evolved over the decades...

Saturday, August 10, 2013

Conscientious Objector to Sin & Military Service; The New Paradigm

Traditionally conscientious objection to military service was in reaction the sin of taking human life. It might also be because a corrupt executive selects an impossibly dumb, uninteresting war to practice. The transcendent basis for conscientious objection is recognition of sin. All sin is sin. Because President Obama has made a new sin government policy- the sin of homosexuality and homosexual marriage- an official element of U.S. military service he has expanded the parameters for conscientious objector status to military conscription beyond homicide.

Biblically speaking one sin is generally equal with other sins in being harmful to human souls. The sin of homosexuality is proscribed equally with taking human life intentionally. Thou shalt not kill, commit adultery, steal, maliciously lie or perpetrate homosexuality and so forth with any kind of a clear conscience. One knows sin is wrong even in the era of an evolving Nietzschic Beyond Good and Evil social morality convenient to global marketing, added to by the commercial mass media and encouraged in schools around the nation to create a class of malleable dupes serving to redistribute wealth and power to global Plutonomy.

If the United States ever again has military conscription those compelled to federal military service probably will need to exclude straight Christians or other potential soldiers of faith whom could not war against God's laws in order to facilitate expansion of an immoral, sinful imperium.

Thursday, August 08, 2013

Half of Ocean Phytoplankton Species Might Bite the Dust by 2100

Global warming of the atmosphere to recent record levels may bring many changes to the existing ocean phytoplankton content a recent report informs. Stresses upon the smallest level creatures of the ocean food chain could make them bite the water to be replaced by other species more suitable for a the ghetto ocean environment of low nutrient content and higher acid levels.The new cruel conditions may benefit some and make losers of others. Overall the ocean biomass could decrease I would guess. Half of the species may disappear or be reduced to a tiny, marginalized portion of ocean phytoplankton content.

A tougher, leaner ocean phytoplankton soup may make the menu change difficult for larger predators to adapt to. Scientists are studying the possible effects upon more than a 100 species of phytoplankton of global warming. One hopes they are coordinating with other scientists on how to stimulate the growth of phytoplankton that might maintain the present balance in warmer, more desertified, less healthier, more acidic and warmer ocean water. It may be that a natural balance is most suitable for the health of the future seas instead of phytoplankton species tweaking that would in effect be a transition to ocean farming. Earth land farms while wonderful productive of food tend to desertify the ecosphere's diversity.

Logic, Language, Truth and Philosophy

One might wonder what is the truth about words and their meaning? Is truth an abstract thing in-itself or is it just a correct presentation of language structure? Words are tools for expressing meaning. The meaning of words exists or occurs within language structure without which the words are just sounds or scribbling of art. It is probable that in the history of the development of a language that words acquired meanings in general use that become part of a vocabulary and lexicon in such a way that the prior use was an ossification and existed thereafter as a potential meaning that any user of the language might encounter. Even the potential for inventing new synthetic words combining existing word-meanings may be latent within a language. The potential for the development of a language may coincide with the actual emergence of words. 

That existence of a real of forms of language that exists as scaffolding for making meaningful expressions may be the truth about a Platonic realist paradigm apropos for a language. Once a word is added or developed for a language it enters a realm of forms existing for all users in potential. Words are nominal in themselves and with have realist characteristic perhaps something like Kripke described simultaneously. There are great and perhaps even an infinite range of definitions of a word even as it has a particular bound value. It is something as if a word was like a quantum particle with limits expressible in Heisenberg's uncertainty principle. A word quanta might be anywhere or have any meaning until used or sampled at which time its meaning arrives as a waveform collapse into a meaning. Even so there is a realm of forms that a word might be able to take, and that meaning is implicit in the Higgs Field slots for it.

We might wonder if the analogy to quantum world lines and words doesn't differ a lot at that point where a Higgs field and slots available for the emergence of any quanta is predetermined with the general scaffolding of a language or of a force field. Word quanta seem to have more freedom for use than the somewhat natural determinism of a quantum field in which the allocation of force overall conforms to the boundary condition.

Still, words are just symbols of sound utterances with meaning in the modern context with similarities to numbers that may be placed in lists, classified as types or grouped in various ways with whatever meaning-values a user may give them with whatever distribution of understanding the users have. Truth theories are many while falsehoods are simpler to define. Jesus Christ is the Truth in-Himself yet for others truth is a relational concept, or verificationist of meaning, accuracy and relevance to a relationship amidst words and propositional logical about it.

Words have an implicit meaning uncertainty that accommodates the capacity for unlimited expressions of meaning in whatever form is selected or developed. A word may mean different things to different people, between the sender and receiver as well as in different social lexicons. Falsehoods made intentionally within a given social criterion may have a negative or positive effect contingent upon the circumstance, yet generally dissimulation creates erosion in the meaning of the language structure something like a continuum of false accounting practices or dissimulative securities trading may erode the health of Wall Street besides excess concentration of wealth. Social structures determine the effect of falsehoods in social exchanges of words.  Individuals have different ideas and expectations about words and concepts expressed by others. More than a few view language use today a substitute for productive material and social reform-sophism to grease the skids of corruption, concentration of wealth, globalism, environmental exploitation and ossification of an oppressive hierarchical media, government and business infrastructure. Use-truths promulgated for power by organizations may be just noises made rather thoughtlessly by the organs of state in the perennial input of energy. 

Because Jesus Christ is Truth itself social structure develop or decline through the vicissitudes of evolving decades of belief or unbelief with determinative effect upon moral theory and practice. It is interesting that when Jesus was talking with the women at the well he could look inside her thought, perhaps discerning her character and describe her past. On occasion The Lord looked into the deeper thought of an individual mind-spirit and discerned the relation of an individual to the realm of of truth. A philosophy of language and logic might have a similar, lesser ability to discern the relation of the nominal to the real realm of forms in which it exists.

A New Evil Empire

An agency of evil and immorality must needs be resisted by the conscientious. Federal policies away from perennial reform and renormalization of democracy that reinforce sin, Plutonomy and an emerging planetary imperium are onerous burdens to place upon U.S. citizens that are not rich. The latest evil is the change to military policy announced by Sect. of Defense Hagel regarding homosexual marriage.

When Sect. Hagel said that he would make homosexual marriage normalized in the U.S. military within 30 days since the Supreme Court ruled the Defense of Marriage Act unconstitutional he in effect made sin the official policy of the U. S. military following the lead of President Barrack Obama and the corrupted Supreme Court. For many people of faith the acts of the U.S. Government seem consistent with the description of the Babylon the Great political role of the book of the Revelation and the U.S. Government's movement toward the sin of homosexuality and serving as the killing tool of the global oligarchy of the new world order confirmation of the drive toward apocalypse. Conscientious objector status to military service of evil may develop a new and unconventional reason. Besides objecting to taking human life, and the U.S. Government has killed more souls than any other in the world the past 30 or 40 years, conscientious objectors to homosexual marriage may refuse military service for a government forcing homosexuality upon the masses of the United States and the world so far as it can.

The reason for the trend toward the U.S. Government becoming evil instead of reformed has two simultaneous explanations. One is the secular Plutonomy that has taken over the world order co-opting democracy and ruling through corrupted elites while concentrating wealth. Those people may be concerned with planetary over-population and also need a new militant corrupt cause to use as an excuse for war upon poor, underdeveloped nations that resist homosexual social increase. The U.S. military has evolved to become the tool for enforcing the will of plutocrats upon the world. With broadcast media outlets a torrent of propaganda paradigms to support plutocratic policy has emerged. Local political autonomy is suppressed and the will of plutocrats for the masses becomes a string pulling game with sycophantic masses.

The second reason is teleological for the lead of a corrupt and most powerful world government under the authority of the anti-Christ is a well-known aspect of the end time's prophecy of the Bible. These things were inevitable for political and teleological reasons.

Satan has exploited homosexual encroachment of marriage-a ludicrous oxymoron-to make folly of humanity again on its way toward doom from a variety of social and ecospheric causes. When the government of the United States under the influence of atheists evolved a financial Plutonomy with a broadcast media as its propaganda and dissimulation outlet democracy was slowly neutralized and subverted by the lackeys of Satan without much interest in U.S. national interest. The globalists ruling the U.S.A. from Wall Street are an evolution of evil, a personification of Satan and an abomination to private enterprise within a human scale context of fairness and economic justice for all. They also repressed Gillette's best-ever shave crème-The Hot One-and have made the patent process unresponsive toward the real needs of poor inventors.

One might hope for the destruction of the U.S. Government's evolution into the beast of abomination. The Obama support of Bush Two tax cuts twice was a plain vote for Plutonomy and the evolution of wickedness with a permanent hegemony of treasonous international Wall Street oligarchs having their way with things political in the U.S.A.  One must wait upon the Lord with these things.  The Lord Jesus did foretell all of these things two thousand years ago approximately. It is not as if we weren't informed.

A Good On-Line Reading of the KJV Bible

I found a good audio app for reading the King James version of the Bible. It is available here.