Wednesday, September 01, 2010

President Obama Declares Afghanistan Offensive With Iraq Comabt Ops Over

I am happy enough that the President followed up on President Bush's plan to wrap of Iraq combat operations yet would have preferred that he sound less Napoleonic on the Afghanistan thing. It is the right of Presidents to declare offensive of course even if 9-11 was nine years ago and the government of Afghanistan of that day deposed within a year, there might still be individuals and groups to offend in Afghanistan that we have not.

President Reagan cared about America more than about foreign nations perhaps on the financial axis. His trickle down theory was largely nationalist--he did not try to foist a globalist trickle down theory on Americans with a claim that investments in Afghanistan or the Congo would trickle down to the unemployed in Anchorage with slow library internet speed and no business district free wifi. Quantum entanglement in economic improvement at a distance simultaneous with ecological recovery hasn't yet been proven although string theory may have made its way unto the financial planning of the U.S. Government.

I have recently read a history of Iran and will start up Isby's 2010 history named 'Afghanistan-Graveyard of Empires'. My opinion is that the U.S. government does not sufficiently appreciate the opportunity cost of protracted foreign garrisoning of belligerent areas and that more effectively, less costly and better planning is set aside along with the moon development program as 'pie in the sky'.

Over time the indomitability of Afghan tribesmen will reassert itself through assassinations, terrorism, cross border alliances and raids and so forth as it generally has a couple thousand years. Iran is in the same boat and has occasionally been ruled by the Afghan tribes on the high plateau-perhaps that will recur. History is an odd, recurrent thing with weird cycles and surges. A protracted American investment in Afghanistan must inevitably be harmful to the prospects of ordinary Americans economically as the named for the Shi'a grandson of Muhammad President of the United States takes it to the Sunni Taliban affiliated people of Afghanistan.

The Congress should have put a limit on the Presidential foreign nation-rebuilding cum war ventures annually at 40 billion dollars in order to compel a higher degree of intelligent thought and to restrain the harm to the economic, ecological and economic security of the people of the United States. Fundamentally, the President is pursuing a Bush III splurge for the military industrial complex.

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